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Will entertainment venues reopen for concerts?


have any plans to reopen the pools at this time, reporting live in West Harris County Sofia Ojeda KPRC Channel, 2 news right Sophia thank you another summer pastime concert season ended before it even began live musical was one of the very first industries affected by the global health crisis >> Not many people are wondering when they will be able to see their favorite artists perform again channel two’s Andy cerota is live with an update on some of the entertainment venues in our area and E

>> Keith good afternoon the concert and the event industry as a whole maneuvering through a lot of challenges during this time white Oak music Hall time white Oak music Hall having to furlough many of its staff members during this pandemic the picture though somewhat encouraging looking ahead white Oaks marketing director telling me this afternoon that the venue is now in the process far along in the process of building out a strategy and a plan to reopen their doors to musicians and fans they’ve been looking to the event safety alliance That’s a group of event planners and medical professionals for guidance as professionals for guidance as well as getting guidance and recommendations from local officials they’re considering the following opening at 25% capacity and forcing social distancing using floor markers, they’re a cage and providing hand sanitizers at different spots be inside the venue they also want to make sure that high touch areas are deeply cleaned and sanitized employees will also be screened to make sure they are healthy They’re also looking at unique ways that they can host events while respecting safety guidelines right now they say they are just taking it one day at a time >> But once we really get so a good point stands We get the go ahead from the government’s and artists are feeling great to do so then then we’re ready to rock and roll, you know so far we’ve had a really really great community that supported us every step of the way and so we’re hoping that when the time is our fans will return and we’re super excited for that we don’t have a definitive timeline yet

>> So right now they’re looking at how to make each piece of the guest for wall protecting employees and musicians as for the furloughs and the staff members at White Oak who’ve been impacted white Oak uh has

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