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Yazmin forces Alex to join them with Saal | A Soldiers Heart (With Eng Subs)


I knew it! – You're a traitor! – I'm not a traitor! – But you saved that soldier! – Abe is my brother! I couldn't just leave him to die! What about Mom? You don't care if she dies? When you got word the soldiers were coming, what was your plan? Were you going to warn us, or were you going to let them kill us all?! Saal, you are my family I don't want anything bad to happen to you

If I were really a traitor, I would shoot you myself I would kill you myself But I won't do that I won't I am here trying to save everyone important to me

[SAAL HISSES] Saal – Saal! – Hakeem I'm begging you, please stop Hakeem Saal, whatever it is you're planning, I'm begging you, don't push through with it We need to leave Son [YAZMIN PANTING] – Hakeem – Let's go! Hakeem! Hakeem, let's go

Source: Youtube

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