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YG ENTERTAINMENT: cosa mi è successo nel loro club ? SPILL THE TEA || ITSYILL STORYTIME


the YG ENTERTAINMENT club and this guy came and he said: "yeah, write your number on me" A club where artists / idols can be found and he says "I'm your daddy" and I: "what?!?" Why am I holding a cup today while drinking tea? because today we do SPILL THE TEA what will today's storytime be? a few days ago I put this video on instagram Asking you if you wanted to know what had happened that evening, and who the guy in the video was

many of you have asked me to tell So we will open this new video format which we will call "SPILL THE TEA" and I will tell you all the things that happened to me in Seoul but before you start this video and do my own thing, remember to subscribe, put the bell, like, and share the video with your friends so talk to you about what happened to me in Seoul

please, don't forget to subscribe, so you will know every time I post a video Let's start from the beginning of this story We had gone to the NB2 club The YG ENTERTANMENT club / Disco So it was a very famous disco

is why do I say it was? it is a very famous disco A club where it is said that sometimes you can meet famous people / idols

however, we had gone there, it seems to me that we paid 15 thousand Won My Korean friend Gabin was also with us Let's say that the fact does not happen immediately in the evening Because before we happened what I am about to tell we danced 2/3 hours Now let's not exaggerate

2 hours we danced When, you know it well, that moment arrives where you want to sit for a moment to rest your feet There! It was there that we sat on the sofas and suddenly a boy arrived SPOILER: HE ISN'T BRAD

Many of you wrote to me asking if it was Brad No, it wasn't Brad In fact, that's exactly why I'm going to tell you this story, because no, he wasn't Brad, Now that I told you it wasn't Brad, how many of you thought he was him? write it in the comments because I'm curious, because some of you asked me if this was how I met Brad, thinking he was the guy in the video so, now let's go back to history Well, this guy sits next to us, sits between me and one of my friends He sits down and starts talking to my friend

I remember very well that he said "Hey hi, I'm Pipper" He called himself Pipper, I think he pronounced it like this I remember though that he said "Pipper" and I was there thinking "But what name is it?" I thought "you could have chosen a different English name" Because precisely you know that Koreans very often present themselves with an American name that they choose And my friend said to him, "Pipper?" And he said "yeah, write your number on me" Obviously girls, he was very drunk, but we were all a bit drunk ths night, we too But at that request for the number, I burst out laughing, I couldn't stop laughing

this is because he behaved as if he were a man, but it was evident that he was small in age But we come step by step We were saying? yes, I burst out laughing meanwhile, he asks my friend for the name There my friend says her name, and he says : "oooh, beautiful

I'm your daddy" And I : "WHAAAAATTTT?!' I turned immediately, immediately, and asked him: "Excuse me, but how old are you?" He said he was 19 years Girls, then, I'm 24, my friend was 25, and we started laughing and my friend replied: "at best I can be your Daddy" Okay, there we all laugh The fact is that this guy follows us from there for the whole evening

That is, it is not that it pursues us, it simply stays with us and starts doing everything we do And then then he asked me the age, because I was silent when he said his Indeed, if I remember correctly only my friend replied

well, he asks me the age and I say to him: "look, I'm bigger than you, don't think I'm smaller than you" and he firmly says: "No, that's not true, surely you're smaller" and I reply: "look No, no, I'm 24 years old" and he, at that moment says, "ohhh, you are my Noona" and I was like: Ok well Remember this, because he will call me that all evening

he will not use other terms, he will not use my name (I told him my name), no, he will call me "Noona" for the whole evening and I was like: all right thanks for making me feel old any anecdote? Well this was the key point of today's story Then, it seems to me, that we also went dancing towards the tables and he obviously followed us I remember Gabin started laughing, The funny thing is that he committed himself to speaking English, he tried to speak it, even if he spoke his own English But he was at least committed to speaking it

He was very funny I have to be honest for example, we made videos between us and he was all happy and said: "ahh I want to do it too" And I was like, "Okay, okay, come make the video too" in fact that's why we have these videos

Then for example, we talked and he got in the way, he tried to understand what we were talking about, because we sometimes spoke Italian among us So he asked us what we said Then it seems to me he asked us where Italy was and we were like "What? are you serious? really?" and then we started to explain to him where Italy was and he told us that he had never gone there, that he would have liked to go, that it was splendid and to take it with us and we were like: "okay

" but really, he was very nice

I am surprised that this boy sat with us from nothing that then, I don't remember the scene well I remember we were in the sofas, suddenly I turn around to see what Gabin was doing, then I turn around and find myself this boy sitting between me and my friend just funny as a thing, happened out of nowhere And then I remember that he asked me if I liked boys younger than me

and I was that I didn't know whether to be serious, whether to give him a serious speech, or whether to say no directly to him, if to explain to him why I usually don't like to get engaged to boys younger than me in all this, however, I saw his state and simply said to him: "Quiet you are not my type" and he said, "No Noona why?" and I: "let's start from the fact that you are calling me Noona lol you make me feel old" but he was really funny A very strange thing that I remember for which I was very surprised

was the fact that either I or a friend of mine (I don't remember well now), we had a drink I think she took it and then didn't want it, I drank half, but I was already so drunk so I didn't want it anymore the strange thing is that this guy took the drink and he started drinking it Okay, I tell you, I'm not a picky girl In the sense, if a friend of mine drinks I drink quietly from the same glass

but if he is a person I don't know, I would never do it this boy didn't care, even if he didn't know us he drank our drink I think he was too drunk to think about it If I think about it, what fun that evening I was like: "What the heck" Then nothing, I'll be honest, he's gone from nowhere That is, at some point from nowhere he is gone, we have not found him anymore

We no longer knew anything about him and that's how Pipper disappeared poor Pipper and I for a whole night, I heard myself called Noona just to remind me that I am Old

ok I know that Noona is also said to those who are only a year older than you but at that time I felt really strange, I said "oh good, this 19 year old boy and I 24 years old" and well, we had fun at the YG entertainment club, I have to be honest if I remember correctly we left the club at 4/5 in the morning

we were very drunk that is ehhhhh lool but really, we really had fun that day

Who knows what happened to this guy Who knows if Pipper is okayboh who knows So now I have explained the story of that video, of how I felt called Noona all evening

I took away the doubt whether he was Brad or not, if I had known Brad like this so no, because not, because Brad wasn't him removed this doubt and told this story, the video ends here please, let me know if you want more SPILL THE TEA where I tell you what happened to me in Seoul, the fools, because really a lot of things happened, of everything and more between me and my friends we have to tell from here to 2021 that by the way if this 2020 ends it is even better

so let me open if you want more videos so where we chat, me for you, you for me * singing Rosalia's song * where we chat, where I tell some things, where we are a little so calm and relaxed etc so tell me, because I would be very happy to tell you, because among other things in some direct instagram I had already told you a little something, but I told you very lightly about it so I would be very happy to tell you these things let me know if you want it, write me no comments , see you in the next video I recommend you, share this video with your friends so spill the tea on the things that happened to me

should I put the fact that I drink? look it shows? no that's how I should show her, no like that, help however it is a spill the tea OK stop

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