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We requested 3,000 immediate-food fans what chains they refuse to like at. Listed below are the 15 most-hated manufacturers within the industry.

  • We requested 3,000 of us what immediate-food chains they refuse to love at. 
  • Their excessive solutions had been Hardee’s and Minute Caesars. 
  • Learn on for a score of the chains that immediate-food followers are most vulnerable to refuse to love at. 
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Snappily meals shall be a polarizing subject. 

After we requested 3,000 readers of Trade Insider’s immediate-food safety about their favourite chains, we heard heaps in regards to the sole burgers and cleanest bathrooms. However, we additionally wished to know which chains had been the worst round — the immediate-food joints that they refused to love at. 

These immediate-food aficionados do not be happy any like for sure chains. 

We crunched the numbers, dividing the quantity of those that refused to love at a selected chain by the number of these that acknowledged they’d visited that chain throughout the ultimate six month, growing a “refusal ratio.” This helped us settle out which chains of us consciously object to, as in opposition to these they might perhaps perhaps sincere not discuss over with on account of regional constraints, like West Soar-primarily based mostly In-N-Out. 

In-N-Out’s refusal ratio was zero, as not a single explicit person who responded to our ballot acknowledged that they refused to love on the chain. Different principal chains akin to McDonald’s and Starbucks had comparatively low refusal ratios of beneath 10%.  

Listed beneath are the chains that immediate-food followers are most susceptible to say they refuse to love at, with refusal ratios of 10% or elevated. 

15. Subway

subway sandwich

Charles Krupa/ AP

Refusal ratio: 10% 

12. Chick-fil-A (tie)


Hollis Johnson

Refusal ratio: 11%

12. Bojangles’ (tie)

Bojangles 10

Hollis Johnson

Refusal ratio: 11%

12. Qdoba (tie)

Qdoba keto bowl

Irene Jiang / Trade Insider

Refusal ratio: 11%

10. Burger King (tie)

Burger King hamburger

Irene Jiang / Trade Insider

Refusal ratio: 13%

10. KFC (tie)

KFC wings 28

Irene Jiang / Trade Insider

Refusal ratio: 13%

7. Panda Particular (tie)

Panda Express

Marina Nazario/Trade Insider

Refusal ratio: 14%

7. Chipotle (tie)

Chipotle keto bowl

Irene Jiang / Trade Insider

Refusal ratio: 14%

6. Carl’s Jr.

Carl's Jr.

Hollis Johnson/Trade Insider

Refusal ratio: 16%

4. Arby’s (tie)

Arby's fries close-up

Irene Jiang / Trade Insider

Refusal ratio: 17%

4. Jack throughout the Discipline (tie)

Jack in the Box Taco 6

Irene Jiang / Trade Insider

Refusal ratio: 17%

3. Papa John’s

papa john

Kate Taylor

Refusal ratio: 18%

1. Minute Caesars (tie)

little caesars pizza

Kim Bhasin / Trade Insider

Refusal ratio: 26%

1. Hardee’s (tie)

Hardee's Beyond thickburger and beyond biscuit

Courtesy of Hardee’s

Refusal ratio: 26%


Minute Caesars
Snappily Meals

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