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WAGO.PL – The Ice Breaking Moment – Moments of Success


This is a building that goes without fossil fuels, and thanks to modern building and energy technology it still generates a lot of extra energy My name is Bernd Apitz

I am the owner and managing director of the Leitec group from Heilbad Heiligenstadt We founded this company 27 years ago and it is still growing WAGO has a considerable share in this In our new headquarters we used building automation to the full extent An important element here is the so-called "ice energy storage" and all energy and building technology is controlled by WAGO systems

For example, WAGO connectors, we have known this product for many, many years, and we've dealt with the topic of using the right drivers about 10-15 years ago, when our first contacts began WAGO has the advantage that its products can be used in many areas For example, when building automation using KNX, DALI, you can literally create connections with all other systems Indeed, it looks like we've found a real partner at WAGO I think we are well prepared for the challenges of the future, because I know that we can jointly implement really interesting and ambitious projects – and WAGO is pure fun

Source: Youtube

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