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Xgirl Nerf War: X Girl Breaking Mistress's Trap & Cherry Use Nerf Guns Criminal Group


Stop ! Who are you ? Come here for what? I want to meet alibaba boss What do you guys want to meet with alibaba boss? Not everyone can meet the boss I know

We have this,will meet the boss This Is it okay to meet? Ok ! follow me Boss ! What is up? Whoes is she? I need your help Who are you Need my help? You knows about Xgirl Xgril ! Mean? Right I think We have the same enemy Xgril group Did what she? Why is there hatred for them? This The boss doesn't need to know Bosses just need to know, me and the boss have the same enemy What is this in? This is the amount I have paid in advance for the tycoon I want Do one thing for me You do not have to say it I know what to do You want to delete xgril, right? RightBoss are too awesome

Ok ! You go home And waiting for the good news OkI will wait Congratulations on the first cooperation Goodbye boss Boss What should I do now? Now go spy on the xgril group Then deploy the plan Yes, we will go now aAo Alo boss Xgril group is on patrol in HaPhong

Well done Keep it I'll be there soon Yes Wait for me here Let go ! There they are Kill her Are alibaba's people Like this ta have to be more careful Come on

We returned to the base Ok !

Source: Youtube

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