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Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #154 [CC]


Hey, YouTube, it's Kathy, and this is my Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up for December 8th – 14th This week I read 3 books, I watched 3 shows, I watched 3 movies, and I listened to 2 books

The first books I finished this week was the deep by River Solomon This is the book for the envy book club this month, and also it was just something that was on my radar because I had read their previous work and enjoyed it and wanted to see where this one went The premise of this book is hundreds of years ago pregnant women who were captured in Africa and were being taken across to North America to become slaves were thrown off the boat because they were seen as sickly, and instead of just dying, they birthed their children, which created this whole new society, where – the word mermaid was never actually used, but basically they are mermaids Obviously, this is a very interesting premise, so I was eager to get into this Also, it seems like in the past three or four weeks I've read four different mermaid based books, so I've just done a mermaid kick, apparently

The other really interesting thing about this premise is our main character is their Historian, who is the one person who really knows what happened in their history, and absorbs all of it throughout the centuries, and once a year comes together with the rest of the pod to, basically, remind them of their history Nut for the majority of the year, the pod doesn't need to know about all the suffering they went through I found was a really interesting parallel to transgenerational trauma, and I really enjoyed this book for that Next, I finished Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore This was something I was supposed to finish last week for the Queer Lit Readathon, but didn't quite get there by midnight, so I just took my time with the last 90 pages

This is a book about a family of women who live on this certain plot of land and they have the power to basically create flowers there One day, all of the cousins sacrifice something that is their favourite thing to the land and the next day a boy arrives There is a curse on this family, where the person that they love it disappears Traditionally, that's all been men but all of these five cousins are in love with the same girl when we start out As you might guess from that synopsis, this is magical realism which is something I'm coming to understand is not my favourite thing

I don't hate it, but when magical realism is in play in books – those tiny little details of it – I get caught on those instead of just being able to read through them, and they kind of trip me up on my journey through a book, which is a shame because I really love Anna-Marie McLemore's writing They write beautiful prose that I just really enjoy reading, but I get tripped up on these little details and that's just a me thing You could also say this book is a little bit of a mystery There were elements that you wondered about, like why were certain characters doing certain things, why did this boy just come up from the garden? All of these different things So it was interesting to figure out what was happening with this plot, and everything was resolved at the end

I also found the discussions of sexuality between the cousins, as well as their mothers and their grandmothers, very beneficial to the understanding of the plot We start out with these five girls in love with this one other girl, but obviously not all of them exclusively like women Considering I went into this book knowing basically "everyone in this book is bisexual" – at least that's what my friend told me, that's pretty accurate It's not accurate for every single character, but there is some bi rep in there The third book I finished this week was Man-Eaters Vol

3 This is a graphic novel series about this world in which toxoplasmosis has morphed in such a way that if women get their periods they literally turn into man-eating cats If that's not enough to make you want to read the series, I don't know what to tell you These graphic novels are also very unique in that a lot of the art at the back is taken up with these poems or these different advertisements from this world about trying to get your boys to drink Estro Pop, which is estrogen free pop There's something to do with they put estrogen suppressing chemicals in regular drinking water so that women don't get their periods, but then there's all these things marketed to boys that are exclusively for boys, and some of the advertising is just so on point

and very hilarious to look at, because the patriarchy This volume even felt like it wrapped everything up, so I don't know if there's going to be future ones, but I personally would keep picking up this series for as long as it exists, because it's just very funny and a very quick, delightful read On to the shows I watched, the first one being The Good Place Now, if you remember from last week, that was the first time I started watching it and the synopsis I gave there really does not apply to the rest of the series Things change very, very quickly after the point that I had watched up to last time, and because of that I really can't talk about the plot of this at all

What I can say, however, and I think that this is unrefuted by anybody who watches the show, is that shirtless Chiti is the best gift The Good Place could ever give to anyone Damn, Chidi Whoa My roommate and I also watched some more Australian Survivor We're still on the first season, still very much enjoying it It's interesting because at this point they're getting within ten days of when US Survivor typically ends, and there's still so many people There's – they merged, but they merged into two tribes, so we're down to basically the start of US Survivor in terms of the amount of people, but nearing the end of how long they would be on the island

