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Utrecht, Netherlands tram shooting leaves three dead


Newest video release related to Coronavirus. Have a look at this “Utrecht, Netherlands tram shooting leaves three dead” video below:

A manhunt is underway after a gunman opened fire inside a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Police have named a suspect in the case, and released a picture of him. At least three people have died and five are wounded following the shooting, Utrecht Police tweeted.
Dutch authorities are considering “a possible terrorist motive” for the incident. Police say Gokmen Tanis, 37, who was born in…..(read more)


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  4. Why did they show a tweet of Wilders and clarified his history? Has nothing to do with this event and every politician tweeted something similar. Damn media

  5. You know what's so insane. About 10 years ago way before the shooting a video of that guy went viral in the Netherlands in which he harrassed a woman for being dressed too revealing. In the video he called her a slut and said many other things. Many of these things he said became popular memes in the Netherlands. I would have never expected to see him again like this in the news.

  6. Update: He has been caught and has been sentenced to life imprisonment.
    Though in theory he could be released in 25 years, in practice he’ll be behind bars until someone can pick him up to bring him to his grave or he can be cremated.
    Though he doesn’t really deserve either option.

  7. I was supposed to have been in that tram at that time, but my class got cancelled. Could've been dead or injured if that hadn't happened. At least I would've had another traumatic experience on top of the ones I've already had in my life. (I've been witness to one fatal stabbing, two non fatal stabbings and an accident in which a girl on her bike was caught between the tram that I was in and another tram coming from the opposite direction)

  8. Ik haat de gene Die Hem vrouw heeft doodgeschoten Ik woon daar Ik hoorde de kogels…/I hate the person that have shoot him wife die I Have hear the shots I living there

  9. 1:12 I don't wanna be mean but the way she said Utrecht absolutely cracked me up. It sounds severely French hahaha (I know, our actual pronunciation of the city probably sounds worse to you)

  10. I've seen how the Dutch treat mentally ill people in clinical settings this stuff don't shock me…. One thing I hate about the nederlands is the coldness of the people very money focused ?

  11. and offcourse, thanks to government and their gunlaws, nobody, nobody.. could defend themselfs and other innocent people. their blood is on the hands of Rutte and his minions.

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