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Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #161 [CC]


Am I still in my pajamas? Yes I worked the last six days at both of my jobs, so that's what's happening

Also I'm gonna try to make this fairly quick because my roommate is hiding in the bathroom so I can film Livin' that shared bachelor suite life Hello, YouTube, it's Kathy, and this is my Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up for January 26th through February 1st This week I read 3 books, I watched 3 shows, and I listened to 1 book First I finished Heart and Seoul, which is a book that comes out this week, by Canadian author, that I absolutely adored

It's the first in a series, and I cannot wait to read the rest of them Heart and Seoul is about Tessa, who is a writer, and one of the books she's written is actually being created into a drama in Korea, so she goes to Korea to, kind of, be on the set and meet the actors and that type of thing, and when she gets there, she realizes that the male lead of the thing that she created is actually her bias from her favourite k-pop group A situation happens, and long story short, they end up having to get fake married That was basically all the set up I knew going in before I opened the book, and I was already here for it It sounded like it was going to be an adorable, cute little romance and it was that, but so much more

When I opened the first page, it had the types of representation that you're going to find throughout the book, as well as potential content and trigger warnings, which is not something I've seen in a book before, so that was amazing I was also very excited because we realized in the first little while not only is Tessa demi, which is me, she's also bi, which is also me, so I was very excited about that I think everyone knows I love seeing representation right on the page What really sold this book for me, though, is the characters They are just such wonderful human beings, and if they existed in real life, I would want them to be my friends

Eun Gi actually lives with three of his band mates – the other three band mates are off doing their compulsory service, because that is a thing in South Korea, and the thing that I learned in this book In any case, his band mates are so supportive, such wonderful human beings, and I just loved how all of this came together I also really love that Tess's best friend lives in Seoul as well, so she had a support system, even though her parents were back in Canada The sun is being dramatic all of a sudden And she comes from this beautiful multicultural background, because her mother is Brazilian and her father is half Korean

If you are contemporary romance lover, definitely check this one out Preorder it now; it's out so soon, and I just absolutely adored it, and now I just feel so absolutely grateful that the author reached out to me and offered to send me a copy in the first place, because I thoroughly loved these characters so much The next book I finish is the most recent book from the Life's Library Book Club, and that's Parable of the Sower by Octavia E Butler This book takes place in 2024 in California, and if things keep going how they're going in the States I

I think that this might be cutting a little bit too close to home, and is a possibility, which is frightening because this was written in the 90s Lauren lives in a small lower-class community with her family and about 12 other houses It's a gated community because there is a huge crime problem

Everything costs more than it should, most people don't have jobs because there aren't jobs available for cash, so they do jobs like trading vegetables and that type of thing, and if you want to buy food you didn't make yourself, it's hundreds upon thousands of dollars to do so Also, having access to water is a big thing Lauren's father is a minister but she's found that his faith doesn't exactly work for her, so she spends a lot of this book figuring out what her faith is and what God is to her, and initially I started reading that and wondering if this was going to be a book for me, because I don't really care for religion I am not a religious person; however, it is very interesting to go in and see the different things that people think about when forming their own religion I'm also very excited that I finally got to read some more Octavia Butler, because I think I've only read one of her books before, and it was in the graphic novel format, so I sort of read one of her books before, so this was a very exciting read to kind of push me into Black History Month

The next book I finished was a very short manga called I Married My Best Friend To Shut My Parents Up This is about a woman who is very focused on her job and doesn't have time to date, and her parents are constantly trying to get her a boyfriend, so she ends up legally marrying her best friend, who is a woman, just at her parents to leave her alone Her best friend is a lesbian and did have a crush on her at school and because this is very short and obviously there's not a lot of page space for complexity, they do end up falling in love and getting together This volume also has a couple of other female/female romance stories that are much shorter at the end of it, so it is three stories all in one, and all of its pretty adorable On to the shows I watched this week

We did manage to get in one episode of The Expanse last Sunday This, again, is a space show, where I have read the first book, so I know a little bit of what's going on, but eventually we will get to parts that were later in this series and I won't know what's going on anymore Also I read the book a couple of years ago, so it's only when things start happening that I'm like, "oh, this seems very familiar" So I'm still enjoying it and still looking forward to seeing what's going to happen Then, I finally got together with my friend Rina, who I haven't seen her for a while because she moved and our schedules never seem to mesh up, and we watched three more episodes of The West Wing

