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YK Osiris Talks 'The Golden Child' & Working w/ Kehlani | MTV News


– 'The Golden Child,' what inspired that title? – Well, my daddy used to call me The Golden Boy when I was little and my name is Osiris, and my sister's named Isis, and my little brother's named Ramsay – Oh wow

– So, my daddy is into the Greek Egyptian, we just called it 'The Golden Child' 'cause I'm the chosen one Aight? And it's just that – What's going on man? – What's happening my brother? – Feeling good man, you're looking sharp – Gotta be suited and booted – And we are impressed with this debut album man, how does it finally feel to get it out there? – Man, it's crazy man, I'm very excited

'Cause it's so much positivity on there So, I'm so happy, I'm ready to put it out I'm ready for the world to hear it – I saw that you tweeted when Future and Nicki said that, "Yo, you're the next big thing" That's when you knew it was real, was that moment the feeling that you knew that things was gonna go your way? – Yeah, Yeah

I knew it when Future just whispered in my ear and said, "Man, you next" I said, "God, oh no! "If he said it, then I know it's coming" – Right – It's about to be the right time and it's going to hit – Nicki co-signed what he said too? – Yeah, Nicki said the same thing

– Aww man, you've got a lot of good people in your corner One of those people was your teacher, that's the one that gave you that name right? – Yeah, that's who gave me Young King – Young King – Young King name He always called me Young King and I was just laughing with him, "Man, I ain't no young king

" And he always called me that so I said, "You know what, I am a king" I called myself Young King Osiris – What kind of student were you in school? – Man, I was hard headed, but I made straight A's, it's so crazy – There you go, that's what counts – I was getting in a little trouble but I always made straight A's

I always made straight A's in every class – So where's that teacher now? Is he still teaching? What does he think about the success? – He still teaches, he texts me everyday and tells me, "Man, you're blessed" – For someone that's listened to 'The Golden Child' for the first time, what do you hope that fans can get out of it? – That I'm not a one hit wonder, you know, that I'm really a hit maker Like, I really got music – One of my favorite songs on the album is "Change," right

It seems like that was based on a true story Is that true? – Yes, but it's crazy that people like that song It do relate to a lot of people, it's very personal You feel me? It's talking about– I'm getting very deep – Is it difficult to deal with the success and the people that are surrounding you? – Not really, because I don't surround myself with negativity

So, I surround myself around two or three people and if they're not working If you're not working, if you're not with me, you're against me – What do you have to say to the people that used to doubt you? Now look at you now – "How you doin?" "I'm here" (laughing) "How you doing?" That's why I never doubt people, so many people come to me like, "Oh, let me rap for you

" I be like, "Man, you gonna make it!" You never bring nobody down 'cause you never know who the next hit maker is – That's what's up man Now, one of the first singles you have is "Worth It", when do you realize someone's worth it? – You know, I be feeling like women play a lot That's my most fearful thing in life that I fear of I fear women

– Yeah – I just feel like they play and like playing mind games – Right – For a girl to be worth it, they have to be like, understand me and know what's going on You feel me? I'm still young and I have a lot going on in life

– Someone worth it in your life right now? – Not at this moment – Gotta call him up, ladies – Yeah, come one, call me, I'm ready – But yo, when it comes to ladies, you grew up with six sisters – Six sisters, yes

– And did they inspire some of the love songs that you write about? – Definitely, definitely My sisters are like, I talk to my sisters every time I be telling them, "Don't let these (beep) play you!" You feel me like She really inspired me to know how girls really feel – Right

Have you got your own style? – Yeah, I've got my own sound – What do you mean by that? – My voice is very raspy and unique I don't think I sing like Chris Brown or Usher I don't think I sing like Chris Brown or Usher But I have that voice, that's distinct, it's stamped

– All to your own – It's to my own, nobody else can say, "I've got Osiris' voice" Nobody can sound like me – You've got some dope features on this project too You've got Ty Dolla $ign, – Tory

– You've got Tory Lanez, Russ, and you've got the video out, "Ride" with Kehlani What was that whole experience like shooting that with her? – Man, she's dope man, I love Kehlani! Coming from when she started from mix-tapes, to now, she's dope, She's creative, she's just out of this world! I be like, "God, she's so humble!" – That's what's up man! Did you have to convince her to get on the mechanical bull? – She did that herself – Okay, did she get you the choreography, the dancing? – Nah, nah, I did that myself – That was all you? – Yeah, first time dancing – Really? – Yeah

– You look like a professional out there man – Yeah, yeah, fasho! – Was it hard for you to learn the choreography? – No, I learned it in a week – Oh wow, okay – Two weeks – Does that mean we're gonna see more dancing from you Osiris? – All the time

I gotta go, I gotta do it now I gotta dance, if I don't they're gonna look at me crazy – You do your own stunts – Yeah, I gotta get right, I gotta get busy

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