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Zoey Deutch Talks About New Movie Buffalo'd | MTV News


– I got stuck in an elevator recently – Oh, how was that? – Better than I expected

(laughing) I handled it really well I was shocked I, like, took off my coat I was like, "I'm a little hot" Then I was like, "OK, take little breaths

" Need oxygen – Yeah – I was like, "I'm gonna call my friend, "make sure she comes to the lobby, make sure that they're doing something" They weren't Called the fire department, said, "Hey guys

Need some help in here" They said, "What's up?" I said, "I'm stuck in an elevator, but I'm not stuck "I'm actually going from the ground to the seventh floor, to the ground to the seventh floor" – Oh, it was moving Were you alone? – Very

(laughing) – It's Zoey Deutch, everybody – Hello – The star and producer of 'Buffaloed' It's good to see you, bud – It's so good to see you

– It's your Valentine's gift to all of us Thank you – You're so welcome I just wanted to give people an hour and change of me yelling at them in movie form – On behalf of the world, thank you

My guess is, you read a script and you see the first scene is you screaming profanities and shooting a gun in the air and you're like, "This is my jam This is for me" – A hundred percent You get me (Josh laughing) Also, when I read it, I was shooting 'Set It Up

' So, I feel like I was extra attracted to it, 'cause it was, like, the antithesis of my character in 'Set It Up,' who is super bubbly and positive and eager to please, and this character is full of rage, and blind ambition, and greed and I was just like, "Uh, this looks fun and super different from what I'm doing" – It's kind of like a blue-collar, like, 'Wolf of Wall Street' to me – Yeah – That's, like, what it struck me as It's the story of debt collectors, in Buffalo, of course

Talk to me about like the world, like, of this Why is it Buffalo-specific? – I found it to be, when I read it, a very funny yet poignant story about a young woman desperate and obsessed with making enough money to get out of her blue-collar existence, and she kind of finds her calling in an ethically-debatable industry, the one that really destroyed her chances of becoming anybody or somebody to begin with, which is debt collecting – Right – Prior to this experience, I didn't know that the debt collecting capital is Buffalo This is, I like to say, a heightened, more theatrical experience of that world

– Sure – But the writer did grow up in Buffalo And I went to Buffalo many times, and I actually really loved the city I bought most of the character's costumes in the city of Buffalo at thrift stores and illegally recorded people speaking in Buffalo accents – Well done

So, if you think I'm doing an exaggerated accent, you're wrong – (laughs) It's on tape So, Peg is, my sense is, Peg stands, in your young career, in the upper echelon of characters you've played There's something richly rewarding about her in particular that you haven't played before, yes? – Yeah, yeah, I think so I mean, she's like a, to me, a real antihero, a real weirdo

But, I guess the last year, I played really weird characters There's like this character Peg, and then there was Infinity in 'The Politician,' and then there was Madison in 'Zombieland' – Right, is there any chance you think we'll ever see Madison again? (laughs) There was talk! I mean, like, Ruben's talked about, like, "Oh, it'd be cool to do some kind of spin-off" Has there been any real talk since the movie came out? – I don't know I don't know if there's been any

– Not involving you yet – I don't know if— you know! – Yeah, I know – Actors are the last ones to hear anything – Anything! They're like, "Just don't tell the actors and it'll, everything is going to be okay" But, I would

I'm really, really, really hoping I get to work with Ruben again I've been talking to him about that – I saw that you were gallivanting around the Vanity Fair party Did the thing, had the fun – Oh, that party is actually very, very fun

– That's the one? – Yeah – Who did you run into? It's always that random, eclectic thing It's like Jerry from 'Cheer' and Brad Pitt in the same room (laughing) – They were a foot away from each other at that party – That's what I'm saying

