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My first guests, ladies and gentlemen They are the winners of the "Aimi" awards from "Breaking Bad" <b> Please welcome Brian Cranstein and Aaron Ball

</b> They are afraid of villas tonight Yes, not with the great audience tonight This was amazing First, congratulations on winning the (Imam) award last night Best drama series We we are very proud of that Because that means everyone who contributed to the work In Albuquerque and Los Angeles And comrades in (New York) and production and supply companies Everyone is credited with this victory This is what pleases us And when I came behind the scenes to welcome you both I was told that you two were very partying For 24 hours – Without stopping – He's just arrived Just arrived from his concerts He has no idea who I am now – Oh, so-so-so-so-so (so famous Jesse's phrase) We have a lot to talk about What I love is that idiots like me and everyone in the press They ask you for months what will happen And your permanent answer is that everyone will die This is what you answered So tell us this answer Because "Just just tell me how it will end" "Who will die" Will Walt die? Will Jesse die? "Will they kill each other?" Finally, I tell them: Everyone will die It is a very easy exit – Does that bother them when you miss that? – Yes – Nevertheless, it is true – Yes This applies to any situation The only one who will live is Holly So there will be a sequel to the series: Holly White "For the rest of the story" She has two small pistols Baby Heisenberg Brian as an actor, one of the things that was revealed through the series It is that you are a nice person and you have a nice and friendly presence But man, you have a scary face when you want to show a scary face I don't know how to do that It is funny that you mentioned that Because I have always believed it even without any expressions My face yells scary So for example: If you look at this camera without any facial expressions The thing that will reach you is fear that's cool Does that apply to everyone? It applies to everyone But what is the only word you will think of When you look without any expressions? I get a little sad As if I am not getting enough oxygen As if you wet yourself Andy to see what you have Where do I look? To which it has a red light Without any expressions He looks angry – As if an angry school principal – Hell of course! Where do I look? – Where are you? Nothing, nothing without expressions – You are expressing something – I am not trying Do not do anything Stop it, wipe everything Oh innocence, look at that I got a man thinking about food, that's what I got Your fans are so cool They are very loyal Brian, you said that you received a message from a unique fan Out of all messages We were talking about that and I said I would bring it with me – Can I read it? – Yes you can This is a message from a fan and it was really I received She says: Dear Brian Cranston "Let me start this letter and say" "I have a psychology magservice message" "And I have no mental disorder" You will realize when a message begins with "I have no mental disorder" "No one has revealed me yet "I am writing to you because I am stuck in my apartment for two days to watch all seasons of your series" "I loved everything in it" After finishing all the episodes "I saw some interviews

" "And all of this led me to now dream about having sex With Aaron Paul Yes And while you are watching – I swear by that – that's right yeah – What is your role in this scenario? – Says: "I don't know what your role will be" "But I think I want you to be" It gives you the freedom to think Yes, you think about something Did you say "He gives me the freedom to think?" Yes Yes Is he or she? – – She is a female! I thought it was a reminder all the time She is a female! Picture the message as you want it and I will visualize it as I want The last thing she said with a letter T She says, "Come on, it will be fun" Come on! Let me have sex with Aaron as you watch your God I have to talk about something There are many theories of the end of the series Actually, there is an end theory It is that Walt will be subject to a witness protection program He will have a new family and will change his name to Hull It will be a series that precedes the events of "Malcolm in the Center" (a comedy series Brian previously participated with) – And I thought this idea was genius – it's genius Then the events of that series begin, where the other ends But it really happened, so how do we ? Time has no meaning Speaking of the last episode We don't want to know anything but what I heard two hours ago – It is that you both read the sermon together – yes Before you started filming it, you sat together and read it, is that true? Yes There is a great two-hour documentary Which will come with the full DVD copy package And it's really detailed And Aaron and I thought it would be a fun idea if we read the text coldly and openly Within this documentary And so we read it without knowing what would happen Snapshots will be rotated by Vince Gilligan writing the text of the last episode – Great idea – that was fun Your arrival to the end must have a strong impact It was a very emotional experience for us When reading aloud, he said, "The end of the series" – There were almost 15 seconds where we were – sitting quietly "Wow We won't be able to read another episode anymore" – Yes Thanks for reminding us of this, Conan I can't think of a decent time now to take a break After so much laughter we will be back with Vince Gilligan, Anna Gunn and Dean Norris so stay with us Thank you Don't come with them yet I haven't finished Please welcome the creator of the Corking Series, Vince Gilligan And with him Anna Gunn and Dean Norris First, congratulations, Anna and Vince, on winning the Amy last night And all of you, but it must have been an overwhelming moment It was an amazing moment And you had that feeling twice yesterday – that was amazing I was so clap for Anna that I hurt my hands They were failing – And the blood was splattering while I was clapping – Yes There is a lot to talk about, and it is difficult to count everything within one hour Vince, let's start with that I said from the beginning as it was planned You want Walter to switch from Mister Chips to Scarface "from a peaceful character to a strong character" During one series And I already did Did you like Walter White at first? Were you sympathetic at first? Yes, it really seemed to me as a lovable person Where life was going Married to a wonderful woman, and they were going through financial difficulties He represented many middle-class Americans who were going through a difficult time When do you change your mind? Or has not changed yet? Are you surprised that there are many people, including myself, who are still ill, encouraging Walter? Yes !!!! I somehow wanted it I wanted him to somehow do it Did you get this idea? It was a TV experience I wanted to see how dark we make it This was during the first periods before I realized that the series would succeed to this degree And I thought it was interesting

