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Wasteland 3 Developer Interview | Jeremy Kopman | Lead Level Designer, InXile Entertainment


Hey everyone I'm Steve from Koch Media UK We are in Berlin with Wasteland 3 and we managed to catch up with Lead Level Designer Jeremy Kopman to find out more about the game

Hi, I'm Jeremy Kopman, I'm the Lead Level Designer on Wasteland 3 from InXile Entertainment So Wasteland 3 is a choice and consequence heavy story driven RPG with tactical turn-based combat It's a sequel to Wasteland 2 where an organisation called the Desert Rangers is trying to bring some amount of order to the the wasteland of the post-apocalyptic world and at the end of Wasteland 2 the Rangers lost their base, they had to set off a nuclear bomb in their own base in order to wipe out the big bad and so they've been struggling for a few years, Wasteland 3 picks up about five years later centered around a character named the patriarch who has called the Rangers and said you have trained people, I have resources, and I need your help to bring some order in Colorado As the Lead Level Designer I am in charge of making sure that the space really guides the player to the elements that we want to see but again without beating them over the head We also handle all of the scripting and implementing the combat so you see a character patrolling around we've set up all the little points that he's gonna go between so it goes from those really high concept starting points to the the minutiae of just like what does you know what does this character do it exactly this moment in the game when the player approaches

I think we've done a lot to to hone in again on what people really enjoyed about Wasteland 2 and laser focus on those things to make them even more in depth, even more dynamic and interesting than we did in Wasteland 2, and then we add on top of that this huge boost in visual quality and the full VO, all of those elements that really bring a level of polish that we've never been able to to accomplish before I think it's gonna just be really exciting to see how people react to that, I think people are going to dig it a lot!

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