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Will-Ben met animals in the desert [The Return of Superman/2020.01.05]


(In the middle of the desolate desert) (Barking) There's a dog Do you want to go see a dog? Is there really a dog here? No way No dogs can live in the desert I'm sure it's a different animal

(Barking) – Hello / – Let's go – Hi You should go closer / – No way

– There really is a dog / – Goodness – Hi / – Look at its body – Hello

/ – It's slim (Charismatic) Hello – Hi / – How are you? – What's your name? / – William – William? / – Yes

– What kind of dog is that? / – It's a Saluki Saluki? It's a native dog – Is it a desert dog? / – The dog looks handsome This dog lives in the desert His name is Halowa? – Halowa

/ – The breed of the dog is Saluki It's the most beloved breed in the Middle East – Fast? Is he a very fast dog? / – Very fast (Glancing) William, his name is Halowa Halowa? Dad, I guess he didn't eat much

– I don't think that's the case / – Okay – It has a slim physique / – He must've moved a lot – Shall we pet the dog? / – Yes

No – Why not? / – Why not? – I don't want to / – William, how about you? – He doesn't want to / – Come here He looks different from the dogs they are used to

– Right / – Look at that He likes it He's wagging his tail which means he's in a good mood (Wagging his tail) – Try it

/ – Really? (Hold on!) I'll touch it – Me / – Go ahead (Touch me) – No

/ – No, I don't want to Why not? He's not scary No, I don't like him I don't like the dog – Why not? / – He's tall when he stands up

He's big (Surprised) – He likes the dog now? / – I don't like him You're not making sense He keeps changing his mind It's driving me crazy

– You won't pet the dog? / – No, Dad (You help me, Dad) – Dad / – He can do it with his dad Of course

– Halowa / – Halowa Go ahead, fickle Ben – Dad Me

/ – Go ahead, Ben Go ahead – Look at this / – He's so cute – Goodness

/ – No! – The dog is scary / – "Stay right there" – He's interested in you / – "I'll come You stay

" – No / – No? The dog is scary – The dog is scary? / – Yes I guess Halowa finds William and Bentley cute (He seems to like the dog

) I'm scared – It's because he likes you / – What was that? – He has two identities / – Bird (Shall we ask the bird over there?) – Look

/ – There's a bird Gosh – There really is a bird / – That was a real bird? (Mooing) Why do you have an eagle? – This is a falcon / – It's a falcon

It's for hunting – I'll demonstrate / – The falcon is for hunting? – It's a falcon / – Many people in the Middle East still hunt with falcons, unexpectedly They are having all kinds of unique experiences

Ben, look at that It's flying How will it come back? (Bait) They call the falcon back by throwing the bait (An amazing sight unfolds in the desert of Dubai) – This is amazing, William

/ – That's so cool It's so cool Dad, it's so fast Yes, indeed (The falcon finishes its hunting successfully

) (Clapping) – It'd be so cool in person / – It calls for applause – The falcon is eating / – It's a reward Dad, bird? – It's not a regular bird

/ – It's having a meal – It's eating with gusto / – Yes, it is – Bird / – The bird is eating food now

Food? Eating? (Eating) – Eat the meat / – Right It's eating Does the bird only eat meat? (How can it only eat meat?) – Right / – Bread! Bread! It isn't bread

It's meat – "It should eat bread, too" / – Dad Meat wrapped in bread would be tasty – He must be hungry now

/ – It doesn't have bread – Is there food in the desert? / – Do you want to eat? Yes Do you want to eat meat? (Of course I do) Walk to the village You will see something in the village

Water There is a village over that way? Okay, William – What do you say? / – Bye – I am curious / – Thank you

The youngest desert explorers, William and Bentley run towards the mysterious village in the desert Over the sand dunes is a traditional village that offers a glimpse into the nomads' lives Look, there is a village William, what is that? What is that? It's an oasis – It's an oasis / – How is it here? – in the middle of the desert

/ – Seriously – It's like a light in the dark / – My goodness It's a real oasis It's so fascinating

This is fascinating It's cool Show! Show! Hey This is an oasis (My goodness

) Show, show, show My goodness This is an oasis Hello (Let's take a look around the village

) (Welcome) – What is that? / – What is this? This is rose water – Oh, rose water / – Rose water Do you want to try it? (Me too

) Wash your hands He likes it There is a lot of water here I didn't see any water over there Where? (Earlier

) Why is there no water? There isn't much water in the desert, William Didn't this sand meet water? I am sure this sand has never met water I feel bad