and I can't believe how I'm saying this now I thought it was interesting to see how many viewers we were going to lose Over the course of work by making his character more and more dark And from the psychological point of view the thing that surprised me It is that people are still watching and attached no matter what that man does By the way, do you like the message written by you? Was this you? It was really a reminder Here it is, here There are many surprising things about the series Anna, you had a strong scene at the beginning of season five Where you were shouting "Shut up shut up shut up shut up" And then, of course, since we live in such a society that has turned out to be a phone tone Seemingly She is very well-known in fact, I think she is with us now Can we hear it? Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up You look like Imagine you are in a doctor’s office and they say please lock your phones In the opera house Anna Brian is famous for his attempts to filter the mood Bring naughtyness to the scene And he is not afraid to use any means

Is this true? – That is correct Often it comes to either wearing lingerie or not wearing any lingerie – Really – yes I guess it started from the first episode, right? – Right And you were the director at that time It was the scene where you were in bed with me and approaching me and saying "Walt is that you?" And you put something interesting in your underwear In order to improve the situation May i know what is it What did you put there? Little Walter (son) I do not know Something somewhat cylindrical It was a hairspray can – it was a hairspray can I will put anything help the situation anything That microphone no no no that's mine Dean, I have to ask you questions before I That amazing scene just before Hank dies He praises Walt, telling him "You are the smartest person I've ever known" That was in the text on the idea You didn't have to say that

You didn't have to say that And that's what I told them, "Am I forced to bean that?" You praised him and it seemed to you It must be hard You praise the person who caused your death – Yes – Was that a strange moment for you? It was indeed a wonderful moment at the time that I thought Walter had blasphemed his sins He was praying for my life So it was it was so cute It was an emotional and loving moment Dean, you got a bold while filming the series And his middle name is Vincent – yes – On the name – On the name of Vince Gilligan It is true yes – Why was not the first name? I don't like him that much I like him a little First name more explicit – yes I wanted to call him Hank, but my wife said no Hank is a wonderful name Vince, while I was finishing work on the last episodes that were filmed here in Warner Studios Next to the water tower You finish filming and episodes I was afraid that you would not forget to finish the job since this was a long journey Yes, I had that feeling, fear

You know that I thought I was going to drive into the studios or at home at night And that I will cause a car accident or something And I say, "I don't want to die before I'm done with this" – This is terrible – Next Monday, wait until next Monday The positive thing is that I can die now that we're done Do you now see where these ideas come from? – Yes i see that And I insist on my principle tonight that I end each of these paragraphs as gloomy as possible We will be back soon, stay tuned welcome again Please welcome Betsy Brand and RG Mitte Many thanks for coming here and congratulating you again for winning yesterday RJ, I have to ask you, I'll start with you Today I was thinking about many characters in the series Many actors worry that their character will be killed Do you have the feeling that "No, I'm Walt the little" I am safe They can't kill Walt the son No whenever I get an episode text I was waiting for my car's brakes to break down Or something happens where Walt Jr

