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Why I am a Feminist | Breaking down the misunderstandings


There is no issue if one is not a feminist Either you are a feminist, or you are not But, before speaking on such a sensitive issue, one may try to understand what they are speaking about

Not a Feminist Observed Reason 1: Men are exploited therefore I am not a feminist Because British soldiers are exploited, I'm not a freedom fighter Similarly, because men are exploited I'm not a feminist Yes, You aren't a feminist, because you haven't understood what feminism is The magnitude and prevalence of women's exploitation is so much, that there arose a need for feminism Not a Feminist

Observed Reason 2: We need Equity, but when it is over the top it becomes a problem What would have been the case if Gandhiji didn't take it over the top What would have been the case if Dr BR Ambedkar didn't take it over the top Against breast tax, if Nangeli hadn't taken it over the top, what would have happened? Yet, we did not diss Journalism when a journalist took it overboard Every time we attack some negative idea, we keep repeating it When we keep repeating that time and again, we bring everyone's focus to that We are all good people, We believe in equality, But we obsess with what feminism is not, feminism not being about man-hating, not being about female superiority

When we keep repeating that, us and whoever hears us focus on what feminism is not

focus on what is wrong with feminism But, none of these stated negatives are the faults of feminism, they are the faults in our understanding of feminism After repeating them as faults of feminism, Feminism has now become synonymous to these faults Is that why, people who believe in equality, when faced with the question "Are you a feminist", respond with pride and confidence that they are not

Many say, feminism is not about hating men, is not about female superiority Yes Then what is feminism? Feminism is about the inexistence of equality We are like this Equality is here, at this point Feminism is the strive for this equality Feminism is not equality Then, what is the problem with equality? Equality works only when everyone starts at the same point and they ask for the same help

Since there is inequality, we speak about bringing equality Equality exists at this point Equality is promoted from this point onwards Equality implies being equal Equity implies being fair To reach equality, equity must persist To reach equity, women have to be favoured Favouring women is not to place them higher than men, but to bring them at the same level as men Feminism or Science is not based on your opinions When speaking about feminism, the onus lies on you, to understand what it is The responsibility is yours Not a Feminist Reason no 3: Feminism is highly misdirected by some people

Therefore I am not a feminist When asked whether you are a feminist, should the answer be about the existence of some category of people who misdirect feminism? More people have to come forth in the name of feminism As a society, We MUST change into one where women can lead lives without any fear To that end, as individuals, what can we do about it? How can we support it? Encourage it? Let us think about THAT, let us discuss THAT Feminism is about equity, equal opportunity It is about a society where women can live without any fear How do we achieve THAT, let us discuss My question is to you How have you contributed to equality? Encouraged it? or mocked something that stands for it? propagated ignorance? or else took initiative to understand what feminism stands for? All of us wish for equality, then let us talk about inequality When a discussion on feminism is brought up, why do we divert it to ideas like "feminazi", "feminism taken overboard" and hamper the feminist movement

If one is not aware of what feminism is, one may choose to remain silent If you can't help, then at least don't hurt With productive and constructive discussions, we can understand this, we can change minds With positive discussions and without labelling a woman a feminazi We may take initiative to understand and ask a woman, what issues she faces in society, We may give her an opportunity to explain her woes and we may try to grasp the magnitude of these issues By doing this bare minimum, we turn this world into a slightly better place than before This DISCUSSION HAS to be productive and positive What is Feminism? Why do we need Feminism? Let us focus on that

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