I also just wanted to note that the contestant that is the reason why we're currently not watching the 39th season of US Survivor was recently removed from the game, and is the first person to just be pulled from a game He should have been removed in the first episode, but here we are The other show I watched was just a single episode of The Crown This is a show that I started watching with my best friend back when we had compatible days off, and we watched the first three or four episodes, and then just never got back to it because our schedules changed Just as something to fill time while we were getting to see each other again – for the first time in forever because she's currently in school – we watched the fourth episode, which is the Fog episode – if you are somebody who has seen the series before, that might mean some to you

This is an incredibly opulent series and I'm interested to watch more just because I feel like I'm going to be learning a lot of history that I definitely don't know On to movies I watched, the first one being with my best friend ,and that was the Nutcracker, which I would like to point out was given a PG rating for "some mild peril" – which I found hilarious That wording was beautiful This version of the Nutcracker came out last year, I believe, and features the first time that people of colour have been able to dance in a ballet of the Nutcracker that has been filmed and mass-produced, and that's ridiculous, because 2018 However, that was absolutely beautiful

I'm not overly familiar with the story of the Nutcracker, but I think it's one of those things that everyone kind of knows a little bit of, and I really enjoyed this take on it I really enjoyed that there was a twist partway through – I really enjoy twists, obviously That's just a thing I like The dancing was gorgeous, the costuming was absolutely delightful, and I liked that we got little bits of the original music and that some of it was changed in certain ways Like, one of the suites was turned kind of sinister, and I liked that a lot

Next with my friend Steph and I watched a French-Canadian film called Crazy This was very interesting It took place in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and it was a French film so we did watch it with subtitles on It was about this family growing up in Quebec, of all boys, and one of them was born on Christmas, which means that he hates Christmas He also is kind of the black sheep of the family, and we come to realize very quickly that's because he's queer

The title of the film actually comes from the fact that the father really likes Patsy Cline and specifically the song Crazy, enough that by the time you get to the end of the film you realize that his boys are named after the individual letters in that song title, which it's not something I realized until the very end, and it was kind of spelled out for me, and I went "um, okay" I think it's of special note that the main character, Zac, is played by this guy who has fantastic hair, and that same actor;s IMDB photo has him with no hair, and that is a travesty

I very much enjoyed this film, so if you have access to it, definitely watch it The last movie I watched this week was Anna and the Apocalypse, which is a Christmas movie with zombies, that is also a musical Just let that sink in for a second It's also set in the UK, so there were definite nods to Shaun of the Dead There were nods to a bunch of different little things, actually, which was very fun

I watched it with Chad, who I previously tricked into watching a musical before, so as soon as a musical moment happened, he was like "oh no, they're singing!" His biggest takeaway is this movie started out as just a pure sweet musical-ish type of movie with, like, one zombie, and then pivoted hard into a zombie movie that happened have musical numbers I feel like this is one of those movies I will definitely watch a couple of more times just to get a few more of the lyrics Some of the songs were very, very funny and I very much enjoyed them, and I feel like after I've watched it a couple more times, I will have the song stuck in my head, but I don't know if that's a bad thing On the books I listened to this week, the first one being The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy This is a memoir written by a journalist who at one point had a child and a wife and a house, and the next month had none of those things

Her life as a correspondent journalist is incredibly interesting, how she got together with her then wife was very interesting, and also this is just a very sad tale because of the tragedies that she went through Obviously, based on that brief synopsis, there are many trigger warnings for this book, so if you are going to go into it, just know that there are going to be some very, very sad and possibly triggering things However, I really enjoyed her writing voice and I always love seeing experiences that are not my own, so it was valuable from that standpoint Finally, the other audiobook I finished this week was Rolling in the Deep, which is not to be confused with The Deep, which was another book I also read this week And guess what? They're both about mermaids

Rolling in the Deep is actually the prequel to Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant, and it actually takes place seven years previous ,and we get to see the first expedition out to Marianas Trench to find mermaids I talked about Into the Drowning Deep two wrap ups ago, so I'll link that one down below, if you want to know the full story, because then you'll understand why this one is seven years previous What I want to say is even though this is much shorter, I very much enjoyed getting to know these characters, even though I knew how this book was going to end that's it for this week! If you've read, watched, or listened to any of these, let me know about it down in the comments below On the way down to the comments, if you hit that subscribe button that would be very nice of you

You can like and share this as you see fit, and I will see you very soon Bye! [outro music]

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