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Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #152 [CC]


There's just a dog having meltdown outside Staaap! Hi, YouTube, it's Kathy, and this is my Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up for November 24th – 30th This week I read 3 books, I watched 1 show, I watched 2 movies, and I listened to 2 books If you're watching this on the day it's published, happy Queer Lit Readathon! I am vlogging right now It's gonna be wonderful The first book I finished this week was Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant

I absolutely adored this This is about mermaids, and that sometimes is all I want to tell people – but really that makes me think that people are going to think it's about mermaids that're nice and happy, and that's not what this book is This is about killer mermaids, and it's fantastic This book has a huge cast of characters but we start with Tori Seven years previous, her older sister went on this expedition to the Marianas Trench that was sent out by this company that basically makes those cryptozoology – like Shark vs Tornado, but, like, they're documentary style type of movies

They went off to the Marianas Trench to see if they could find mermaids, and nobody ever came back from that voyage Now, in the present, Tori is a scientist She is going on a second voyage to find out what happened There were tons of characters There was tons of diversity

There were queer characters, there were characters with disabilities, there were characters from all different backgrounds, we got to see various different things that from their perspective, learn so much about them, and then, you know, so many people succumbed to these creatures that they were hunting This would just honestly make the best action flick I would ever see I'm just so glad I finally got around to this This is something I've been wanting to read basically since it came out, and at Brody's insisting I finally got around to it, and thank you so much for giving me that final push I apparently needed The next book I finished this week was a romance, which is not my usual genre

and that was A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole I actually read a novella from this series a little while ago, and it focuses on one character we meet in this book and then her love interest, and having already read that and then seeing this first book, I was able to see how well that was written, and that the author must have had that in mind, because they knew exactly what was happening with this side character, and I just really much enjoyed it But, you know, maybe I should talk about the plot of this book? This book is about Ledi She is a grad student studying epidemiology, which is the study of epidemics around the world In addition to being overworked at school, she has a demanding job, she's got this best friend that's kind of vexing at this point, and she keeps getting these emails insisting that she is the long-lost princess from this place she's never heard of in Africa, and that they need to verify her personal information, which is about when she stops reading the emails

As it turns out, she really is this long-lost person that is being looked for Her parents left Thesolo when she was very, very young, and they died very soon after in a car crash, so she doesn't know where she comes from It turns out the prince is going to be in New York anyway so he decides to find her and basically ask why she's shirking her duties and why she never came back to her homeland, and when they meet, he decides to pretend to be somebody else so he can really get to know her and figure out why her family did this thing, without her just immediately bowing to the powers of him being a prince, because not many people get to know him for him because they always know that he is royalty Obviously, lies in a romance are never good; they're found out, there's some strife about this This book played that very, very well and then it went to places I didn't expect it to go, and I very much enjoyed it

And I already have the second book on hold in my library That one is called A Duke by Default, and I have some theories about who the characters might b,e but I don't actually know, so I'm looking forward to it, Onto the one TV show I watched this week We finished the sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine That's all there is on Netflix I think maybe that's all there is

I don't even know if the seventh season is on TV yet, I just know that the eighth season has been announced that they are going to do, it which is very exciting because I love this cast of characters It also unfortunately means we need to find something else to watch, which damnit, okay

We'll figure it out The two movies we watched this week were related to each other Tt was Taken and Taken 2 Obviously I knew the basic premise of at least the first movie, because it's been meme-ified to hell on the Internet This is Liam Neeson, he used to be in Special Forces, and his daughter is kidnapped, so he has to find her

In the second movie, because he killed a bunch of people in the first movie, basically they want revenge for those people that were killed, so they're trying to capture him You know what? I really enjoy a good actions flick every once in a while I really enjoy when people have to use very specific skillsets to solve problems, which is what this is So if you're also a fan of action movies and haven't watched these ones, go right ahead They're great

Onto the two books I listened to this week, the first one being Queen of Nothing This is the third in the Folk of the Air trilogy It is the end It was amazing I really enjoyed this one

Obviously, being the third in series, I can't really talk too much about the plot because that would ruin books 1 & 2 What I can tell you is that I really didn't ship the people that you're supposed to ship in the first book – Jude and Cardan I didn't really like it I could see why people did, and I was fine with other people doing it, but it always made me kind of feel "meh" – but what I can tell you is they grew on me, and by this third book I wanted them to get together I thought that this was a fantastic resolution to this series

I really love this fey world and I hope that there's a spin-off series, because I would read that And finally, the other audiobook I finished this week was High School by Sara Quin and Tegan Quin This is a memoir about their years in high school just before their music careers really – I was going to say "took off," but I don't actually know anything about their music careers besides obviously they are popular They have played in more than one country, and I only that because I've seen them play in more than one country If you've been here for a while, you know I don't follow a lot of music but my best friend does ,so I've seen them both here in Victoria and then I've also seen them in Dublin when I lived there

Here are some things I learned about the Quin twins from this memoir: they did a lot of LSD when they were in high school, they're about six years older than I am, they're from Calgary, and they are very different people, and spent a lot of time just yelling at each other that it was their turn to use the phone What I really enjoyed about this memoir is because they are a little bit older, they had a very similar type of upbringing to me, in terms of there wasn't social media yet, people didn't have cell phones, people didn't tend to have digital cameras, people still used cassette recorders, and all that was pretty nostalgic to me because I grew up similarly Additionally, if it's something accessible to you, I highly recommend this as an audio book because not only did they read it themselves, it is interspersed with different clips of things that they wrote while they're in high school and recorded while they were in high school, and then there's also an interview at the end between the two of them that was pretty amusing It mostly had to do with the process of them writing this book, and what that felt like, and if they'd ever want to write another book, and all of that type of thing, and I very much enjoyed that So if you're a fan of theirs, or if you're a fan of music, or you're a fan of memoirs, or if you're a fan of queer coming-out stories, because two of them are in here, this is a book for you

That's it for this week! If you've read watch or listen to any of these, let me know about it down in the comments below On the way down in the comments, if you hit that Subscribe button that would be very nice of you You can like and share this as you see fit, and I need to go do some reading for the Queer Lit Readathon, so I'll see you very soon Bye! [outro music]

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