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Vrittaanta (Breaking News) – Kannada Short Film | Bhoomika Srinivas, Keerthi Narayan, B T Srinivas


Don't scream Don't scream Close the door Close the door Is there anyone else? No, no one is here Don't lie, show me Show me

come, show me Come Switch on the lights Switch on all the lights Go Go

Go sit there Hmm Look I'll be here until my men arrive Until then, you better be quiet If you scream No, I'll be quiet Hmm Ehhh I told you to keep quiet, right?! Hey Give it Che! Thu

nobody answers when required Switch to the news Ehh give it to me Breaking

news! Two days back Basavaraj (alias blade basya) has escaped from prison The informer will be rewarded with one lakh rupees by the police department One lakh rupees! Ah aah aah ah! Don't you even think about it No, I won't I'll give you more than what they have announced But, you shouldn't inform anyone about me Be quiet Ok fine Or else, do you know anybody from the police department?! No

I'm not really on good terms with them Ok I'm hungry, go get something to eat [Hello?] I just spoke to my men Have told them to get your money Meanwhile, if you try something stupid I won't You know right

Life is more precious than money Come, open the door Open the door Madam Is Ganesh at home? No, he is not here What's the matter? I'm here to collect the newspaper bill He is out of town Can you come after a week? Oh is it? Ok madam Sure Madam, who are you? I'm not able to recollect I'm the housemaid asked to take care of the house Oh is it? Ok madam Are you the housemaid? Yes You're too smart Then, why did you go and hide? I got worried that it was your men Ok, go get me a shawl or something My men will be here soon She's still not back with the shawl Are you dreaming? [Breaking

News] A new case has been registered in the city Rukmini (alias Kamali) is said to be the culprit who is deceiving people and looting them Police are on the lookout for her [OMG] You're also a thief!? Yes

Police!? I had only arranged the housemaid Then, who is she? Let me find out [Calling house owner] As per the information I got Nobody will be back anytime soon Let me confirm once Thank god! No one's at home Let me start my work Still, there is time let me enjoy a while Will finish the work later

Source: Youtube

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