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Watch: FDA Briefing On J&J Vaccine Pause Recommendation | NBC News


  1. The same people bringing you the opioid epidemic are the same people bringing you this experimental vaccine! WAKE UP! I do not consent!!! Greed is the global disease! I do not consent!

  2. Yeah,Johnson and Johnson is far more user friendly and easy injection 1 doze instead of 2 doze ,make use of them and mass production and evenly distributed globally,World globally are definitely appreciated with USA generous and lenient humanity action to the world.Cheers to all.

  3. “The best vaccine choice for you is the one that’s available “ Biden administration and their beloved doctor Fauci..

  4. This jab and all the vaccines are poisonous and are making people sick or they are dying

  5. Good to see that the FDA are keeping a close monitoring of the vaccines while they are being Tested directly on the Population.

  6. Pharma execs go "work" at The FDA and revolve back. Pharma also gives billions to The News for ads… It's good to know we can 100% trust these people when there exists what some may call "Huge Conflicts of Interests."

  7. My dad got very ill with the other shots
    I am in health care and refused my shot
    My patient got ill from his shot

  8. And here I believed I was "stupid" & "dangerous" & "careless" for not trusting this amazing new "science" and Big Pharma profiteers

  9. Lovely. This is just what I want to hear 8 days after we got the J&J BECAUSE my Dr told me NOT to get the other 2 because I have varicose veins & a history of blot clots during pregnancy.
    My varicose veins have felt like I did a week of leg day so I've been wearing my compression stockings

  10. How did the company who in the pass had issues with its product that causes cancer got eligible to produce vaccine. Company with such a bad reputation I’m stunning🤫

  11. Out of Millions of J & J vaccinations, less than 10 people experienced this? Come on. We don't know if birth control was a contributing factor, or other medications interacted for this age group. Stop placing all of this on the vaccination, rather look into contributing factors.

  12. 6? somehow I think it is worse. Remember people all these Vaccines are
    still considered experimental. Yet they are pushing on our children too?
    CHILDREN don't die from this virus, that has a 99.7% survival rate. No
    way would I consider taking any of these new and improved Vaccines.

  13. I’ve been struggling with home schooling my children since covid and playing catch up on all my bills. I finally started back to work two months ago but was told I would be let go if I did not get the vaccine. It’s such a scary world we are living in. Can not believe employers have that option. So I decided to get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine on Friday I’m so sick I can’t get out of bed. Ive been sick now for three days. Feeling hopeless again. Bills are piling up. I couldn’t pay my student loans durning the pandemic so all my tax refund was taken. So I can’t afford to be sick! I’m losing hope. I do have faith. That God will restore my health so I can get back to work If anyone may help my info is on my page. Thank you God bless!

  14. I read that Australia stopped the Astra Jenica 💉💉💉 because of blood clots as well. One of my brothers just got the j&j 💉 lastnight. I am so worried about him. 💔😢

  15. The same company that makes products causing ovarian cancer smh 🤦‍♀️ It’s not a vaccine…it’s an experimental drug 🙄

  16. Crimes against humanity! Liars and demons! J&J has aborted fetal cells, too. Time for accountability! If they are rare, then the "experts" should get the experimental vaccine and be the rats that they are. Phase 3 experiments killed ALL lab rats and was deemed not to go onto phase 4 (humans). Now they are perpetuating the genocide on innocent people. Wake up people and quit being brainwashed. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY! Covaids is a scam. The vax deaths are real.

  17. Unnecessary panic. 7 people over 7 million people vaccinated with J&J vaccine. Not statistically significant enough to slam the brakes on and stop the vaccination.

  18. So when will the media and BIG tech companies be held legally accountable for the propaganda that they have been bombarding us with about how safe these "vaccines" are??

  19. “Extremely rare clotting issues”. Once again, a typical American over-reaction. You know what’s not rare right now? Getting the Covid virus in the U.S. and dying from it. I’ll take my chances. Where’s my jab?

  20. It's not 8 cases. Many of my colleagues have been having issues. FDA should come clear of the true number. Should be 2000 to 10000 cases IMO.

  21. 6 people out of 7 million? I would think a higher percentage of people get blood clots every year even without vaccinations.

  22. Kaiser Permanent RULES…they are saving my 33 yr old daughter's life from breast cancer during all this and declined to give her any covid vaccines, and I thank them for their abundance of caution. She is almost done with treatment!!!!

  23. Telling you people just mask up wash your hands and be safe. And you wouldn't have to ever take J&Js poison.

  24. Doctors are no longer Physician’s, They are Agents of the Drug/Pharmaceuticals Industries. They seem to have abandoned The True Science Of The Physician and Recognition of the Fact, When The Body Receives The Natural Chemicals It Needs, “The Body Heals Itself”.
    Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker, to better understand the Truth about Vaccination Programs. Vaccine Immunity Denies The Body It’s Power To Resist Viruses, Pathogens, Fungi, Bad Bacteria & Illnesses.

  25. The ability to reason and common sense is at a all time low. Any vaccine that is manufactured, developed and to market in less than 10 months is reason to pause. Particularly, when multi-billion $$ Pharmaceutical Companies are granted immunity.

  26. What about the Dr who died just days after from this EXACT SAME THING???? WERENT THERE A FEW OTHER MEN ALSO??? AND PEOPLE KEPT SAYING OH ITS NOT RELATED.

