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‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Cast on Sequels & Reuniting After 10 Years | MTV News


– You've probably seen a few people do some Woody Harrelson impressions over the years Is that unnerving, flattering? – She does

– No, I don't – Yes, you do (laughing) – "Yes, you do" (laughing) I do an impression of Woody doing that – What would the impression of Emma Stone be? Like, what are her physical vocal tics? – Oh God, you lisp, you do a low, (stuttering) – Don't be so mean to yourself

– I'm not being mean to myself, I'm doing a good impression of me (laughing) – Arguably the best! – [Emma] Completely accurate impression of me – Nowadays we're seeing sequels that come out literally 18 months it feels like, after the initial one What's the greatest benefit that there has been, this 10 year gap? – I think the script getting to a place that felt really good and solid was the biggest benefit That not rushing something just because it was like, "Oh 'Zombieland' is a movie that people really love, "so we should just make another one, just to make it

" – Yeah – This was definitely a labor of love for Paul and Rhett, the writers that wrote the original, and now the second one And we all kind of, you know, we're very protective of it being something that lives up to the original – Were there different scripts over the years that you guys saw, different pitches– – Vastly, vastly different, yeah – What was the most different kind of concept that you can say? – There was one that was written by a good writer

I remember thinking, "This guy is brilliant" It just didn't feel like the exact same, I didn't feel like the same– – The specific tone that you guys created in the first one – Yeah, and I remember telling Ruben, when I first read that one, 'cause that was like the first really completed one that they were happy about I remember telling Ruben like, "I think it's great, "it just doesn't feel like the same movie" – Yeah

– Mm-hmm – You guys obviously wanted to work together again You wanted to make this work When you finally get that script though, I'm sure you're like, "God I hope I actually like it" – Oh yeah

– Of course, yeah – It got to the point where we were like panicked to read new drafts, because we didn't want to say no again – They also had not gone back to Paul and Rhett, who I guess probably a little bit more expensive, having done 'Deadpool,' et cetera – 'Deadpool,' sure (laughing) – I don't know

But they finally had to pony up and the script's, the script turned great – Yeah, it got to be where it needed to be Let's yay or nay sequels to any of your past works Like, Abigail, 'Little Miss Sunshine' Should it ever be touched, should we ever see a sequel to that? (Abigail exhales) – I mean, that one I don't think leads to another

– Right – Fair enough Not everything demands a sequel [Josh] 'Easy A?' – [Emma] I think they are making a kind of– – Like a spinoff thing, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah – You're gonna be in it or no? – I don't even really know what it is

But it's, you know – Well that means you're not gonna be in it – Wow, Woody asking the hard questions, putting her on the spot (laughing) – Yeah, hard hitting Uh, I support it entirely

– Right (laughing) – 'Social Network?' This has even been talked about a little bit, loosely Does that demand, does that need a sequel? – I don't know, I guess it's strange to make movies about, you know, real things Like whereas 'Zombieland' seems like the perfect thing 'cause it built this world and you can do anything in it I mean, what's great about 'Zombieland,' and especially why it lends itself to a sequel, is 'cause the thing that's great about it is not the thing that ended in the first one

– Right – Like the thing that's great about it is the character dynamics, so it's like a sitcom in a way, that you can do– – Us, we're the greatest things – Did you do media training? – That was impressive, the shift, the turn – No, but what I love about Sony (laughing) and what they've done, – Wow, okay This is incredible, this is just naturally occurring by the way

– And also like Discmans or whatever (laughing) – "Discmans?" – Are really great and like, people should buy those and not like I-podes or whatever – "I-podes?" – "I podes?" (laughing) Discman and not Ipodes – He's promoting 2009 tech – They told me not to pronounce it correctly

– Got it, got it Your Nokia Brick Phone (laughing) – Has everyone in this group smoked with Woody Harrelson? – Wow, that's a really loaded question – Yeah – Mmm, I guess that's a yes

(laughing) – Ultimately (laughing) – I have never indulged I feel like my first should be with Woody – I don't think that's a good idea (laughing) I'm really serious

– You never have? – No, I never had – No, no, no, I don't think– – Why is that a bad idea? Why? – Um, Woody's got the good stuff and I don't know that you should have the good stuff – Jump right to the good stuff, that's a bad idea? – It might, yeah – I think it would send you into a little bit of a hole – But you've never smoked? – Literally, no

