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X-FACTOR #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics


[MUSIC PLAYING] X-Factor is a new team on Krakoa, and they will be investigating death JORDAN D

WHITE: One of the huge changes that has happened in "X-Men" recently is that the X-Men can't die If one of them dies, they can bring them back ANNALISE BISSA: We're going to be exploring what the new rules are and, you know, establishing these things with X-Factor JORDAN D WHITE: This is a team that's been put together to investigate mutant deaths and disappearances, to see whether they should be initiated into what we're calling the Resurrection protocols

ANNALISE BISSA: We have only one returning X-Factor member, and everybody else is new to it JORDAN D WHITE: North Star, Polaris, Eye Boy, Prodigy, Daken, and Prestige, characters from all over the X-Men landscape, and they're brought together on a very specific mission in the first issue You'll see why ANNALISE BISSA: Leah Williams, David Baldeon, they work together so incredibly well

JORDAN D WHITE: Leah brings so much to this series She has this fun quirkiness to her writing The characters have this fun sense of adventure and wackiness But at the same time, they have like a real internal life

There's not just the main line of investigative services that's happening There's also an undercurrent of drama between like, who is hooking up with who, and who's discovering things about themselves as they go through these experiences And David just takes all of that information, absolutely runs with it He redesigned the whole team and gave them new costumes, which are incredible JORDAN D

WHITE: He's so good at drawing Krakoa, but then as the team goes out into other worlds and other– well, other dimensions even, he's able to come up with a whole new look for everything ANNALISE BISSA: It has so many unexpected twists, because it is kind of based in a procedural mystery format You can follow the breadcrumb trail of clues that are going to be in the book And, you know, if you're looking closely, you'll be able to spot stuff before the characters themselves figure it out JORDAN D

WHITE: If you like mysteries, come check it out There's going to be some crazy mysteries, and it'll introduce you to the insane world of the X-Men

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