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Your Mind Is More Powerful Than You Think | Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs


In a moment, I'm going to help a young man with the severe stutter overcome it And how I'm going to do that comes from this: Every single human being on this planet that struggles getting a result that they want it's because there's a limiting belief in their head

And if you can find the limiting belief and if you can eradicate it and replace it with something powerful and true, your results are going to change Check it out How long have you told yourself you have stutter -It started to manifest itself when I was in the third grade -Close your eyes

Take a deep breath When did it start showing up in the third grade? -When I was at my house And I had this this toy helicopter And I seen an actual helicopter up in the air and I was so excited and I wanted to tell everybody that there was a helicopter in the air but I couldn't say it I just kept saying that the

*Stuttering* I couldn't say it It was terrifying that I couldn't say it -And because it was terrifying that you couldn't say it, what did you decide about you? -I couldn't express and tell people what was important to me

-Alright, open your eyes "I can't express, I can't tell people what's important I'm terrified when I can't speak I have a stutter" That is in here

And it's so powerful because you feed it and you tell yourself the story over and over and over again And you remember the terror that now as an adult today you have a stutter The idea of you coming on camera or holding a microphone, how does that make you feel? -Scares the crap out of me -Yeah, it does But you know what? It actually doesn't scare you

An idea from a belief scares you And I want to ask you, does it serve you to believe that you can't express yourself? -No -Does it serve you to believe the other stutter? -No -Does it serve you to be terrified of speaking? -No -So, what would you like to give that up? -Right now

-You sure? -Yes -What would you like to believe instead? -That I have something that people to hear -Yes And that you also have something that who wants to hear -That I want to hear

-Yes It's not about whether they listen or not You get to own yourself by expressing yourself and some will listen and some won't Does that matter? -No And if you're excited about a helicopter in the sky, is that okay? -Yeah

-And you get to share it -Yeah -It does it matter what they think -No -And if the words don't come does, that mean there's a problem? -I'm going on the line and say no

-Thank you That right there is the moment It's okay I'm a public speaker Sometimes I have a moment one of the words don't come out or the word scramble, they call it dyslexia

I don't say that dyslexia And I give myself a little bit of grace to know that from time to time the plan does not show and that that's okay -Right -Rather than deciding that I'm broken, that my mind is broken, my speech is broken That's all a lie

If you believe a lie, you'll get the benefit of the lie You don't want the benefit of this lie, do you? -No -Tear it I speak eloquently -I speak eloquently

-I'm calm when I speak -I'm calm when I speak -I'm excited at times when I speak -I'm excited at times when I speak -Everything I want to say comes out everything I want to say comes out

I honor myself -I honor myself -Others hear me -Others hear me -More importantly, I hear me

-More importantly, I hear me -I'm a beautiful speaker -I'm a beautiful speaker -I'm an excellent communicator -I'm an excellent communicator

How's it feel? -Feels good -Close your eyes Third grade Deep breath it You're playing with your toy helicopter

It is your favorite toy, it's so cool It's so exciting And all of a sudden in the sky there's an actual real live helicopter This is the coolest thing I'm playing with this toy

There's a helicopter in the sky This is so cool And you run out and you want to tell everyone about it Then you're so excited that you can't even find the words And for just a moment, there's a temptation for terror to come in like, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait

The words aren't coming I can't talk" And here's this fear And here's the terror Be with the terror right now

In that moment, you decided you were broken In that moment, you decided you couldn't speak You couldn't express yourself And it was terrifying because in that moment, you were so desperate to share so much joy But because you couldn't express your joy, you decided "I can't speak

I can't express I have a stutter And I'll be broken This is the way I am for the rest of my life" And it's been that way ever since

But in this painful moment, you invite someone that you trust who knows how excited you are about the helicopter to come and kneel down beside you And if you could invite anyone who understands you, understand your heart, who loves you to kneel down beside you come for you, who would that be? -It would be my brother Michael -Michael heels down right next to you And he looks you right in the eyes And what does he tell you? -I don't know

-Yes, you do It's the words you've been longing to hear in your heart How does Michael come for you? What does he say? -That's a pretty cool helicopter, huh? -Yes He does He knows how excited you are about that helicopter

What else does he say? Looking into the future, you have a lot of people that are going to need to need to hear what you need to say -Yes I want you to ask him "Is my speech broken?" What does Michael say? -No -Ask him this: "Is it true that I can't express myself?" And what is he saying? -"No

" -Now, what is the truth, Jordan? -People can all already see how I feel -Yes -Repeat after me I speak eloquently -I speak eloquently

-I express myself easily -I express myself easily -Often with joy -Often with joy -With helicopter joy

-With helicopter joy -Sometimes there's so much excitement, the words don't come -Sometimes with excitement, the words don't come -And that's okay -And that's okay

-I'm an amazing communicator -I am an amazing communicator -I honor myself by speaking up -I honor myself by speaking up -I feel calm inside

-I feel calm inside -I feel calm about my speaking ability -I feel calm about my speaking ability -The words effortlessly emerge -The words effortlessly emerge

-I'm an amazing speaker -I'm an amazing speaker -I love my life -I love my life And that is an awesome helicopter

Let's hear it, that is an awesome helicopter -That is an awesome helicopter -Now, look at this little third grader Does he feel acknowledged? I want you to go tell him to tell everyone again that there's a helicopter And this time, he has the words

Let him tell everybody, "Look, there's a helicopter!" Say it out loud Look, everybody there's a helicopter outside -There you go Tell them again -Look everybody, there's a helicopter outside

-Tell them one more time -There's a helicopter outside, everybody -Everyone looks up and they're so excited They're so excited And they're so excited by you

They're enthralled inspired by your passion and excitement Take your hand put it on your heart Say, "I'm enough" -I'm enough -I'm an amazing communicator

-I'm an amazing communicator -I'm so good at speaking -I'm so good at speaking -I love sharing my voice -I love sharing my voice

-Some hear me -Some hear me -Some don't -Some don't -I always hear me

-I always hear me -Breath it in How's this little third grader feel? -He feels acknowledged -Yes -Open your eyes

How do you feel? -Feel good -From this point moving forward, you never get to say, "I have a stutter" You never get to say your shy from cameras or have a difficult time communicating or that you're nervous to speak up That story is done You're an amazing, brilliant communicator

And how you communicate is perfect for you No problems Alright, brother -Thank you Alright

Now, go communicate Let everyone know where that helicopter is Jordan is an amazing young man I'm super excited for him and I'm excited for his future Reality is we all have these limiting beliefs inside of us

I've written a book about it and I have detailed out the top 1000 limiting beliefs that every human being on this planet struggles with So, if you click the link below, a free gift from me to you is my book I hope that you will read the book limitless and learn how limitless you actually are You may have decided a lot of things in childhood about who you are today And most of them are actually not true

And will take you on a journey to understand who you really are by evaluating your limiting beliefs and trading them for limitless beliefs Enjoy the book

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