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WELCOME TO HTX BREAKING NEWS! Meet me as the creator and editor of the company!


Welcome to HTX Breaking News! I am Brandon, the creator and editor of HTXBN I love doing things for my community, Denver Harbor, but I also LOVE doing things for my WHOLE community, Houston, Texas

One of the main reasons why I started HTXBN was because I love photography It is one of my main hobbies I might be starting of small but soon, hopefully, you'll see my work on your TV I plan on becoming a photographer or a reporter for one of my local news stations (Ex: ABC13, FOX26, KHOU11, or KPRC Local 2) Journalism may sound like an easy job but it really takes a lot of time and energy

I rely on other news stations, law enforcement agencies, and my community to give me information and photos of scenes or events that occur throughout the day I do enjoy doing it though I love meeting new people and I'm hoping to meet you one day Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to thank all of my supporters for helping my dream come true as a journalist and photographer THANK YOU ALL!

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