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YUNGBLUD on the Top 5 Things Every Show Needs | MTV News


– Yo, what's going on, it's Yungblud, and these are the top five things every Yungblud show should have in order to be a Yungblud show A mass array of pink everywhere

I'm gonna be wearing pink socks, you're probably gonna be wearing pink socks, pink bucket hats, just pink everywhere, man, just paint your mate's face, paint your mom, paint your cat Why the color pink? I've just always loved it, I think it always represents my personality You know what I mean? It's kind of loud, out there, it's gender fluid, it's bright and just fabulous Mate, I kind of got this cute little thing I do just before I walk on stage, the intro tape happens, and there's so many lights and stuff, and there's everyone cheering, and I always tell me family, to the ceiling, that I love them So I always say, "I love you, mum

I love you, dad "I love you, Jem I love you, Izzy" That's me two little sisters, me mum and dad And then just run on stage and create havoc

Number three Energy, so much energy No matter your age, no matter your height, no matter what you look like I think it's crazy, like, the amount of energy we all have together, I think every Yungblud show, it feels like the roof's about to blow off, but then it doesn't So it's just like (screaming), and then just as the roof feels like it's about to blow off, it kind of implodes and just stays in the room

Number four, I think yourself Bring your true self, 'cause I think what Yungblud as a whole, man, resonates is the idea to be yourself no matter who you are, and the idea that it's okay to be yourself no matter what you look like, no matter what you believe, no matter who you love, no matter how you identify, this is a place where people are gonna accept you for what, who, however you are, and however you may be And if you don't bring yourself, then who're you gonna bring? You know what I mean? And number five, the amount of noise, man, I think that's what makes Yungblud show a Yungblud show It's just so loud Yeah, I think that's it, and just make sure I'm deaf by the time I'm like 30, please

That's it, man Five things you need to come to a Yungblud show, to make it a Yungblud show Hope you have a great day Oh yeah, sorry The guys told me off camera, obviously a Yungblud show can't be a Yungblud show without Yungblud

So I'll definitely be there

Source: Youtube

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