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What can "bully" do to you? || Breaking down AOA Mina's and Jimin's post || Being fake to fans.


Welcome back to my channel Talking about K-pop things that I like

And, have you been keeping up to the news about this pandemic I've just read the news, and it's not going to end It needs all of us to work together so this pandemic can be over If you guys keeps going on outside, not wearing a mask Even if you're wearing a mask, but you just wanna hang out with your friends

Just, don't do that,man You gotta respect the front liners, man So anyway, let's start the video So, this time I wanna talk about something serious in the K-pop industry So many K-pop fans already know about this serious situation

I know I'm late in telling you guys about this news, but I'm gonna tell you anyway So, people who didn't know, now they know I'm just gonna wrap it up fast So that, you guys can get what I mean, can get what I wanna say to you guys about this incident Have you heard about the famous girlgroup named Ace of Angels? Or people usually gonna say AOA

They're one of the girl groups that's known for their music Their reputation is not bad at all, actually But, some things happened among the members So, it's the case about bullying It's done by the leader, to one of the members

The leader should be the one who manage the members to work together, to work in harmony They can't work in harmony, unless there's a leader, right? And, besides that, i wanna show you guys that, everything they showed on shows doesn't actually show their real sides Because, who knows this incident would happen? It's saddening to people like me, that this controversy has rose Anyway, let's check out the posts I'm gonna break down all of the posts made by Mina and Jimin

So, it all began when Mina, one of the former AOA member, posted a chat room that says, ‘kkeo jyeo – ssang nyeon aa’ It translates to, "Get out of my face, you B****" And, more importantly, along with this post, there;s a long, long, way too long description

It started by saying that she needed to work on young age, when suddenly talking about bullying Yes, she was bullied for 10 years straight Like, you can imagine on how you live on the same flat, same house with a person who constantly bullies you She wrote interestingly hintful descriptions You see this, she felt sad when her father passed away, and then she mentioned “her” father passed away

If you follow every member of AOA, you know that the nearest date of one of the members' parent passed away is Jimin Mina even mentioned that she went to the funeral hall, to honor Jimin's father And to support her We can save that for later But, you must highlight in this post is that she mentioned about being depressed

She even felt disturbed for being her, she did not embrace herself totally In the end, she blamed herself for being her She then came up with a post saying the conditions of her father, and here’s what is interesting Someone made Mina can’t speak up even in the crucial moment involving family That’s it

She just didn’t want to be told off, and blamed for ruining the mood, again Okay, let me get this straight Who the hell stopped people from visiting their family And, it's their last moments If your parents in their last moment called you, seeking for you, for your existence beside them

And, people told them not tovisit, even blamed for asking that Yeah, I don't know Then she continued, about how disappointed this bully acted Wait, lemme fix that She mentioned about how she was treated when her father passed away

Another fact that, when she was at the funeral hall, she spoke up, about how she was treated, and the other person did not even remember Even praising herself that she was not a bad person to do that extent I don't know about you guys if you had bullied someone or if you had been a victim of bullying But, they always say that the per per They always say that the victim will always remember those things Embarrassing things, harsh actions towards them

Even sayings that intimidate them It will not be easily forgotten Next, she mentioned that she tried to kill herself Leaving a scar behind Woah, woah, notice this one? Every member got together to hangout without this person, and none of 'em know why this person hates her

So, the members knew all along Like can you believe their smiles on variety shows, if you guys follow them And, if you see, that they're all like, cheering and embracing each other in the variety shows They can hide them all Can you believe it? And, what kind of entertainment agency, like theirs, let them be in their condition like that

I don't even know So, in this post you got a huge hint about the person who did all this Yeah, it is this one One post that changes everything Bravely she confronts her in social media, that their fans are using

What a great move Yeah, well, she then deleted the post You know that fans are always keeping precious memory of their artists This is precious for me So replying to that, Mina made another post

She mentioned the word “so-sul” Which was written by "that girl" Yeah, okay then Let's stop talking about who she is, who the member is, who the fake friend is Like, she told them

man She said it was only one of her actions She mentioned another hurtful story, and even tried to commit suicide again Ah, this next post This post is going to be hurtful for everyone who loves humanity

She posted her scar, that she tried to murder herself But, I won't show it to you guys So, I'm just gonna blur it out She said her heart out about the response made by Jimin She even mentioned the name straight forward

On the next post, she mentioned about things Jimin did when they were together She even said that the source of her fear was Jimin herself If you read the rest of these posts, you will find yourself suffocated You'll find yourself heartbroken Well, in this post, she only asked for apology

But, I bet that it won't solve anything, like the fear or her mental health What I found most surprising is that she talked to her agency And as you guys predicted, they didn't take it seriously So, after all this confessions made by Mina, AOA members all of them notice about this condition They all came to her house, actually, and talked it out What I like at that moment was without any further reasoning, Jimin apologized

Yeah, that’s what she should do, right? Like, you're the one at the fault She even posted her letter of apology And, yeah, Mina replied again with another post of anger I can’t know exactly why she was angry but let me break down Jimin’s apology The first thing I noticed about this, in this post, was that she mentioned about being all good to public and agency

