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YUI – MTV ADVANCE WARNING – Part 2/2 (2005.04)


Why do you chose to sing? why am I singing huh? It was during first year of high school, I did part time jobs and went to school at the same time

That time I was extremely busy, unable to pursue musicBut the only thing that I like was singing so I continued it everyday I kept on thinking whether is there any way to do music, or not Until one day I was too exhausted and ended up in hospital During that period I have a lot of time to think about music

From there I was able to see myself pursuing music as a career * plays It's happy line * Normally I will jot down things that I thought of, things that I felt, things appeared in the news and a lot of other stuff, write down it as if writing a diary One by one I'm very glad to receive comments on what the listeners think of, what they felt on my songs Precious things

Turtle a gold fish and a rucksack That's all I brought along to Tokyo These are our house's, goldfishes and turtles

This is Turtle no

1, Turtle no2 and Turtle no3As for the gold fishes They are just like my family, as if part of the member staying in the house I will take a look at them for sure when I came backThey have some sort of 'healing effect' Guitar is something that I can't live without it

It is always by my side It calmed me down after playing, something like that Do you like people ? Erm

people, there are times that I like about them and there are times I dislike them What makes you like them? When there's LOVE What makes you hate them? Em

what would it be? when there's no love Message Let's work hard together Work hard on what? On living

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