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Watch: Asian American Couple Told ‘Go Back To China’ In New York City | NBC News NOW


  1. Glad to know there are still based people out in this world 🤍🤍👌🏻👌🏻

  2. It’s like a roller coaster 🎢, “most” white people are genuinely racist, first they were racist against black people, then Mexican, then Arabs and now Asian. I wonder who’s next…

  3. They have been telling African Americans to go back to Africa for years, simply because of the color of their skin, now in their ignorance they have zeroed in on Asian-Americans.

  4. Dam…I will join Navy next month with contract….I don't think they will allow me to go back to China….

  5. She’s so shameful. I guess she owns the lands in North and South America. I’m not too surprised one day she might says “Go back to Africa, you Native Americans 😢”

  6. Go back to europe !!
    she should speak 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
    we need to make video about Native American!! n share in all Asian country in there language!!!!!!! 😤😤😤

  7. Worst human right was in american..could not be china..stop finding any accusation..fix yourself the human right issue before complaining and seeking to support your greedy mind on the other nation.

  8. I am not surprised.. look at whats happening between US and China now.. but not all yellow skins r from CHINA…. just like not all white skins fm US..

  9. Wherever you go there is racism and people are just born with this thing, but as we know not all the people are like this it's just those racist people can't understand and accept even reject to know how to be human and be respectful to others.

  10. Her name is Maura Moynihan, an actress, daughter of politician turned political activist. Do a search (or image search) and seems like she is pro-Tibet and all things against China, but this video definitely confirms that she is against all things Asia and its peoples. The hypocrisy.

  11. The country is comprised of American natives, and ALL other immigrants. Basic facts that can’t be denied, as the country is still in its infancy, only a few hundred years old.

  12. whats wrong or bad about china? i mean the reason why people hate them is because thier poor and they put uighurs 8n camps? that news about uighur camps are fake the us just spread that.news just so that chinas economy would go down thats why theres been many recent rumours about china that are all false and that just make chinese people hate china all because 9f fake rumours. whats so wrong about the communist china? the fact that it might have not been china who started the virus bo one knows yet its just that their assuming it only. dont hate the asians we did no wrong. arent the white people afraid that one day black people and asian people will go against them the fact that they have been rascist to us for centuries like bruh 🙄

  13. The fall out of Trumps insanity is still being played out in America. I shudder at the Karma that awaits this low life.

  14. She is nearing her prime in life, wait till she look after by Asian Doctors and nurses. Watch for her face guys, you know what to do 😂😂

  15. As an Asian, I was told to go back to China and then spat on. It is worst feeling in the world when I have spent over 30 years here. I don’t know China and I don’t identify as a Chinese citizen. I grew up here.

  16. She insulted people she owed people and her good karma will pay for her misdeed. Sooner or later all her good karmas are gone and her bad karmas will come to collect from her. If this was me I'd say thank you because she has just increased my good karmas without me doing anything to earn it and I wouldn't talk back.

  17. I once got pushed and told to “go back to Mexico” and the guy claimed that I pushed him and actually sued me and the city I work for. Thank god for cameras. They were able to show that it was the other way around ,but nothing was done to this liar.

  18. This is sad but I’m from Italy and more than few times I was told to me go back to Italy so not only Asian I understand the situation now but is been like this with every peoples not Americans native unfortunately

  19. And my car Have on it a Italian sticker and one day someone put a American flag on top definitely not like the fact that I’m Italian!!

  20. People who use violence, regardless of nationality, are antisocial and evil.

    They are violent and negative people with no law or conscience.
    They are people who only know the pleasure of harming others.
    It is a person who has no normal thoughts.

    Such a person can always hurt others.

    The person who hurts others must live alone on the uninhabited island

  21. Okay, let's make it straight.. Asian go back to Asia, Latino go back to South America, BLACK African American go back to Africa, and so are WHITE GO BACK TO EUROPE!! And only Native American stay!! What about that??

  22. what is wrong with go back china, I go to china from time to time, now the border lock down really makes me frustrated

  23. Shameless Europeans in USA saying go back to your country for others colors and for even for native Indian.

  24. Many peoplo back man…racist to Asian….i see on tv…him attack Asian….where justice in american…

  25. china is a country that create and develop virus and make people around the world suffer… then u deserve not to be in this 🌎.. send them. back to wuhan

  26. Jail these ugly racist in solitary confinement so they can have alone time to rethink their ugliness

  27. As a Caucasian, I am very embarrassed by the behavior of other Caucasians who are acting so racist, I don't get their mentality.

  28. Remeber this people
    Not all blacks are threat
    Not all asians are bad
    And not all whites are racist
    Keep safe everyone ✨ God bless us all 🙏

  29. I don't think the attackers really think Asian spread Coronavirus, what I think is Coronavirus just gave them the route to channel their inherent racism… You won't solve this by explaining Coronavirus is not spread by Asians, you solve this by educating your people into no-racist citizens

  30. All thanks to PRC viruses, who, and mental individual leaders whom has caused innocent people being abused and harassed.

  31. America as a champion of democracy and freedom? Its more like a failed and shameful nation! A powerful country that keep bashing China and other weak countries for decades that shows how insecurity a big nation is!

  32. There is no solution to America's racism.
    At least, if there is then we haven't found it.
    Sitting down and taking the racism changes nothing, but standing up on the other hand only separates our races even further.
    Even if it makes out lives better in a way.