Okay, so you're telling us that you can be fake in front of us Yeah, that's good I mean that's, yeah The second one I noticed was this, she said that she did not understand Mina at all Okay, wait, let's take a break, take a moment If she wanted to understand Mina at some point, you must stop harassing her And, if you keep harassing her in those moments I don't know You can be an angel to be understanding people right? Because you are Ace of Angels? Anyway, let's take a look at Mina's reply You see this one, ‘before I go’ Another words, “I’ll die” We totally can’t neglect this

And I appreciate Mina’s current agency that they took it under control, so they can take care of Mina about this health issue Anyway, back to this post, which I found it really pretty amazingly interesting She said, “Shin Jimin, you’re so lucky that everyone is on your side” Okay, let's hold up Let's go back to this one

I mean, I said it, right? She mentioned all members of AOA, all members, except "her" “None of us can’t figure it out” Okay, so now that Mina isn't an AOA member, that you guys gang up on her So that, you guys can survive, right? I don't know You support the bully and don't support the victim

Yeah, that's great I don't know about things in detail, but this article came up Mina unfollowed some of the members

Well, then let's stop speculating things, let's stop thinking about bad things And let's not harassing them If you don't wanna be "her", just stop Yeah, that's been a heartbreaking story about one of the incidents that happened in K-pop industry And, for some reason, that I was being lied about how can you show the smiles on TV

I mean some of the fans suddenly look back to the moments that Jimin didn't even care about Mina at all When she was talking, when she wanna play in the group Jmin neglected Mina totally i don't know why, it's just my perspective or it's everyone's/ And after this condition, Mina already said that she was being treated for the better That's what she should do

To be better, brighter person that we know The aftercase of this, people started to talk about Choa She left the group earlier I mean, there's also YooKyung that left earlier but, people mention more about Choa Wondering if this resign thing that Choa did was based on the same controversy

Well, let's not speculate things too far Let's just give them an open minded thing They can take a break, they can think about how they should've taken care of this incident years ago I don't know, just let them be And, if you're talking about the bullying itself

Any kind of bully act is not okay It's totally not safe Even done on teenagers For some reason, I felt that I personally was bullied in my earlier age But it doesn't affect me now, because I've overcome that

But what I wanna say is that bullying made everyone intimidated They can't communicate properly So, in my case I was in first to fourth grade And, my name was quite weird in my country So, my friends

All of my friends suddenly made fun of it And, if you're saying that, "Yeah, they're just having fun together What could be wrong?" It's wrong if I was the only one who was not having fun They're totally having fun, right? But, I was not

Luckily, my teachers and parents actually took the case seriously to control me To make me better, like, overcome the situation And now, if people suddenly make fun of my name I don't know, I'll just brush it off It's easy, aight? Actually Mina's situation is very much worse than me

She kept it all in 10 years She was being cursed at, she was being intimidated, she was left out Being human things, done So, let's just take a moment to became her Let's just wonder Let's just imagine, imagine if you're being cursed at, being blamed for anything happen to the team, not being included in the team, and even the worst part is not being treated as a human So, let's just take a moment and imagine that, for 10 years straight You guys can't even stay at your own houses in this pandemic

And, it's not even a year, it's just months So, let's stop doing this thing right Any kind of bully action, any kind of harsh actions towards someone Let's stop being Jimin, right? What I didn't like about Jimin was, she even said that she wasn't a bad person to do such a thing If you don't wanna introspect yourself, how can you know about your negative sides

If you feel like, "Oh, I'm not a selfish person I'm not stupid It's just you're stupid I mean I'm not arrogant" If you keep thinking about it that way

I don't know, if you're gonna find your negative sides or bad things you've done So, let's take a moment after this video and embrace your negative sides, and overcome that And, after that apologize to the person you've been harsh to Yeah, I really mean it, like, wth?! Anyway, this article came up to me and I kinda agree to that I also thought that what makes it unique is their teamwork in their own groups

They show, they keep their friendship saved, And everything changed, everything changed after this incident From this case, I really hope that Mina's being treated for the better I hope Mina is regaining her health Let's stop talking about the perpetrator, I mean Jimin Let's just stop harassing her, let's start ignoring her on anything that she's on

Just stop Let's just stop being her Okay? Don't be the next her And for the agencies out there, I really wanna say that you gotta consider the health of your idol more correctly Because, I know they make money for you

I know that they have contract to work for you But, they are human! Once again, they're human So, if you start to neglect this thing They can lead to another things Like this one

Who knows? Who knows about this one until the victim speak up? And for K-pop fans just like me Let's just start cheering on Mina and start cheering on our own bias and idols Let's share the positive messages, and stop hating on someone Like, why? why? Why people share negativity where they can share love, they can share I don't know, something positive Well, that's it for now If you enjoyed what you've been watching I will come back with another amazing contents

So you guys enjoy more about K-pop, and listening to my story Keep sane, keep yourself out of the virus, and keep being healthy Thank you guys for watching, leave a like, hit the subscribe button See you another time

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