You run into anybody that you hadn't met before? Someone you geeked-out on, or was it the same, usual suspects? – I do this thing every time I see, which is only three times, but every time I see Jeff Bezos He looks like a lot of people that I know – [Josh] Right – And I go up to him, and I go like, "Hi!" and I give him a big (beep) hug, and then everyone's like, "Whoa, you're brave Like, you just hugged Jeff Bezos" And I'm like "(beep), I thought that was my agent!" (laughing) Like, I do it

– [Josh] Right – I was presenting at an award show and while they were showing the clips of the stuff, I was like, he was sitting next to Brad Pitt, and I was like (waves) And everyone was like, the entire room was like, "Why is she waving to Jeff Bezos?" (laughs) So, that is something I do, but he's been very wonderful in terms of, you know, having no idea who the (beep) I am, but being, like, kind (laughs) – So, that was, your big moment of the night, was having another awkward exchange with Jeff Bezos? (laughs) – No, it's never awkward It's actually always very pleasant It's the moment after that's awkward that people are like, "Huh?" and I'm like, "Hmm

" – [Josh] Are we gonna see you and Glen Powell again on screen together? – [Zoey] Yeah, you will – We're not gonna see the sequel to 'Set It Up,' but we are gonna see you guys collaborate in another film? – Yeah – That's happening – Yeah, this summer – What can you tell me about it? Is it the same genre, same kind of a thing? – Same genre

– Okay Same writer, Katie Silberman – Great – Same Glen Powell (laughs) Same Zoey Deutch

Uh, how is that? – Wow, is this like, is it a Marvel movie? This is shrouded in secrecy – It's not a Marvel – I'd say they don't let you read the scripts (laughing) You're just gonna show up – No, no, no, no, no

I just don’t know what, I don’t know what— I don't know what I should or shouldn't say – It will utilize each of your unique talents and the chemistry we saw on display last go 'round – He said it (laughs) Yeah, it will No, I'm very, very, very excited about it

We want it to be absolutely perfect before we start, but I wish we could have started yesterday 'cause I'm really excited to get to work with my friends – The broader question, though, is are you happy with how things have turned out? I mean, you're bouncing around between a lot of, you do these, like, cool smaller projects, whether it's 'Flower' or 'Buffaloed,' where you get to play these strong, interesting characters You're also in things like 'Zombieland,' you're in 'The Politician' It feels like you've had a very eclectic career for someone, you know, still starting out, relatively speaking – Yeah, I think, I do genuinely feel very lucky and, like, I'm having fun

I mean, especially the last year, I've just been having fun with these parts and kind of going big and crazy and out there with them, which is very freeing I am kind of excited by the idea of doing something a little bit more still, a little bit more contained, a little bit more, like, quiet, 'cause it has been all (screaming) (laughs) – Anything we need to secret into the universe? You're looking for a still role You don't wanna talk, you don't wanna do anything It's like she wants to play someone in a coma

– I'm looking for a silent film to star in (laughing) If you know of any – 'The Artist 2,' yeah Is there anything, though, generally speaking, that people aren't thinking of you for that you wish? – I wanna play Spider-Woman I wanna do that

– Is that such a big ask, guys? – I wanna do that, Tom Rothman – Is that a thing they're looking for? Are they looking for a Spider-Woman? – I wanna play Spider-Woman – A spider lady? – Uh, I wanna play Snow White I wanna play I wanna do a musical Those are the opposite of silent and still – Fair enough – I just said a musical and a princess and an action movie

– Have you had more musical auditions or superhero auditions? – Musical – Yeah? – Yeah, I think, also, after I sung in 'The Politician,' then that's been a pretty much, yeah That's pretty much exclusively what I've been auditioning for for the last couple months, which is great 'cause I love to sing and I would love to find something to do And I really do wanna do an action movie I wanna, (beep), I don't know what I want, apparently 'cause I just said I wanna do something still and quiet

– All over the place – I am all over the place, though – It's okay, you want it all – I want it all – Just give it all to her

– Give it all to me

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