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    what's on my iPad! favourite apps for school, creating, entertainment ✨


    6th generation iPad, 97 inch screen, 128 GB 1st generation Apple Pencil Basic magnetic case with Apple Pencil holder The apps you probably came here for VLLO ( Free) This is what I use for most of my videos It‘s free but I paid to unlock all the features For a mobile editing app, it has a lot of features And the developers update the app every few months It's easy to use and has made my workflow a lot faster Procreate ($9

    99) I mainly use this for editing thumbnails and photos I make stickers for my journal too There is a lot to learn and explore with this app Most recently I learned how to create animated GIFs I have no digital art skills to offer you But please accept my humble cat doodle Autodesk Sketchbook (Free) This is a great free alternative to Procreate It's the best free drawing app I've tried so far I used this for note taking before I bought Procreate This is embarrassing >< Notability $899 I use this for note taking, Doing past papers (as seen in my vlogs) And most recently digital journaling It's really handy since everything is just in one place And I love that you don’t have to bother printing pictures too It's more simplistic compared to Goodnotes5 Watch comparison videos if you’re unsure between the two Superimpose $199 I use this for making transparent and edits It's like a more limited version of Photoshop? I first used this when I had a Taylor Swift fan account It's simple to use, only flaw is no multiple layers at once GAMES! Choices (Free) It's a choose your story game And I'm such a sucker for those I mainly play on my phone but this one Is mostly for trying out different choices and outcomes Here are some titles I really recommend! If you already play this game, Check out the Choices subreddit, it's so much fun God I hated this book Love Island the game ( Free ) It's also a choose your story game You play as a contestant and it's really entertaining There are many love interests Or you can just hook up with everyone Cody and Noel (YouTubers) need to play this again! Obey Me! ( Free ) I can't believe I only found this game this month It's a story game with a gacha system Where you play as an exchange student at a demon school Great graphics + hot dudes + an interesting story What more could you ask for Love Live! All Stars (Free) This is a school idol training RPG With small elements of a rhythm game I absolutely love the 3D models! It's not a rhythm game but you build teams To try and clear the songs with the highest score possible It's really satisfying when you start getting good cards And are able to clear harder songs Love Live! School Idol Festival (Free) This is my first ever rhythm game There are lots of songs, you clear stories and collect cards! My fingers look really freaky sorry And that concludes today's video I hope you found an app that piques your interest! Let me know if you have any recommendations yourself!

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