    The only way to put an end to racism once and for all is to cut off the old generation.
    To put an end to racism, we need to cut it off by the roots, and have the innocent children grow up in a society where racism doesn't exist.

    When we protest out against racism, it makes our conditions better, and perhaps it does erase some racism.
    However it also opens opportunities for bad people to exploit their new found privelege and claim racism if anyone goes against them.
    (We've already seen this happen with the other race.)
    In the end, it only creates even more racism while you're wiping out racism because the bad folks are exploiting priveleges and putting up a bad image.
    Not to mention there's the influenced folk and people hired by higher ups to instigate conflict.
    In the end, its a never ending tug of war as it currently is.
    I don't see much peaceful options here, as long as the bad folk exist.

    The protestors need to be calling out the exploiters, and instigators, to make sure that they don't get associated with them.
    We shouldn't let these bad people exploit the protest to cause even more racism.

    But seeing as how protestors have done nothing about them, the only path I see now is to cut the roots of racism once and for all if you truly wish to end it.
    Children are heavily influenced by their surroundings, and their guardians. In the end, its not them, but who influences them.
    The same goes for adults being influenced by social media or Anti-Race groups.

  33. These bigots will get worse towards asians as america gets more and more blighted. Way after the pandemic. This woman will not back down. Why cover your face if you really believe in what you are doing?

  34. it happen to me too 3 white girls shout out me saying go back to your country and I response why dont you go home and ask your parents where they come from too I bet you they come from Europe.Only first Nation can say that words to me.

  35. Hello. First time here watching your videos 🙂.. why all this white foreigner and black American hitting asian and say bad words that to asian people we respect all kind of foreigners lives in our country…. foreigners needs to respect us too. Asian Many Asian county all over the world.. you don't know who you hitting with. Like philippines country.🇵🇭 Stop hate asian. God created is all. God is watching us.. God is coming down to earth again for jugmentday revelation.. Let's spread love and peace 😘 I'm asian woman too. Watching from Manila Philippines 🇵🇭

  36. Lmao if the person is from korea or japan say… then are they going back to china🤣🤣🤣

  37. That woman should dig up her ancestors and go back to wherever they came and leave this land to the Indian and Mexican. This land belongs to them before your ancestors arrived and stole this land from them.

  38. She thinks it's her country, sorry mam it's the country of rich and powerful people, you as long as the majorities are just slaves of those top class

  39. She's a white racist democrat, claiming to fight for minority rights. What a hypocrite. Those values were taught to her.

  40. The US is Planning a Major War with Russia and China. Reports :

    By James ONeill :
    Global Research, December 24, 2018
    New Eastern Outlook 22 December 2018

    Two recent reports from the United States strongly suggest the United States is planning a major war with Russia and China, but are far from certain that they could in fact succeed in such a war. The reports also provide insights into how the United States will meet the budgetary demands of such war preparations, but almost zero appreciation of the social and human costs of such policies.

    The first of these reports is entitled
    “Providing for the Common Defence” (November 2018).
    It is the report prepared for the purpose of assessing the National Defence Strategy document released in early 2018.

    The Assessment and Recommendations of the National Defense Strategy Commission:

    LOL :))

    time line:
    1. August 6, 2019, the US's main biological warfare lab at Fort Detrick was issued a "ceast and desist" order because of violation of safety standards and protocol, and leaks.
    2. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/virus-biological-us-army-weapons-fort-detrick-leak-ebola-anthrax-smallpox-ricin-a9042641.html
    3. August – September 2019, "statewide outbreak" of a mysterious respiratory emerged in the US, causing severe respiratory diseases in a few hundred people. This was blamed on vaping although people had been vaping for more than a decade without such outbreaks. Officials were unable to find any relation to a specific vaping device and addictive.
    4. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/mysterious-vaping-lung-injuries-may-have-flown-under-regulatory-radar-n1046771
    5. https://q13fox.com/2019/09/16/a-statewide-outbreak-two-new-cases-of-lung-disease-linked-to-vaping-in-washington/
    6. https://www.usnews.com/news/healthiest-communities/articles/2019-08-09/wisconsin-officials-12-cases-of-severe-lung-disease-after-vaping
    7. August 2019 – Jan 2020, the US CDC reported that the US is gearing up for one of the worst flu seasons ever, with 12000 deaths. On 12 March 2020, the CDC director admitted that some COVID-19 deaths were misdiagnosed as the flu because COVID-19 were found when they did posthumous tests.
    8. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/flu-season-2020-what-to-know
    9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_dU2RCqWs4
    10. October 18 – 27, 2019, the 2019 Military World Games was held in Wuhan. The US sent a contingent of 350 athletes. They did not win any medals. The athletes toured Wuhan.

    Trump virus or china virus.
    thank you for reading.

  41. Who is a white lady to tell a person who’s a minority to go back to their country white people should take a good look at themselves and see what they did to the Native American people the original people of the America’s.

  42. it's al tanks to Donald Trump the chump
    he was fueling the hate agenda from day one against anyone who didn't look like him

  43. Looks @ those eyes, you are busted with those eyes even with the mask on, can you just pretend you like Asian?

  44. My first love was Chinese and his parents were racist towards African people so we could not be together. My children father is Filipino but they are racist towards my children because I am African. Explain this. But they adore the white children in the family. My children has only seen the ince at a family funeral. They have never contacted us because they are racist.

  45. Where is the Asian Jane Elliott, she will tell the truth about Asian racism towards Blacks and African people.

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