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YG ''How You Like That'' MV Controversy, BLACKPINK on Jimmy Fallon & More


apparently people contacting like extremist groups, so subscribe because I'm probably gonna end up in YG's dungeon too! when I told her blackpink was coming back she was like where did they go? hi welcome to my totally legit new show my name is Angelina and I am your host and today we're gonna talk about YG coming under fire for disrespecting a Hindu god in blackpink's new music video for how you like that and we're gonna also talk about what kind of happened on Twitter after that happened after that was brought to light and we're gonna discuss blackpink on Jimmy Fallon as well as some fun little things that have happened in kpop recently so keep on watching actually I'm gonna stop you right there to remind you to subscribe like comment and share this video with friends you don't have because I now officially work for free at YG entertainment, if you think I don't support the girls just know that my money goes towards probably a lot of fucking denim, am I ecstatic about that? no not really so subscribe because I'm probably gonna end up in YG's dungeon – okay so we're gonna start off with YG entertainment receiving a lot of criticism for featuring a Hindu god in the music video for how you like that so essentially at 1 minute and 20 seconds of the music video it's Lisa's part and you see she is sitting down with shoes on and in the corner you see a statue and this statue is of the Hindu god Ganesha and now a lot of people are asking yg to remove this part of the clip for a multitude of reasons some are pointing out that the use of the statue as an aesthetic is inherently problematic while others are pointing to the fact that having the statue situated below someone is incredibly disrespectful and wearing shoes around said statue is also very disrespectful one comment reading ''YG should do something with the culture appropriation where Ganesha statue should have been elevated and Lisa shouldn't have worn shoes near that statue or even just remove the statue in the MV so that BP's reputation won't get tarnished because it's disrespectful in the Hindu religion to have a statue on the ground at the same time shoes worn near those statues especially to a very important God like Ganesha'' another comment reading ''yg has used the idol figures of Hindu gods of India they have disrespectfully used it for props for aesthetic we are disgusted our culture is always used for aesthetics" now of course a lot of people are directing their hate towards YG entertainment themselves because a lot of fans don't want this associated with blackpink and they feel as though the members themselves really didn't have any control over what was used within the sets of their music videos, but then on the other end of the spectrum I've been seeing a lot of things going around on Twitter a lot of hate directed towards blackpink themselves even as far as- okay, this is a little weird I've seen a lot of crazy things on Twitter but apparently people contacting like extremist groups in regards of the use of the statue and even some people contacting Mur—- though it's kind of hard to verify it's true like I don't know how one finds mur—- on Twitter but I wouldn't put it past the site either way there's just one thing I want to say a lot of people have been asking me to talk about this so I do want to highlight your voices and a lot of people are saying that if you're not part of the culture in question you can't really tell people what they themselves should be offended by and unfortunately with yg things like this tend to be swiped under the rug quite often you know it's really rare that yg kind of addresses these things and it's kind of really rare for kpop as a whole to kind of take what fans are saying and kind of do anything with it but I don't know what do you think do you think yg is going to address this do you think it's just gonna be kind of swept under the rug again and you know it's really interesting because I feel like these companies can afford to hire someone like specifically to kind of look out for these things I don't even know what kind of title they would have like in charge of cultural competence I don't even know or like even like test audiences like international test audiences to kind of review these things before they go out for you know the general public but as I'm filming right now YG has yet to release a statement regarding this let's move on to KPOP Shenanigans so it's just basically fun little things that have happened in kpop recently okay so the first one thing that happened is that BTS released their music video for their Japanese single stay gold, we also have hay- I was gonna say Hay-teez oh my goodness we also have Ateez who have performed a cover of BTS' song ''on'' on music Bank and a cover of growl at K- Contact 2020 we also got to see their new hair colors and I'm sure all of us are so surprised none of us saw the leaked photos many of us and on that Ateez note we also have Mingi who released his episode 2 of his fashion series and I found out he he made an entire video on how to style plaid now I haven't had the chance to watch the video in the entirety I watched a few like the first two minutes I think and I saw a lot of lumberjack vibes so I'm also selling my lightiny I'm kidding we also have Seulgi and Irene who have released more teasers for their subunit for two shadows which they firstly featured a very dark concept and the second one it's like kind of retro then you still have those dark concepts but it sounds really fun so I'm really confused as to what to expect from this but I would love to know your thoughts down below like what are your expectations for this I feel like I keep clowning myself because I rely so heavily on teasers and then it never ends up being like the Taser like when will you learn apparently never now as for blackpink I keep seeing articles about what kind of records they're breaking I don't even know where to start I was like there's too many just know they're kind of they're out there doing the most blinks have been starved for so long they like oh my god I don't even know what to highlight at this point but lastly on some quick news you know some non-record breaking news we have seen that Jieun, a stylist for 20 years at YG Entertainment

has left and yg have stated that they can't really say why and you know I wanted to ask you guys did you notice for this comeback a kind of new styling direction for black pink or do you think they're kind of staying within the realms of what they've always done before because she did have a huge impact I mean I think she was the styling director for the whole company so I'd love to know what you think if it's actually changed but moving on to more blackpink news as we all know they have appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show not only did they debut their song how you like that for the first time on the Jimmy Fallon show but they did you know kind of try not to laugh just was so cute so funny to watch now I don't know if you guys remember this but my mom was so convinced that blackpink we're not going to perform on Jimmy Fallon because she was convinced that he was retiring even though I was like I'm pretty sure you're just thinking about Jimmy Kimmel taking a break and she was like no you guys will see and then she also said and I quote I will cancel myself before your fans ever get to me so just know she's not scared of anything when I told her blackpink was coming back she was like um where did they go? so I actually did not stay up to watch this because I was like you know what I woke up you know ten minutes before their music video premiered I trust my body to just know when they're gonna come on Jimmy Fallon and I woke up at 3:00 am

a whopping three hours late But I still watched it and the outfits are so beautiful but it seems that a lot of people have also been making memes out of like this one part of the choreography where fans are describing it as them being like angry Sims and I cannot get it out of my head I think it's I think it's the most wonderful thing ever but on that note of choreography I didn't want to touch on it a little bit because I feel like it's the choreography in their careers that kind of is the most unlike blackpink but still has a lot of elements of familiarity as well there's still a lot of you know take backs to previous choreographies while the feel of it the flow of it still feels very fresh and new and I feel like within the course as well there's just kind of these elements of quirkiness that I feel like they just haven't experimented with before and I don't know I'd love to know what you think of it as well and if you'd like me to make a video about it as well kind of how their choreography has changed throughout the years or anything like that then please let me know also I've heard through the grapevine that they will be traditionally preparing know traditionally promoting this song on music show and this morning I believe they performed on Inkigayo and I really hope I really hope they perform on m-net I'm dying for just crisp high quality pictures but I digress okay so that is basically it for this video thank you so much for making it to this point if you made it this far you actually might as well click on another one of my videos because YG messed with my watched time big time I'm going down with the ship I will contact my lawyer, his name is Kevin you can also join my channel memberships and you can click the join button next to the subscribe button to kind of see what you can get out of my channel memberships these are the lovely individuals who currently make up my channel members a huge thank you for supporting me so yeah I will see you next time if my channel doesn't get deleted a one but like I will see you guys next time bye

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