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What Celeb Would You Want as Your Jumanji Avatar? w/ the 'Jumanji: The Next Level' Cast | MTV News


{an8}- Any celebrity to be our avatar, {an8}who do we choose and why? {an8}- Amos Lee {an2}- What is, so

(humming) {an2}What the (beep) is happening? {an2}(laughs) {an2}- That's what he would do, he would sing {an8}and then he would like, incapacitate people {an8}cause they'd be so blown away by his voice {an8}And then – Got it

{an8}- Boom Kill 'em {an8}Mm – What's going, {an8}what're you doing, what? (laughs) {an8}- Mm {an8}- [Kevin] What're you doing? {an8}- I want someone extreme {an8}Not The Rock, because we're already in a film with him {an8}- Gotta choose somebody that's at least in your same space

{an8}So for me, God, I'll probably go with Denzel {an8}- What about like Arnie? {an8}Schwarzenegger – Arnold Schwarzenegger {an8}- Arnold Schwarzenegger's gonna play you?! {an8}- Yeah {an8}- Oh, that's a fun idea

– Yeah {an8}- I'm always hearin' that me and Denzel are alike, you know {an8}- That's a good one man {an8}- Two guys that kinda dominate the big screen {an8}- Marilyn Monroe

{an8}- Wow (laughs) {an8}- That's a tough one to follow {an8}- It is a tough one to follow {an8}- I mean from an attraction level, I've definitely {an8}been compared to Denzel a lot {an8}You know, just two badasses, so

{an8}- I could see that – Yeah {an8}I would say Denzel or Mr T {an8}- I could definitely see that

– Yeah {an2}- I'm gonna go with Daniel Day-Lewis, {an2}just cause he's my favorite actor {an2}I'd like to see his take on the Jack Black character {an2}- I'm gonna go with {an2}Air Bud {an2}Because he has {an2}incredible range

{an2}(laughing) {an2}- Air Bud is gonna play you? {an2}- I mean, don't {an2}put it past him {an8}- What skills will they bring to me? {an8}I can do everything, so {an8}- [The Rock] You mean

{an8}- What're you adding to this? (laughing) {an2}- I think mine would be in fear of everything, {an2}so she'd play it really safe {an2}- Mine is good at making shoes {an2}(laughing) Shoe cobbler {an8}- She's gorgeous, man {an8}I'd charm everybody in the game to do all the work for me

{an8}- The ability to play rock, paper, scissors faster {an8}I dunno, my pace is down {an8}So, if I can speed that up {an8}I'm not as fast as I should be, right? {an8}(The Rock laughing) {an2}- I mean, mine's the Terminator! {an2}(impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger) "I'll be back!" {an2}- I think it's clear who's most likely {an2}to win the Oscar, though, between the three (laughs) {an2}- Arnie

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