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So the next world record that we're going to try to break is we need to build the tallest toilet paper tower on Jasmin's head That's a world record! We did it guys What is up guys and welcome back to a brand new video Today we're going to try to break some world records and with me on my right side I have Jasmin and you probably remember him from this video and on my left side We have Anders who you probably remember from this video And if you haven't watched those videos you should go and watch them right now They are both very entertaining What's wrong with you so the first world record that we are going to try to break is Most sticky notes on the face in one minute

The current record is 58 3, 2, 1, go! No you are removing them! No It's not a world record Mission failed Let's go to next world record So in the next world record that we are going to try to break, we need to build the tallest toilet paper tower on Jasmin's head We got 30 seconds to stable 29 toilet rolls on his head Let's go champ Let's go! three two one go That's 5 You got half a minute left Jesus Three two one over how many is that? Mission failed This world record is 31 t-shirts on in 30 seconds, so which means I need to put on 32 t-shirts in half a minute

Let's do it Oh, I ripped it What's up big boy I don't think I broke it because it didn't work quite well You didn't You had one minute I gave you one minute because you had only four on after 30 seconds So you are trying to say I didn't make it Yes 6 t-shirts in 1 minute, quite disappointing Now Jasmin has to do 78 push-ups with claps in one minute You still got 30 seconds Boy you should go to the gym more often Times over – I mean it could be better Mission failed The next world record is to drink half a liter of water which is exactly the amount in this bottle And it's closed as you can see so no cheat Ok ready 3 2 1 go Didn't work out Stop Nope Now Jasmin has to eat 21 M&Ms with chopsticks in one minutes and do it blindfolded Okay Try to avoid the green ones Yeah 3 2 1 go Try to catch them Jesus Bruh You so bad at this, you are terrible How couldn't you get a single one? The next world record is how fast we can unroll this toilet roll The current record is 978 seconds

I think we can do this one We got this one guys We are going to get a world record And now it's time for the last world record Which I hope we are going to break because if not then this video is kind of disappointing We have to place 25 cans in the fridge in 975 seconds And the fridge needs to be closed to begin with

Are you ready? Yeah, 3, 2, 1, go! We did it guys, we officially got a world record – placing 25 cans in 632 seconds, finally we made it Thank you for watching this video guys We officially got a world record – haters would say it was cheat But I think it was fair enough – if you like this video Don't forget to smash the sh*tout of the like button And if you aren't already a part of the Rose Gang, don't forget to subscribe right now and turn on notification post So you're notified every time I post a brand new video, which is every thursday day LET'S ROLL THE OUTRO!

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