suffers from a terrible lung disease His role is slowly diminishing, so he ends up in the hospital But when you share a job with this person – this is common to us You are a really bleak and dark group First, getting rid of a character just by accident in such a series would be very strange "Oh, the brakes of his car were broken by mistake" "Was it because of a drug war?" – "No, bad brakes" He was busy making meth and forgot to replace the brakes Betsy, I found that you have something in common with your character, Mary It is that Mary has been known to love theft Have you done this before? Firstly I don't think it's a theft if it is something you have to have (phrase for Mary in the series) Second, I stole a pendent on Saturday and put it in my little flashy bag for the Emmy We won so I will do it every year for luck Where did you steal it? – I am very sorry Virgin America (airline) I stole it from the plane It is permissible to steal from an airline – Really – Damn them! Indeed, they are asking for tariffs at high prices No, no, a spoon from an airline isn't a problem – it's a small spoon Really – a little yes, which makes it permissible to steal Yes, I previously stole my trays, so I couldn't worry about you We should hang out more I often steal items of interest RJ, we talked about it not on TV, but we talked about it once He noted that you wanted there was a farewell party for the series And that Aaron and Brian will get tattoos And you wanted to get a tattoo too, but your mom prevented you from doing so Yes, she saw someone tattooed and said "Okay time to go" I desperately wanted a tattoo how old are you? – You can still do it – Do it! – Do it! Do it now after the interview Then you will take responsibility for me Well we have a wonderful surprise Let's do it We have a non-professional crew behind the scenes Only if you do it – what – you should do it Your worst decision in your life She says "I will get a tattoo if Conan does it" Yes it is a great idea no you shouldn't get a tattoo Where did you draw these tattoos? Oh my God On the hairspray can We'll take another break, ladies and gentlemen When we return Jonathan Banks and Bob Odenkerk they will join us Ladies, gentlemen Please welcome Jonathan Banks and Bob Odenkerk It is scary to walk behind – indeed – or in front of it it's scary My God, Jonathan, let me ask you Because we have spoken once before Watch the way he looks at me, ladies and gentlemen This guy has a face that says "Don't mess with me" When did you realize for the first time in your life that you have this amazing face? The first time I was hit on the mouth – really I used to look like Mother Teresa and go somewhere and someone would tell me “Who do you think you are?” And then he beats me So, you had this face with this disgruntled look When I was an 11-year-old boy with a mouth sucker, is that what you say to me? I think it started at the age of four or five years old – four or five I was a kid in the cribs saying "ga ga" Bob, I have to ask you your turn in season two When I was chosen, I recently discovered that you hadn't seen the series yet Did any of the crew tell you about the events? There you have it, little kids at home, so I couldn't see it I have young children, and they watch it – really It does not want the government to know this Obama will get from you Right? – No, the president won't get you I don’t know what’s going on here I am trying to provide him with a right-to-right talk show Right? Look at this face How do you understand Bob? – – This guy is here

when I say the name wrongly He tells me, "You don't watch the series, do you?" But I heard it and learned what the starter is Sol Goodman represented all that she knew I wanted what he wanted and that's all After that, when my children grew up enough and left, they joined the summer camp I thought you would say they went to the circus or something Once I sold my children, I could watch the series Jonathan, you are known to have been arguing with writers about grammar It was important for you that your character be able to speak grammatically correctly, right? I thought Mike should help them out with the important words, yes Give us an example of a dispute between you "Who killed the other?" It should be "Who killed WHOM?" Because I thought it was a case of traction Right And Schnaz refused, he refused to change it Who is Shinaz? help us The writer – – Was the author of the episode and did not accept changing it? He didn't accept her change, I told him, "Tom, don't make Mike stupid, correct it" He did not correct her Who is not corrected? WHOM did not? Bob, we have to admit that we had a history between us Yes – we had known for 25 years Bob was among the original authors on this program Which began showing 20 years ago and we recently showed this picture on air And here is Bob on the far left What a great way

– to appear on the program and finally? You had an appearance then I was wearing tight clothes – – I was looking strange What a lifetime trip for you to return to us As an actor in an important role in the best drama series, which was shown on TV, never I'm so happy for you, this is so cool Thanks and I am proud of you too, and happy for you Have you been indoctrinated to say that on a card? I wanted to bring you a nice surprise We were able to use our influence by the medium to bring in another character from the series tonight He is loved by fans and was surprising to be from a cast of staff Please welcome the second season, "The amputated head on a turtle" come here Yes, here he comes It will take some time but will arrive here How long is the program displayed? We added another 4 hours This actor Danny Trejo Danny will not be satisfied with that – he will not be satisfied with it yes Ladies and gentlemen, this was the Breaking Bad staff We'll take a break and come back with

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