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What Year Did These Australian Entertainment Stories Happen?


– Australia finishes second in Eurovision (upbeat music) Kate was this year, so it couldn't have been this year

How often does Eurovision happen? (upbeat music) Does it happen every year? Every second year? Today we're playing Timeline Trivia Pop Culture Edition So my task is to arrange iconic pop culture events in chronological order – I'm pretty pop culture obsessed I live and breathe it It's part of my job

I follow stuff on Twitter – I think I'm gonna do pretty good I follow pop culture very closely and I have a pretty good memory – My areas of strength Pop music, rap music, hip, just music in general

(upbeat music) – Gotye releases "somebody that I used to know" I just did a Buzzfeed quiz, which is like, which 2000s bop are you? And I was this song, (laughing) but I don't remember when it was from – Uni, I started in 2014 I feel like this was definitely pre-uni, so that eliminates a lot – I feel like I was in high school when that happened

– Let's go with 2012 for now, but I think I'll come back to it – I donno, maybe 2013 I'll just put it there for now Adam Liaw wins "MasterChef" I didn't watch MasterChef really, I watched one season and I think it was after Adam Liaw I love his cookbook

– That was pretty early as well because I remember (laughing) Adam, was he the school teacher? – I remember watching this series I used to be huge MasterChef addict, so I know the first winner was like Julie Goodwin and then I think maybe the second one, wait – But I think it would be pretty early, maybe 2012 Let's try that – Let's just put 2010 for now, but I feel quite strongly about 2010 or 2011

– The Masked Singer comes to Australia Well that's easy to remember That was this year – Too easy – 2019, very confident about this one

Cut to me five minutes later doubting myself – Australia finishes second in Eurovision – Have we ever finished second in Eurovision? I didn't know that, I thought – Was that Kate Miller Heidke, last year? – So in the past we've had Kate Miller and we've had Dommie M and they'd both done really well, but I can't remember who did better

– That's definitely a recent thing – Kate was this year, so it couldn't have been this year How often Eurovision happen? (upbeat music) – Does it happen every year? Every second year? – I have no idea I'm not really into Eurovision either, but I'm gonna go with, we only entered your vision recently because there was a fuss about that So I'm going to go with 2018

– Maybe let's just go for 2017 for now – But Dommie was like a bit further back I was in uni when Dommie, I'm going to go with 2016 – Nick Cummins stars in "The Bachelor" Sir Honeybadger

– I did watch this whole season and that was last year, so I gotta move this (upbeat music) – This was last year – I'm pretty sure that was last year, very controversial season – Netflix launches in Australia – That's hard, I don't know

– That was definitely 2015 or earlier – I'm just leaving this here for now I'll come back to it, but it's one of these years because I just don't think it was that early, but I know it's somewhere around here I was in uni, trended pretty quickly – I'm just gonna stick this one here for now and deliberate

– I don't know Let's go 2014 no, 2015 – The "Just waiting for a mate" meme goes viral – I think this is like referring to that person, police car No, and they're like, I'm just waiting for a mate? – I love that meme

I don't know when it went viral – When was that? Surely ages ago I'm just gonna go like 2011 for now – I feel like that might be 2012, this is gonna be one of them where I'm like slightly off again "Waiting For A Mate," somewhere around there – It could be like early viral

It could be 2011, let's go with that – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, "Thrift Shop," tops The Hottest 100 chart – Oh my God, I remember this happening in the few roll and the Anger, but do I remember when it happened? – I remember there was a uni party that I had where the theme was thrift shop in reference to this song and I think it was in my first or second year, so either 2014 or 2015 – I'm gonna go with 2013 because this was The Hottest 100 of the year of my gap, my gap year And then I remember it playing in 2014 while I was at uni

Everything goes back to uni with me These are my uni years – It was while I was at uni or maybe it was 2014 it could have been – 20 because this is The Hottest 100 charts as well It's not just when it came out

2015 for now – Big Day Out plays our final festival – I remember being the Brown Kid that I was not being allowed to go to music festivals I got like a little information pamphlet from the store and keeping that and pasting that in a little scrapbook diary, which was really lame, but you've got to find ways to have fun – It was 20 It was definitely here, I'm pretty sure, I don't know

I feel like that was the first thing, this was here, "Waiting For A Mate" That was just, I didn't know who Adam Liaw is I think he's the guy with the top Is he is the one with the top knot? So that was pretty early "Waiting For A Mate," maybe that was way down here

Or maybe these guys are the wrong way around Oh my God! Hang on Hottest 100, they changed the date This is why I'm getting a little bit confused – I'm just gonna put it here for now and I'll rearrange later

– Look, it could be 2016 I don't know It's definitely a few years ago and it definitely went around then – Lucky last, Lisa Wilkinson leaves "The Today Show" – That definitely isn't in 2010 so I have screwed this up – Lisa Wilkins left "The Today Show," I don't remember why

– That was the whole fight about pay, equal pay with Carl and that was before Carl's star diminished because of the marriage breakdown So it's probably three or four years ago I reckon, I'm just gonna rearrange I think this is 2016 – So she's been on the project for a while now, so then Lisa must leave "The Today Show" in 2017, I think so

So I'm pushing the Eurovision one back – Cannot be 2017, I feel like that was earlier This has just really mess me up – I'm gonna go Adam here and maybe "Big Day Out" was 2011 – I think Adam Liaw might be 2010

– I'm gonna regret this, I think – When you put Gotye here – Maybe that's the 2013 vibe – Maybe it was 2013 – Lisa I think left the show earlier than that – And then Netflix here

– I'm gonna lock that in then – [Producer] Lock that in You're 100%? – I'm like 30% but yeah, as ready as I'll ever be – Competence levels are at an all time low at the moment, I think – I'm actually baffled

I thought I knew this pop culture stuff This is like really niche, Australian pop culture (upbeat music) – 2010, please Adam, please Yes, oh my God! I'm so happy – Adam, you did me dirty

– It's going to be just waiting for me One out of one,2011 – It could be a good start Really, 2011 he released that songs? Eight years old

– 2011, one for the Zod 2012 obviously wrong (upbeat music) – One out out of two What? One out of three – No, really, "Thrift Shop" was released in 2012? – I guess this is, damn

– Sorry – 2013, well then this has to be wrong – What? 2014 – Well I'm doing terribly – [Producer] They're all generally the right area

– Everything's kind of nearly correct, but wrong And this is gonna be wrong It's right – Okay Cool

– Netflix launches in 2015, really? Are you sure that's right? 2015 – [Producer] Yep – Four years ago – I think I'm gonna actually go well from here on in, no How many have I got? One, I've got two out of six, no, two out of seven

– Hey, point number two – 2016, yes – Well that's wrong too – Lisa Wilkins, everything's coming up zotye, one, two, three – Lisa Wilkinson's leaves "The Today Show" in 2017

– A great season – Bam Another one for the Zod Nick Cummins, "Bachelor" ended pretty bad for him, I'm pretty sure, sorry – And I'm pretty confident about these two

I think I can do a double rip off, feeling a bit risky Yes – So what'd I get? One, two, three, four out of 10 that's humiliating – Masked Singer Wow

– Final tally one, and then we just keep going Two, three, four, five Six, oh my God! That's better than I expect, does that mean I won? I'm so happy I won, I'm so proud of myself – A lot of partying happened in these years, which is why the blur is just very (mumbles) But my short term memory is on fleek – Just wanna say that this was really hard and that's why I did so poorly

– I guess I've noticed thus on pop culture, specifically to Australia, but I mean, let's do this again with US pop culture and I'm going to nail it (bang sounds) I'm out (upbeat music)

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