  27. This vaccine in itself is patented so all these companies got a piece of the patent probably in order to be able to come up with their own variations of a so on so vaccine all of it is pretty much the same thing and doing the same thing to people which is hurting them

  28. Remember folks none of these vaccines are actually FDA approved. They were all released early and essentially the entire world is entering the worlds largest vaccine trial, minus of course there is no placebo. Typically even before clinical trials start there would be an "Exploratory Stage" which is 2-4 years and a "Pre-clinical Stage" which is an additional 1-2 years. To think that there will be zero major risk factors to this vaccine would be ignoring all historical evidence about vaccines.

  29. Are people surprised that a company that couldn't get baby powder right, cant get a vaccine right? I feel bad for those who trust this vaccine campaign and its distributors who have a dark past. #justsayno

  30. If you read the label on ASPIRIN or ibuprofen, they too have a risk of blood clots. Literally no medication is risk free. It’s a risk vs benefit equation. 1 in half a million in Europe had a vaccine-related blood clot event but If you get covid and are under 50, you have a 1 in 5 chance of developing long term damage. Ironically, covid related clots have killed far more people not to mention amputations (Covid toes).

  31. I booked two appointment yesterday and this coming Thursday (for backup). And I just had it yesterday, don't know if I am lucky or not. But so far, just tired, no major effect.

  32. As horrible as this is keep in mind that not every country has a vaccine available. We are fortunate to have.

  33. The thrombocytopenia cases also occur with the other vaccines, not necessarily along with the cerebral venous thrombosis. There was the publicised case of a 56 y/o, healthy Miami gynecologist who died of ‘immune thrombocytopenia’ in January, having been hospitalized for two weeks after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. The coroner’s report didn’t rule out a connection to the vaccine.

  34. watch all the vaccines that could get messed up like their batches, we got temps up the wazzoo making dirt cheap wages… treat people like dirt…and thats what happens

  35. 「血栓症は"全ての"新型コロナワクチンで報告されている」


  36. The US J&J and the Brit Astra Zenica vaccines have both had blood clotting issues.

    While China has donated vaccines to 100 or more countries the US has kept all it's vaccines for itself.

    15M vaccines by accident is as stupid as a cop mistaking a gun for a tazer.

    When was America great?

  37. So they also "temporarily" suspended the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. I recall that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a “viral vector” vaccine, the same active ingredient as AstraZeneca, and therefore it is not surprising that it gave rise to the same thrombotic risk through the formation of clots.

    However, the "mRna" vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, certainly do not enjoy a better reputation, since some leading virologists, following serious adverse reactions occurring after their administration, have begun to suspect their safety, not collected by the press. Following these warnings, I decided to do a personal research and I found two interesting studies on the subject, which I published a few days ago, hoping that some independent virologist would analyze them to understand if the thesis contained in them had any foundation. It is true that the two studies predate the creation of anticovid vaccines, but it is also true that this is more in their favor than against, as they cannot be suspected of malicious bias towards these vaccines. In them is expressed the thesis according to which the substances introduced into the body in order to neutralize the spike protein, can cause an abnormal and disproportionate reaction of the antibodies, such as to create serious damage to the lungs, as their experiments on animals have shown . It is known that current mRna vaccines are based precisely on the principle of neutralization of the spike protein.

    I always hope that more serious checks will be carried out and without conflict of interest, but at the same time I fear that the vaccine machine will instead be pushed to an ever greater speed, without any regard for any risks that its run entails. On the other hand, in the last press conference, our Prime Minister Draghi told us in no uncertain terms that if we want to return to enjoy some minimum freedom, we will have to undergo perpetual vaccinations several times a year, against all viruses and possible variants, up to the complete implementation of the vaccination plan. In the same conference he added, with a strange expression on his face, that future contracts with pharmaceutical companies will be done a little better than those of the previous government. So I asked myself: better in what sense?

    I think this may also be of interest to American friends.

  38. The irony is how many of the same people that will smoke cigs today, and drink alcohol , that will swear that they would NEVER put that Johnson & Johnson "poison" in their body…. because out of the 8.6 million doses administered, 1 lady MAY of had a fatal side effect from it. As of 1pm Eastern Std Time, Researchers at the CDC have found no cause and effect from the vaccine and the 6 women who got a blood clot except for all 6 had a history of low blood platelets.

  39. What about the trials with the mRNA with the cats and ferrets they all had that vaccine and were fine until they gave them the virus of Sars and they all died?

  40. The chances of throwing a clot with the J&J vaccine is merely 1/1,000,000,000; while women on birth control face a 1/10,000 risk EVERY MONTH that they take it.. All 6 of the people who developed blood clots after taking the J&J vaccine were women, age 18-48 (basically, child bearing years). How much do you want to bet they were on birth control? It seems that the vaccine slightly increases the chance that a woman's birth control will cause clots to form, the next time she takes it, after receiving the vaccine. Maybe, not even that. They might have developed blood clots, whether or not, they had the vaccine. The fact that they developed clots within 3wks of inoculation, COULD BE just a coincident.

    Fauci's kick backs from HIV treatments are probably running thin. Judging by the fact that he's actively suppressed other less expensive treatments and prophylactics (that would also dilute profits from the vaccine), it is highly likely that he's IN BED with Moderna (and perhaps other big pharma). If so, he can't have another vaccine siphoning off profits, by appealing to people who don't trust MRNA technology; and he had to step in to nullify the competition.

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