We are somewhere in the second season When she bought all of the seasons, they just came, and they're just numbered episodes 1 through whatever the end number is, but we're somewhere in the second season We watched episodes 28, 29, and 30, if you want to look up which ones we specifically watched this time We've actually been watching this show together for, like, a year almost, but we do it so infrequently that we only get a couple of episodes in every few months or so That being said, this is a rewatch for me

I absolutely adore this show and I'm having a lot of fun going back and seeing these characters again And then Rina hasn't seen the show, so it's fun to hear her just being like, "oh, is this thing going to happen?" and sometimes I'm like, "I honestly don't remember because I'm gonna watch this in years," and then sometimes I just have to not look at her and not tell her whether or not something's going to happen because I don't want to spoil it And my friend Steph and I also watch episodes 4, 5, and 6 of Looking for Alaska, which means we only have two episodes left It is only an 8 episode run; I thought it was a 10 episode run, so this week we are going to finish it And we finally got to the point where we're going to transition from before to after

If you've read the book or seen the series, you know what that means Again, I haven't read the book since about 2013, although I will be re listening to it this month for ValITines because there's a reread square, and because the audiobook is narrated by Wil Wheaton, so why wouldn't I? So the details aren't fresh in my mind, but I am enjoying this adaptation Obviously, things have changed, such as I feel like the midpoint, if you will, between before and after was much more central in the book It is much later in the series, but that also makes a lot of sense for the medium that it's in We also did get the scene that made it a banned book in a lot of libraries in the United States, so I was wondering if that was going to happen and it did, and I was happy about it

I also used to have John Green saying "thoroughly unerotic oral sex" as my text tone for a while because he said it in a video about banned books, and about this book in particular, and I thought that was funny, so that was my text tone for a while And finally, on to the book I listened to this week That was Rules for Vanishing This is a horror book and I didn't really know much about it going in I just knew it was something that people were very much enjoying, it was very atmospheric

It was definitely that I was more meh on it, and I wonder if it's because I listened to the audiobook, and I've been spoiled for [*by] some very good productions of audiobooks, and would have preferred to see this audiobook be more full cast than it was So, the setup for this book is there's this local legend where this girl went missing about 50 years ago by walking into the woods, and now there's this local game of, like, kids walking into the woods and scaring each other However, a year previously, our main character Sarah's sister disappeared and now there's this text that went around to everyone saying, "hey, if you want to basically go on this adventure, meet in the woods two Midnight's from now and we're doing it" So she shows up and some people that used to be her friends, although she hasn't really been friendly with them in the past year since her sister disappeared, show up and then adventure ensues

With that set up I thought this was going to be straight-up contemporary It's not straight-up contemporary It's definitely horror There are elements to it where you don't know what's going on, and it's very cinematic, because you could picture this as a horror movie All of that I very much enjoyed, but there were too many characters for me to really get attached to anyone

I got a little bit of attachment here and there, but there were just so many and I did know who is gonna be around, so I didn't know if I should be caring about everyone In addition, this was done in a found document type of format, so some of it was interviews between her and this doctor, and you don't know why she's being interviewed by this doctor initially, and then a lot of it is videos that they took while they were on this trail, and that's the part that I really wish it was more of a full cast There is more than one narrator, but I just thought that the voice acting in that could have been stronger Something like say The Themis Files or The Illuminate Files That kind of format would have worked better for me, and would have made me maybe connect with the individual characters a little bit better

So maybe it's my fault that I listened to this instead of reading it, and I would have connected more with the characters if I read it on the page Who knows? I know that people really really love this, so maybe this is a me thing I thought it was a three star read It was fine I enjoyed my time, but I was not super excited about it like I've seen many people be

And dramatic sunshine again Why? That's it for this week If you've read, watched, or listened to any of these, let me know about it down in the comments below On the way down to the comments, if you hit that Subscribe button, that would be very nice of you You can like and share this as you see fit, and I will see you very soon

Bye! [outro music]

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