Water is really nice Right? What should I do? The sand he saw earlier was dry It was bothering him (I will take this off) What is he going to do? Water

It's slipping through my fingers – What should I do? I will try it again / – Of course Come on – It's happening again

/ – He wants to water the sand, but the water is leaking My goodness I will give you water! – What is he doing? / – Why is he stripping? Is he angry? Why is he taking off his clothes? (Hold on!) Come here! What's he going to do? (I have a good idea) (He soaks his clothing) I will take this to the sand

My goodness, he is a genius Sand, I am here This is water How did he come up with that thought? – Seriously It never occurred to me

/ – It's water – He wanted to give it to the sand / – Is it cool? My clothes are wet (Thank you, William) Thanks to William, that sand met water

I will do it again He is so nice He'll need to do it many times to wet the sand William, what are you doing? William! What are you doing? – In Sam's eyes / – What are you doing? – I brought water / – To whom? The sand over there We met sand earlier – That's right

/ – How nice You took off your clothes – and did all this for sand / – Food! Food! – Do you want food? / – "That's not what's important" Let's see if there is food We will see the traditional dishes

It looks delicious Next to that, a man is making – traditional Arabic coffee / – What are you doing? I feel like I can smell coffee from here (Try a cup) – Yes, please

/ – It's authentic Arabic coffee – It's freshly made I am curious / – Coffee Do you want to smell it? – Arabic coffee

/ – I like it Nice, right? What do you think? (My goodness) – Please / – No, no You can't drink coffee

– "Please give me a cup" / – It must smell nice Dad, is this a desert house? – This is a desert restaurant / – In the desert? Cake – Cake? / – Yes

Cake – What? / – Cake – Cake? / – Yes – Do you want a cake? / – Yes Is it someone's birthday? (Happy birthday to you) Is he singing the birthday song? He thinks he'll get a cake that way

He got cake whenever he sang that song Is that a cake? That's not a cake, is it? Here it is Sit down This restaurant doesn't have a table William, look

There is a lot of food We will have traditional dishes (However) There is no cake – There is no cake / – No cake Of course there'd be no cake here There is watermelon instead

He is eating watermelon Hey Were you that hungry? Juice Watermelon juice That's right

That's watermelon juice It's tasty What's the menu here? This is our traditional food – This is the dinner / – It's a table – of traditional dishes

/ – This is lamb with rice Lamb and chicken This is a dessert called luqaimat (There are luqaimat and other desserts) – This is camel meat

/ – Camel These are all traditional Arabic dishes Dad, let's eat everything – Is it hot? / – It's hot – Everyone is excited

/ – I will get you some food Hurry up Meat! – A lot! / – "Hurry up Meat! A lot!" He doesn't have the patience to wait All three of them

– Three / – All three of them are his A lot Here Do you want three plates of food? Why do you want so much food? All right

They should just celebrate Ben's birthday today (William tries the traditional donut first) Dad, I like this – It suits William's tastes / – Is it tasty? (Ben is obsessed with meat

) Is he chewing meat? It's tasty It's tasty Is it tasty? He's holding a watermelon and chewing meat (Meat tastes the best when it's stolen!) Baby Baby! That's my meat! – What? / – As always, he stole William's meat

Yes It's tasty What? Lamb – Is it tasty? / – Lamb – Lamb

Is it lamb? / – Ben, it's camel meat – This meat? / – My goodness Camel? Camel? – My goodness / – Camel? – He saw camels earlier / – Is that camel meat? – Yes

/ – Did he eat camel meat? Camel What did I do? – "What did I do?" / – You saw camels earlier, right? That's what you are eating right now (No way) – Lamb / – He doesn't believe Sam

– He is denying it / – He gives a piece to Sam (Try it) I don't think it's lamb What is it? (I thought it was lamb

) (Camels, please believe me) The desert is nice, right? – I bet it feels amazing / – Seriously (Ben spots the donuts and goat's milk yogurt) Sauce! Cake sauce! It's not bread

It's cake – It does look like whipped cream / – Ben – What are you doing? / – He wanted a cake earlier (He puts the donuts in yogurt

) – Dork, are you making something tasty? / – "Dork" (Would you take a look?) "Dork" Ben, what is this? – What is this? / – It's freshly made in the desert (The name of the dish is) Cake – He is a chef / – Is it a cake? Did you give it to me to taste it? Cake – Cake

/ – Is this a cake? I will try it How does it taste? I bet it's tasty Is it tasty? Is it not tasty? – It's donut dipped in yogurt / – Ben It's really tasty

– Bentley is incredible / – It's tasty Cake William and Bentley's exploration will continue next week

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