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With Mr.ceo’s romance pursuing, I changed my mind about breaking up.|ep21-4


The shop is not open I can't find you again I call you You don't answer What happened? No I want to calm down I want to move out of Xiaoyushan I think we should all give each other space Let's be quiet Think about our relationship We are originally two worlds Some realistic obstacles cannot be overcome I'm a normal girl I don't want to fall in love with everyone I also do n’t want to be judged by people I do n’t know You have your own responsibility I don't want to be your stumbling block And tianen I don't want to be a reason for quarrels between your brothers Don't think so, you have never been my stumbling block He also has something wrong I came to educate him Have any difficulties We face together jiangsheng Sorry I think you were right I may not be ready yet You calm me down jiangsheng Sorry Thank you I still don't fit here jiangsheng I know These recent happenings I make you sad Actually, I feel bad When you are in a bad mood I should be your shoulders and rely more I did not do well enough do you know you cry I will be upset You smile i will be happy You are in a bad mood Not eating well or sleeping well I will also be worried and anxious I didn't understand until now Before love original I'm actually a lost kid Real but irrational Sorry I am not a romantic person But I want to give you one of the few romances Make you have an unforgettable birthday jiangsheng happy Birthday

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