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Zoom Into Venus – Record breaking live view!! आइए शुक्र ग्रह में ज़ूम करें #zoom #venus


Its 4:30 AM in morning This beautiful view is from my balcony The only star you see in front of you Its not actually a star but a planet Its planet Venus We will zoom into it and see how beautiful it looks by zooming in Now i am going to zoom into it and try to see how clearly we can see this star This is the brightest star of the monrning see Sorry it shivering a bit on video mode I am not using a tripod But it will be even more clear on picture mode I will take some pictures of it and share it further in the video See how beautiful this planet looks that is Venus The ring we see around it is its shine Due to green house effect the atmosphere of Venus is of very high temperature and it illuminates It glows This is the exterior ring that is glowing The pictures i am showing next will be even more clear The zoom of the video mode is a bit limited but the picture mode has full zoom and can take better pictures So this is Venus, looks so beautiful and texture is visible beautifully I am zooming out there we go this is the morning scene its a beautiful morning I was zooming in and showing you so far Now i am going to show you the pictures i took by switching into photo mode pictures are taken using 30x optical + 10x digital zoom These are first few pics that i took while zooming in Slowly i am zooming in and you see these pictures The texture and environment is becoming clearer Since the shine is too much Yo might have to adjust the aperture settings See how beautiful this is and this is the best one In this you can clearly see the whole planet and its atmosphere The ring is the environment/atmosphere that is visible and shiney due to green house effect in its atmosphere this is not atall edited lets edit it and see what details comes out I am editing it now lets see what results we get here To edit like this i am using Adobe Lightroom This picture is becoming more detailed Its texture is becoming more clear you can try different settings Please watch this video till end as final results are going to be amazing We are very close to finish see this this is the final product This is the picture of Venus i took Its environment is making a beautiful bright ring and is giving an amazing view Please share this with your friends How did you like this video, comment and tell me I would love to hear back from you Do subscribe on my YT channel Till then , be well , be good to others and Hasta La Vista baby!

Source: Youtube

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