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    Why can't we meet some aliens?


    The earlier video defined why extraterrestrial life should exist In case you consult with the video linked above, you possibly can watch it once more

    So why can't we discover aliens after they're so more likely to exist? If there's as a lot extraterrestrial life because the grains of sand on earth, shouldn't we be capable of see, work together with, and determine them? Is it as a result of we are able to't see them? After all, lots of people have witnessed UFOs and claimed they had been kidnapped by aliens, even seen alien anatomical photos, however they've by no means been formally and scientifically verified Why can't we meet some aliens? Since touchdown on the moon 50 years in the past, humanity hasn’t been to another planet NASA is making ready a manned expedition to Mars (which has an identical surroundings to Earth) and anticipates that mankind will attain Mars within the 2030s It’s anticipated to take 250 days simply to get from Earth to Mars We've solely began to take our first steps into area, so it's nonetheless a good distance for us to go to find aliens

    Nonetheless, it might be doable if there are extremely scientific aliens they usually go to Earth The gap from the solar to the earth is about 150 million km, about an eight minute journey for mild So how large is the photo voltaic system? The gap between the solar and Neptune, the final planet within the photo voltaic system, is about 45 billion km and the photo voltaic system is far bigger than that

    The bounds of the photo voltaic system are nonetheless unknown, however it’s estimated to be about 1~2 mild years away Mild can journey seven and a half occasions across the Earth's equator in a single second 1 mild yr is the space that it takes mild to journey in a yr As a result of our photo voltaic system so giant, it takes 1~2 mild years to journey from one finish to the opposite Voyager 1, launched 42 years in the past, is now about 21

    9 billion km from the solar, which takes mild solely about 20 hours to journey Since there doesn’t seem like any clever life in our photo voltaic system, let’s develop our parameters a bit bit to our galaxy The scale of our galaxy, which our photo voltaic system belongs to is estimated to be about 300,000 mild years in diameter This implies it takes about 300,000 years to cross on the velocity of sunshine If there may be clever life in our galaxy aside from that on Earth, and know-how is superior sufficient to permit journey on the velocity of sunshine, it might nonetheless take no less than tens of hundreds of years for the closest neighbor to achieve the earth

    The closest galaxy to our personal is the Andromeda Galaxy, which is about 780kpc away from Earth 100 years in the past, people found the Andromeda galaxy and realized that the universe is larger than simply our galaxy The Andromeda Galaxy is our neighboring galaxy, but it surely takes 25 million years to achieve And the determine we see now shouldn’t be the current determine, however somewhat that from 2 ½ million years in the past

    This isn’t a distance that life can bodily journey Due to this fact it's simply unattainable for a neighboring galaxy to go to Earth The Hubble Extremely Deep Area, taken by the Hubble Area Telescope about 15 years in the past, is probably the most distant picture of a celestial physique that people have ever seen The galaxies that seem right here had been created in early area, about 13 billion light-years away, 10,000 occasions farther than Andromeda It's virtually the top of the universe that people can observe

    The observable universe is a spherical area There are no less than two trillion galaxies within the observable universe, and there are numerous stars and planets in every galaxy Nonetheless, because the true dimension of the universe is past the observable universe, it's indirectly observable Due to this fact, its dimension and form are unknown, and so large that we are able to't even think about it Even when science is superior sufficient to journey on the velocity of sunshine, there's no method that life on planets positioned hundreds to billions of sunshine years away can go to Earth

    Time and area constraints created by the vastness and permanence of the universe might not permit us to come across extraterrestrial life Nonetheless, efforts to find different creatures are nonetheless ongoing Maybe, at this second, some aliens on a distant planet are additionally exploring area, searching for people

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