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Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #162 [CC]


Why am I always eating my videos these days? Poor time management Hi, YouTube, it's Kathy, and this is my Weekly Entertainment wrap-up for February 2nd – 8th

This week I read 5 books, I watched 3 shows, and I listened to 2 books Five books and it's not an intense read-a-thon week? Don't worry – two of those were graphic novels, and one was a kids book I'm here to let you know that a cup of noodles is not the perfect thing to eat while filming because they get stuck in your teeth a lot so looking forward to that in editing First this week I read House of Whispers by Nalo Hopkinson This is a run of a comic that takes place in the Sandman universe, and it's been so long since I read the Sandman universe that the Sandman character, Dream, isn't even there anymore Has retired Which is not something that I knew was a thing, so going into just a one-off book like this was a wee bit confusing, because there are a lot of characters I did not know

In fact, all of the characters I did not know, and ultimately that made this less enjoyable than it probably could have been if I was up on my Sandman hype and knowledge and all of those things I picked this up for Blackathon as a graphic novel as well as a novel that had a little bit of queer rep in it It definitely did At the heart of this, outside of all of the like dream type of people and weird characters that I'm sure everybody who actually reads a series knows, there are these two girls that have just told one of their little sisters that they're actually a couple, and that's a whole big thing, and then something happens to one of them and she's in a coma, and it's this whole big crisis for their family but then also it's this whole big crisis in the dream world It's basically under attack

There's problems happening This book does wrap up very well You don't have to go into a second volume to figure out what's going to happen with these characters, but because I just kind of plunked myself down in the middle this universe that is incredibly vast, it wasn't my favourite thing because I don't have the context to make it a favourite thing Next, I finished The Ninth Life by Taylor B Barton

I met Taylor when I was last at GeekGirlCon and we actually follow each other on Twitter, and they said that "if you want to read my upcoming book, I would love to send it to you, because you're a big part of the community" and I went "yes, please!" [Inner monologue: You know my name!] This book starts out with Caesar who is a cat on his ninth [88th] life, and he really loves the family that he lives with, and as he's passing on he's given the option to come back as something other than a cat in his ninth life, hence the title of the book I found this book incredibly imaginative I really enjoyed all of these characters There is a little bit of a love quadrangle happening at one point I guess it's not really a quadrangle because two of them are cousins, so they're definitely not connected, but you know what I mean

There's some messy dating going on and that's because when Caesar comes back for his ninth life, he's in the body of Austin, who is a 17 year old boy, but he doesn't have any of Austin's memories So, Austin was sort of in a relationship with his roommate before, and that is explored quite thoroughly, but then also Caesar/Austin wants to find the human that he was always with, and a little bit of a love thing happens there Like I said, incredibly imaginative I really enjoyed how this was put together and, kind of, the mythos behind it I really fell in love with these characters, and I very much wanted to see how this ended

So I know it's a long way off September is many months away, but if this sounds at all interesting to you – it's queer, it's got cats, what else could you love? Pre-order it now if it sounds interesting to you Next we have the children's book that I read this week, which is not a middle grade book It is in fact a children's picture book called No One Likes a Fart This was a new book that came into my library

Upon seeing the title, since I am clearly a child at heart, I felt I had to read this book, and it was great It's all about this fart that comes into being and just wants to find a friend, and keeps going around to these different places and all these people are reacting really badly to the fart being there, and the fart gets really sad about whether or not he'll ever find a friend, and it's just a wonderful picture book There was some great humour in it, such as talking about butt trumpets and calling somebody Fart Simpson, so if you're looking for a present for a very small child that will also be very hilarious, hopefully, to that child's parents, consider picking this one up On a little bit more serious and academic note, this week I also finished The Dark Fantastic by Ebony Elizabeth Thomas This is an academic book about fandom, about race in fandom specifically, and to go even deeper, it specifically focuses on black female characters from Harry Potter to The Hunger Games

That means I was reading about fandoms that I'm familiar with, such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, but then what there were also fandoms I'm not familiar with, such as the Vampire Diaries and Merlin, which is a show I've always wanted to watch because Anthony Stewart Head is on it, but never got around to I had a little bit of trepidation going into this one because it has been a very long time since I've read academic texts, and that is what this is, especially if you start by reading the introduction, which one should, I think It does feel very dense in the language and I was wondering if I was going to be able to get through it I did get through it I did very much enjoy it and I did very much enjoy all of the discussions even if they were about fandoms that I don't really know anything about

Even the fandoms that I did know, there were things happening in the fandoms that I didn't know about because I've never been, like, super deep into the fandom For example, I read all of the Hunger Games books I think I've seen the first movie I did not know all of the hatred that went towards the actress that was playing Rue because people read the book as though she were not black, even though it states that she is in the book, and were very mad that a mixed race actress was cast to play that role Same thing of c asting an actress of colour to play Gwen, or Guinevere, in Arthur [Merlin]

