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You Had to be There: RuPaul | MTV News


MTV News has me out here in 10 degree weather, in search of a six foot five drag queen in a white limo, and I think I found her – Hey girl, come on in here, it's cold

Let's go shopping, I'm ready Come on, shopping! (laughs) – Describe the RuPaul look What is this? – I tell you, you know, the RuPaul look is a uptown call girl Uptown, hello It's very, it's glamorous, it's grunge, it's fun, it's now, and it's very accessible

It's very all inviting And more than just what I'm wearing, it's actually more of an attitude It's like, you're all welcome to the party, come on in Everybody is a drag queen, I mean, you're born naked and the rest is drag In fact, every pop star is, I know Madonna, Garth Brooks, Flavor Flav, everybody is in drag

You're born naked, and the rest is drag And you put on this persona, and actually, there's a way like I'm doing it, you work it to your advantage – Do I call you he or she? – Oh, sister girl, you can call me anything you want to Okay? I really don't, it doesn't matter to me I mean, like those kind of labels and stuff are really, you know, it doesn't matter

I'm here darling, as long we're together, that's all that matters (laughs) – That's what I'm happy about – Great, we're here (laughs) Shopping! (laughs) Okay – So Ru, what is your mall philosophy? – My mall philosophy is one thing

(record scratches) You better shop! (laughs) Come on, girl Really good, like, up against you like this How do I look? (singing) Who's next, what's your name? – Lugo – Lugo Yo, yo, yo, Lugo

You could be the other leg (laughs) – [Woman] All right, great – Say sashay Sashay We gonna sashay on into the Sam Goody's for us some product

– What are we looking for, TLC? – We looking for TLC We're looking for TLC You know, I was doing Revlon commercials when I was five years old in my mother's bedroom, you know? Yes, it's Revlon I mean, she would catch me with all of this makeup on, and she'd say, is that makeup on your face, boy? And I'd say, no, just a little tinted moisturizer and mascara, that's all – And what do your parents think about RuPaul 1993 version? – They are living for her, okay

They love it, I mean, anybody who has projected an ideal or a dream and then have achieved it, to do it, that's great Yay! You better work (laughs) Hey, you guys have this? Everybody say love Everybody say love! – [Crowd] Love – Hey you kids, I have one thing to say

You better work, hello (laughs) – [Alison] Great, thank you – Thank you Thank you, MTV (laughs) Okay

– You keep saying, you gotta work – You better work, honey – You keep saying, you better work – Uh-huh – Exactly what does it mean to work? – Working is doing the best you can do at whatever it is you doing

It's like, you know, you here, it's now, you might as well pay the cost to be the boss It's my turn, I'm coming out, who's the boss, hello You know, I think after a hard day of shopping, you really do deserve some of those cholesterol (laughs) – Blockers for the arteries – You do, I mean, it makes you feel really happy about being alive

That's what the whole mall is about It's like, we're here, we're American, we shop Hey! We gon get us some fruit shakes Are you guys expensive? – [Worker] No – I'm on the supermodel diet, so I can't have any fat

Is there fat in fruit? – No, not in the yogurts – Not in the yogurts? Okay, I think I wanna get like, a fruit type of shake, you know? – [Alison] Anything you want – Like, really health minded and everything – Of course What do you do when people stare? – Well you know, I actually dress up this way so that people will stare

– Yeah – Really And I love it, I love it And I think I'm sending out a positive energy, and that, I never actually have a bad time You know, some people might say something or scream something, but they actually are loving me, even if they say a positive or negative

And if someone has a problem with it, the problem they have isn't with me, it's actually with the me they see in themselves – Is middle America ready for you? What do you think? – You know what, middle America is ready for me, and they're gonna have to be ready for me, if they're not ready or not I mean, what I am is, I am a result of a change that's happening And if they don't get me, the change is still gonna happen with or without me Learn how to love yourself, no matter what

And once you do love yourself, you don't have to be putting nobody else down, 'cause you're not threatened by them I mean, the only people who would ever be threatened by me is someone who doesn't really know themselves, or doesn't know what's inside of themselves, you know? – What's your next big challenge? – My next big challenge is world domination – [Alison] And after that? (laughing)

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