– Huh – Yeah – Wow – Not a thing – You goody two shoes

(laughing) – No kidding! – [Jesse] Wait, you must've actively avoided it? – I'm not against it philosophically, I just– – You don't like the feeling of being out of control – There you go – Yeah, yeah I understand that, I understand that – Meanwhile you guys are all wild and crazy kids – We're gonna need you to get outta control, dude

– One of these days – Yeah – Okay, you're my spiritual guide, you take me on your journey, sir (laughing) In these films you have two tasks often, that are both equally, I would expect, challenging You have to be at times a badass, or at times, you have to act extremely scared

Which comes more naturally to any of you guys? – Me, I'm scared all the time – [Josh] That's a softball, okay what do you got? – Inner badass (laughing) Oh, a hundy p (laughing) – What's that, "A hundy p?" – Yeah – Do people say that? – I don't know

– They will now, man (laughing) Oh, you throw this on MTV and your various affiliates– (laughing) – Get this on 'TRL' (laughing) – 'TRL,' right? Guys, do you guys remember 'TRL?' – That's what people are doing now? – Get this on 'Daria' (laughing) – Speaking of old-timey things, 2009, the original 'Zombieland' comes out, let's see how well you remember 2009 – Obama! – Yeah

(laughing) – So I guess you can go on to the second question (laughing) – Okay, what was the biggest song of 2009? – "Umbrella?" – (singing) "Don't go chasing waterfalls" – That's like 1995 – Okay, hey, I'm throwin' out– – "Just Dance," by Lady Gaga? – "I'm so 3008, you so 2,000 and late" – 2,000-late– Boom boom pow, "Boom Boom Pow

" (laughing) Black Eyed Peas – What was a very popular MTV reality show that premiered in 2009? – 'Jersey Shore' – Nice! – Whoa! – That was 2009? – Nicely done – Very nicely played – GTL

– Emma, I've heard you are a very big reality/'Hills' fan, Are you? – I'm a very big 'Hills' fan, yeah I just have a great time with 'The Hills' and 'Laguna Beach' I think it's fantastic, I love the edits, I love how long they seemingly look at each other in silence (laughing) There's no way it's actually happening that way and I think it's brilliant I mean, someone I'm very close to, and I call it "increditing" Those editors are just genius

Like, you're sitting there and then someone says something that's not very offensive, and the other person's like– (laughing) And it goes back to the other person, like– (sighs) (laughing) For a good 30 seconds, you're like, "That's amazing!" Imagine sitting at every dinner like that! – Yeah (laughing) – We'll add music after this – Yeah, exactly – So good, so good – I also love the narration

– What widely addictive game did Facebook launch in 2009? – FarmVille? – Oh yes! (laughing) I loved that game – Really? – What was the biggest movie of 2009? – [Cast all together] 'Zombieland!' – No it wasn't us – Zombieland: Single Tap? – Woohoo! – No, it wasn't – 'Avatar' – So looking ahead at the next 10 years, I'm not gonna ask you to chart your own path, your own careers, but what would you predict for your friends and co-stars here? – For the next 10 years or– – Yeah, next 10 years, what's it look like

– Plummet – Hmm, what'd you say? (laughing) – Plummet, he just said the word plummet – Wow, that's encouraging – Wow – I just– (laughing) (laughing) – You just what? (laughing) (laughing) Did you say career-wise, over the next 10 years? – Anything you wanna go, yeah, anywhere you wanna go? – Or life-wise? – What's your biggest prediction for Jesse Eisenberg? – We should do finances

(laughing) – Oh, let's definitely do financial stuff – Let's do finances, and kind of– – Let's do portfolios – Let's do return on investments (laughing) – ROI's (laughing) – Wait, this is, can we do different questions? – What? – Could we do different questions? – Can we have a different question? – Does that mean you didn't like the question, you just want a different question? – I think they're all gonna be really happy

– It's too hard – I love the "what was the thing in 2009" and we guessed the thing – We did that though – But, wait, do you have more? – Yeah, if it ain't broke – Let's see if I have more, hold on

– Wow! – [Jesse] We like that fact ones, we like the fact ones

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