Same thing of changing one of the characters from The Vampire Diaries books into a black character and then not doing her justice at all So this was a fascinating, important read I highly suggest it, even if you start reading the introduction and go, "I don't know if I'm going to be able to get through this" It does get much more readable and less dense as you go on, especially when it gets into the nitty gritty of what was happening with fan culture at certain points throughout these fandoms Finally, I also read Abbott, which is a graphic novel based around Elena Abbott, who is a journalist in 1970s Detroit and is uncovering this paranormal activity that's happening in her city

Dog [barking in background] [more barking] If the dog is gonna bark, I'm gonna take a noodle break I'm on a time limit; if you could stop that'd be great I have to put this video together before I go play some D&D, so thanks This graphic novel also ended up having a queer element, which I was very happy about I really enjoyed all of the characters There is a ton of racism in this, as you might expect because it deals with the police force in the 1970s in Detroit, which was a very segregated city, and to this day, from my understanding, it still is

So if you're looking for a graphic novel that deals with any of those issues and then also has a paranormal aspect, definitely pick this one up On to the show's I watched First, I started watching the fourth season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, because that's the only one that's on Canadian Netflix, so I haven't seen All Stars seasons 1, 2, or 3, because I don't have access to them However, I was familiar with all the Queens that started off this season, so I guess that's good I'm only about halfway through, and I'm really enjoying it because I enjoy seeing these Queens again

Obviously, you'd get a kind of connection to some and less of a connection to others throughout seasons, so it's good to see them again doing what they do best We also finished season 1 and got about halfway through season 2 of The Expanse We are definitely in the territory of times where I don't know what's happening because it's past where I read in the book series, and occasionally I'm just getting fed up with the fact that this is a very strategical, war-based series, and I don't it's not one of the things I care the most about So occasionally, they'll be on a mission to do something and I'll have to pause it and ask what's going on because I've kind of tuned out a little bit That being said, production value is still high I still care about these characters Amos makes me laugh a lot

Alex is just a sweetheart, and I want to know what's going on with the people that he left behind And overall I am enjoying it It's just not going to be my favourite thing based in space Steph and I also finished the last two episodes of Looking for Alaska which are the episodes that are just gonna make you cry, because that's what the characters are doing, and then when Miles cries, we cry When the Colonel cries, we cry/ They're definitely a couple little changes I noticed from the book in this section but also the last episode and the prank that happened there – I very much enjoyed it

So all in all I think it's a pretty fantastic adaptation And finally, I did something a little bit weird for love of a friend of mine, and that's read Realm of Ash and then Empire of Sand Realm of Ash is the second book in the series Empire of Sand is the first book in the series I read them in opposite order of how you're supposed to

Why did I do this? Because Joc from Yogi with a Book thought it would be an interesting experiment for somebody to do so, because she has read them She absolutely loves them She five starred both of them, and she said in one of her videos it'd be interesting if somebody read them out of order because they are two separate books with two separate casts of characters that has some overlap, and you do learn separate things in the books, so she theorized that you could read them out of order and it would be completely fine, and Jocelyn was absolutely correct So even though you start the second book knowing certain things about what must happen in the first book, that does not diminish your enjoyment whatsoever of what happened in the first book These books are set about ten years apart and they follow two different sisters

Both of these sisters are the daughters of one nobleman and then one woman who comes from kind of a tribe that is seen as barbaric in this world, and because of that, growing up in civilization, they are looked on as kind of tainted, but that other heritage also comes with a little bit of magic, and it comes with a whole history that is denied to these girls because they are growing up in "Civilization" Empire of Sand, the first book, follows the elder daughter, and then Realm of Ash follows the younger daughter ten years later, so she's actually a little bit older in that book than her sister was in the first book It is a little bit difficult to talk about these books separately just because they are very much entrenched in the same world and then I don't want to give plot points away for either of them, but what I can say about this duology, and I assume it is only meant to be a duology, is it does have to do with modesty of women This is definitely a civilization where women are only there to serve their husbands, basically, so they are veiled unless they're only with their family The only contract they can make is choosing who they marry

That's literally the only contract they're allowed to make, and should they become a widow, they are not allowed to remarry, and they're basically shuttled off to a place where everyone keeps their widows There's blood magic in these books These books talk highly about consent, which I just found to be absolutely fantastic There is a lot of talking about how these women are just meant to be backups for whoever "owns" them but this went a lot into them having their own autonomy in these interpersonal connections and I really enjoyed that Like Jocelyn, I highly suggest you read these

So ahead and read them in whatever order you like I did have a little bit of trepidation going into the second book and going, "oh no, am I gonna not understand what's happening?" and no You can read these as self contained books and totally understand what is happening Jocelyn is a genius, and was absolutely right That's it for this week! If you've read, watched, or listened to any of these, let me know about it down in the comments below

On the way down to the comments, if you hit that Subscribe button, that would be very nice of you You can like and share this as you see fit, and I will see you very soon Bye! Oh! PS, I announced to readathons, 1 earlier today and 1 yesterday, so if you haven't seen those announcements, yet I will link them down below Okay, bye! [outro music]

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