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Zadelmak maken La Zarah | Kunnen we erop rijden ? * Manege de Arckelhoeve *


Hi, nice that you are watching again We have a new video together with La Zarah Today we are going to teach her to cope with pressure on the reins and I am going to do that by using 2 lungeing reins I don't want to have too much pressure on the reins already but that I can decide how much pressure on the reins there is I connected the lungeing reins to the bit and then through the rings on the surcingle I have chosen for 2 seperate lungeing reins, so I can choose the length myself Well done I can straight away see that she wants to connect with her bit Softly I will make contact with her Squeeze softly with your thumb and index finger and use them to softly put a bit of pressure on the bit and when I see her head is coming up too much or if I see she doesn't like it Then I can let go of the lungeing reins a little If you see that she wants to go down with her head make sure the pressure on both reins is the same

It isn't my intention that she has to flex or something else like that This is purely just to teach her to cope with some pressure on the bit I can really see she is starting to relax a little Those are moments that I can apply less pressure from my fingers or from the lungeing reins Well done! When she does it right you have to praise her for it as well Well done When I see her head is too then I would like a little more energy coming from her Her hind legs need to use more energy so she can be more forwards and then I try to keep the pressure as even on both sides as possible It is possible she will look outside, just squeeze and let go a little on your inside rein When I would like to go back to walk, I will start making half-halts Squeeze a little and let go again I will repeat this about 4 or 5 times So we can keep practising the transitions with pressure on the bit more and more This way I am teaching her to brake and to steer This was the first time then it is very important to only show her how to cope with pressure on the bit I am lungeing her again because, in a minute I am going to hang onto her saddle and she can get to know weight on the side of her Of course we have done this a few times already, but because this is very important we wanted to take our time and do it calmly We have done the first few times without the camera so afterwards we can show you how it is done properly Come over this way and then I can show you a few things

I have started off lungeing her with the stirrups still tied up and afterwards I will lunge her with the stirrups loose After lungeing her with 2 lungeing reins I have connected the lungeing rein to the halter and the bit So she can get to know pressure on the bit I am not connecting it only to the bit, because otherwise you can pull the bit through the whole mouth I wil connect it to the halter and the bit so when I try to steer, the halter can help a little as well Make the stirrup loose on the other side as well Now I will lunge her the other way round as well Now that I am going to start sitting on her as well, I am also lungeing her with my helmet on

So the horse can get used to me wearing a helmet Some horses find it a little scary seeing you with a helmet on Ok, we are going to hang onto her now Steef is going to hold her The lungeing rein is connected to the halter so if she decides to run away, Steef won't pull onto the bit, but she will pull the halter instead

What I prefer to do is everything you do on the left side also do that on the right side, so your horse can get used to that too Start off with, and you can do that in his stable as well, patting and touching her everywhere Then I will grab the saddle and move it backwards and forwards slightly Pull the stirrups up and down a few times and push them down a little And then I will also do that on the other side

Steef will make sure that she is always on the same side as me So if something may happen, Steef can make sure that the horse will walk around us both and not that we are both on different sides What we are doing now, we will repeat for a few days after each other Until we notice that she is fine with us doing this all When all this isn't a problem, put 2 hands at the front of the saddle, because if you put 1 hand at the back of the saddle, you can pull the whole back of the horse as well

Well done What I am going to do know, I am going jump in the air a few times So I can apply some pressure to the front of the saddle Now I am going to jump a little faster When I do these kinds of things I will always keep an eye on her eye So I also think it is very important that Steef tilts her head slightly, so I can actually see her eye Now go to the other side again The most important thing while climbing onto her, is when I put my foot in the stirrup, the girth is quite wide so when I put my foot in the stirrup, I can put my foot against the girth and not against her body I lift my foot a little to help, put it in the stirrup, with my toes against the girth Well done First start off again with jumping up and down, after that lift yourself up and make sure you really stay on the left side Well done When I notice she isn't scared or anything I can lift myself even more and still make sure you stay on the left side Steef is going to carefully make her look to the right and now she has seen me on the left and on the right Praise her in between as well

Come up even more and stand up a bit straighter Praise her on the other side as well Now I am going to get off Take the pressure off your left foot and let yourself fall Well done "Siri" What we did on the left side, we will now do on the right So I will also hang onto her on the right side as well Make sure you have practised this on an older horse who doesn't really mind already so you know exactly what to do Now we are back on the left side again, I will go up one more time I am up, grab the rope and some manes and then Steef will let her walk around herself Well done This is how far we have come in our training Tomorrow Nicky is coming, she is going to sit on her for the first time so I can hold her myself and don't have to trouble Steef with that And I can also see for myself what the horse is doing We are going to see how she reacts to somone sitting on her See you tomorrow Today is the day, we are going to sit on La Zarah for the first time I am not going to do it, somebody is coming to do that She is going to do it together with Daan She is going to be riding and Daan will be holding the horse For myself, I really don't like the idea of holding the horse I don't know what to do and if I am doing it right or not So that is why Daan always does it together with somebody else and if that goes allright, later on I can assist Daan If she does it just as well as all the other times we have lunged her then I think everything will be fine I am going to get her ready and I am going to lunge her, Daan is on her way so she can get started straight away What I forgot to say with lungeing her we have never used a lungeing-whip because with her we don't really need one, she reacts quite well already to our voices But, in a minute when somebody is going to ride her, we will use a lungeing-whip Somebody will be riding her, and if the horse decides to buck the most important thing is that the horse keeps going forward so we have the lungeing-whip just in case that happens

Well, my sister has arrived She was very nice again with lungeing Yes, I would like to take you home Stand still Well done Nicky has now ridden her twice and that went really well So today is the day that I am going to ride her for the first time I am going to start by lungeing, we have kept everything the same as when Nicky rode her So we will see how that goes To be continued

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