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VIPERS NATION | BREAKING: Antonio Callaway Injured


Ladies and Gentlemen I Bring you some awful news from the XFL world type of a Vipers fans ready to strike nation It's exactly the last thing we want to hear getting ready to go into the season Antonio Callaway has had a What seems to be serious injury? There is reports by the Tampa Bay Times That he was carted off the field Okay Now I don't think it's time to you don't write him off yet only because it could have just been a precaution you never know so Marc Trestman has stated in an interview that he will not put anything on the injury report now until it is definite so we must be hopeful but with that being said the seasons right around the corner and We need to get ready and we need Somebody to be able to catch this ball and this high-powered offense That we have created Now personally I think We have that talent still To begin with Shantay vias Jones is going to have to take a much bigger role But he is ready for it

This guy's has had outstanding hands throughout the preseason His route running ability is getting even better He was the third pick for the Vipers So he had he's been building a connection with Erin Murray and Every time a lot of the times actually the Tampa Bay Vipers tweet out a practice video I'm seeing Shaun Tavis Jones catching I think he's going to be our Larry Fitz type Gerald Player we need and He's really gonna gonna take a lot of the load that's gonna that's gonna need help with now that Callaway is injured Now we do have a couple other options Dante dye is a very interesting prospect only because This guy was supposed to go to get some good d1 offers coming out of high school and then he blew his knee out So it really set him back He ended up going to Heidelberg, but this man is everything that you need and receiver He's got the size He's got the route running He's got the speed He's got the drive

He has the pure passion He has the chip on his shoulder that XFL players need and Out of Heidelberg and now he's gonna have a chance to get more to get more targets I think he's gonna make the best of it I really think we need to look out for Dante die for the Vipers fans We might be becoming a huge fans of his very soon Another option is Stacey Coley I Think Coley is gonna be a very hit or miss It was the same thing

He was at Miami He has that potential to be a great wide receiver even in the NFL But he's very hit-or-miss I feel like he disappears at times and It all depends on the relationship He also builds with Murray because Coley is not the type of guy who can just he's not an up yer offensive playmaker He needs to be on the same page with the quarterback And then if you could hit him at the right time, he has he has a chance to score every single time He touches the ball So that's another great option and One last guy a lot of people are talking about right now is Daniel Williams this guy's kind of came out of nowhere He went to Jack Jackson state Six three two hundred pounds I've been seeing a lot of a lot a lot of videos circulating of him him just getting a good receptions and getting good routes and really seems like he's becoming a part of the offense so That could be another option that could string together, but I think we're it's very very upsetting We lost Antonio Callaway I don't think it takes away from the great team that we have I think Shawn TEI v's Jones just has to step up more Dante die is going to be a guy that a lot of people are going to sleep on and We're still forgetting about the man the myth the legend Nick Truesdale and if you don't know about Nick Truesdale well Let me be the first This man is 65 250 pounds came out of a junior college He went ahead and played in the AAF and Absolutely shocked Scouts okay this guy has The size to block the D end and create a running off and help contribute to the running offense He has the speed to get out after a block and get open for a little dump-off pass and then burst up speed and He always and he also has the route running ability To take any middle linebacker head on this guy is going to be truly unguardable Like I said We're gonna pray Antonio Callaway comes back We're gonna pray because he deserves it He really does deserve this second chance and all the things that I've been hearing about how hard he's working

It's just very upsetting to hear But until then Vipers fans, we're gonna have to go with what we got and we got a lot left That's it for your breaking news Make sure to follow at RTS Vipers nation to keep up with everything Tampa Bay Vipers for your number one news source the XFL newsroom

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