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Why won't you answer me? [Fatal Promise | 위험한 약속 / ENG, CHN / 2020.04.22] (8/4)


Why won't you answer me? I'm asking what happened! I'm sorry I was going to tell you when the chairman approved

Do you think that makes any sense? I heard you went to fit your engagement dress with the chairman's daughter And how could you not tell your parents anything? How is this not looking down on us? Taein Are you really in love with the chairman's daughter? They're getting married, aren't they? Please calm down, will you? Are you? She stayed by my side

For a long time when I was at the US branch

So do you love her? That's not important I'll live well, so don't worry Also Tell me if someone from the chairman's family tells you to do anything There's no reason for you to do as they say I'm busy, so I'll excuse myself Sure I know we're pathetic parents that just do as they say

But still! How could you make us hear of your wedding from a stranger? He said he was going to tell us And when was that? When we entered the wedding hall? Did you want us to go and stand there like fools? You You broke up with Hyewon

You got me surgery in that hospital and saved my life But ever since You haven't looked me in the eye properly Did you think I didn't know? That hospital owner's son After you lost Hyewon to that jerk, you were so Since then, all you've done is work like crazy! Did you think I had no idea how terrible you were feeling inside? Please stop, father Just so I could live The cost of my life Was ruining my son's own life How can you not understand your mom and me? I was so worried something might happen That you might get blind drunk somewhere and cry your heart out Because my son is so successful

Everyone else is so jealous But for me I cried in silence every night

Because my heart was broken Taein Think it over

You have to meet a woman who will make You forget the scars caused by Hyewon Meet someone you love

Please? I'll take care of it And There's something I must do

So Just trust me on this You won't have to worry about anything, mother

(Choi Junhyeok shooting a show April 9th, 5 pm) Choi Junhyeok will be on a KBC show tomorrow "Celebrity Lawyer" or something, it's called What? Choi Junhyeok, that trash, will be on television? What a messed up world

Putting trash on TV Eundong, let's barge into KBC together Let's cause a huge commotion there

Do you want something to happen to Eundong again? Do you want to get imprisoned with her? Getting imprisoned isn't the issue here Think of how much he messed up Eundong's life Hello? It's me Yeah The resume you gave to Han Seoju Come for the interview tomorrow

Okay They told me to come for a job interview tomorrow – What? / – What? Did you get a job? You won't get fired this time? No, Eunchan

Do you know what time it You only have this much qualification Do you think it's right to submit your resume to Director Han Seoju? I believe that I'm more than qualified

Why do you think so? You should know I was told that my interview would be with Director Han Seoju Why are you here, Director Kang? What were you so scared of? You have no experience for six years from 2013 What did you do? Didn't you do anything for the past six years? Did you think that we'd take someone like you? I was imprisoned I've served since 2013

And I was supposed to be paroled after a year and a half But someone Manipulated the inmate who was closest to me To harm herself in front of me

And all the blame went to me Because of that injustice I was sentenced to another five years

I wondered in the solitary cell every night Who and why Why are they so desperately stopping me from getting out

No matter how much I thought it over I could only think of two people One of them

Was Choi Junhyeok who put me in jail And the other Was the first person I ever trusted The one who broke his promise and betrayed me

That is why I don't trust or listen to anyone anymore I submitted my resume

To torment those people with my own hands Did that answer your question Director Kang Taein?

Source: Youtube

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