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    USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects): U.S. Navy Confirm Ufo Videos Are Real


    You all know about UFOs, but what about USOs? No, not the show that cheers up the troops, I'm talking about Unidentified Submerged Objects! What are those? Let me show you some examples! 8 "Invisible Residents" Now, before we dive into the whole "sightings" business we probably should discuss more what USO's are

    Because like UFOs, these "Unidentified Submerged Objects" have been seen by many over the years, and they have prompted many to wonder if we're looking in the wrong areas for things like alien life or hyper advanced creatures beyond the basic sea animal A great example of many stories that detail what possible USOs are out there is a book from Ivan T Sanderson called "Invisible Residents" Here is the synopsis from Google books, check out what is said about him and why this book does what it does: "This book is a groundbreaking contribution to the study of the UFO enigma, originally published over 30 years ago In this book, Sanderson, a renowned zoologist with a keen interest in the paranormal, puts forward the curious theory that OINTS"-Other Intelligences-live under the Earths oceans This underwater, parallel, civilization may be twice as old as Homo sapiens, he proposes, and may have developed what we call space flight

    " Sanderson postulates that the OINTS are behind many UFO sightings as well as the mysterious disappearances of aircraft and ships in the Bermuda Triangle Sanderson offers here an exhaustive study of USOs (Unidentified Submarine Objects) observed in nearly every part of the world He presents many well-documented and exciting case studies of these unusual sightings; more" If you paid attention, you'll notice several big keywords in that synopsis Such as the Bermuda Triangle, where many strange things have happened over the years involving ships, planes, and more

    You'll notice that this book is NOT just his random thoughts on the matter, but a compilation of eyewitnesses to these events, and more So this isn't just another "oh, it's aliens" theory, this is something that a lot of people believe in 7 David Fravor What might surprise you the most about various UFO and USO sightings is that it's always random people in terms of civilians that see these things The first modern UFO encounter (that happened before Roswell, New Mexico) happened in Seattle and was seen by a pilot

    And for USOs, many military personal have seen them due to them flying over the waters for various reasons Such as David Fravor, who was already a known UFO seer, noted that one of his Navy pilot buddies whom he trusts had an encounter with an USO that is hard to describe After the Navy acknowledged certain videos that Fravor and others took about the infamous Tic Tac alien, he began to receive stories from others who have seen things, including a group who witnessed the USO: “They don’t feel alone,” he said “One of the guys was a Navy helicopter pilot He was flying a CH-53, a big heavy-lifter the Marine Corps uses for certain things

    Off the East Coast they do a lot of shooting, at the time it was off Puerto Rico” Why were they in Puerto Rico? On a routine mission to get some torpedoes that had been fired into the water during a test: “The helo drops a swimmer in the water, he hooks the whole thing up and they fly back The first time they were out and they were going to pick up a BQM, he’s sitting in the front — in the CH-53 you can see down by your feet — and as he’s looking down, they’re 50 feet (15 metres) above the water, he sees this kind of dark mass coming up from the depths,” he said “As they hoist the BQM up, he’s looking at this thing going, ‘What the hell is that?’ And then it just goes back down underwater Once they pull the kid and the BQM out of the water, this object descends back into the depths

    ” Oh, but that's not where the story ends Because they had to go back down to get more of the torpedoes And on the second run of doing that, the object showed back up once more, and it did so as the diver was mere feet from the water "This big object, kind of circular, is coming up from the depths and he starts screaming through the intercom system to tell them to pull the diver up, and the diver’s only a few feet from the water” He continued, “They reverse the winch and the diver’s thinking, ‘What the hell is going on?’ And all of a sudden he said the torpedo just got sucked down underwater, and the object just descended back down into the depths

    They never recovered it” They also never found out what that mass was, but there were plenty of theories that Fravor shared on the Joe Rogan podcast that he was on when he told this story And again, this only scratches the surface of them 6 WWII Kraken Sighting The Kraken is a legend that continues to thrive in the world despite many people "believing" that it was an exaggeration of a now known creature

    But since we're human, we like to believe in the monsters that go bump in the night, am I right? For those of you who don't know the stories or myths, the Kraken is a squid of such size that it would dwarf and consume massive vessels Sometimes even wrapping its massive tentacles around the ships and dragging them into the depths below But despite this story being born in the time of sailboats (think Pirates of the Caribbean times), there have been many modern day accounts of the Kraken, including some in World War II A British Trawler was docked off of the Maldives A crewman, A

    G Starkey, was on the deck of the trawler when he thought he saw something in the water: “As I gazed, fascinated, a circle of green light glowed in my area of illumination This green unwinking orb, I suddenly realized, was an eye The surface of the water undulated with some strange disturbance Gradually, I realized that I was gazing almost point-blank at a huge squid

    ” But wait, there's more to tell For after seeing the eye of the squid, he walked from one end of the ship to the next, and he found that the tentacles reached to the other end Making this "kraken" about 175 feet long To be clear, the largest known squid in the world is about 60 feet long, which is a very impressive length, but what Starkey saw was basically 3 times that Plus, you would have to think that given his rank, position on the ship and the times he was in (World War II) that he wouldn't have a reason or a desire to lie about such a thing that he witnessed

    So, did he really see a Kraken? Or, did he may discover a new species of squid and just not realize it? We may never know the answer, but these sightings of massive squids beyond what we know continue to pop up every once in a while Before we boggle your mind with more USO sighting, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel! That way you don't miss our weekly videos! 5 The Telegrams Going back to Fravor for a second, also on the Joe Rogan Podcast interview that he did, he noted that one time a 79-year-old lady contacted him about her own experiences with USOs But not via her own sightings, but rather, something that her father told her when she was much younger Her father was a Navy officer, and around the 1950's he was stationed in San Francisco

    Nothing strange about that, right? Except, that one day her father goes and shows her these telegrams that were sent to his base The telegrams stated that there were "unidentified objects" going in and out of the water in a place just of the coast of San Francisco The reason she remembered this wasn't just because of the weirdness of it, or that he father told her about it and thus she must remember it But rather, the number of telegrams that came in with that exact purpose The father even noted that they get these kinds of telegrams "all the time, and they're all about the same spot"

    Sadly, the "spot" in terms of latitude and longitude are lost to time, but it is very curious What's more, it's not the first time that a singular spot or area in the ocean has been known to have certain "sightings" if you get my drift 4 International Sighting Another misconception about certain alien sightings is that they only happen in certain parts of the world because only certain nations have "reported" sightings of them but that's not true

    If you don't believe me, check out this report from Japan: "On the 19th of April, 1957, crew members aboard the Kitsukawa Maru, a Japanese fishing boat, spotted two metallic silvery objects descending from the sky into the sea (original emphasis) The objects, estimated to be ten meters long, were without wings of any kind As the hit the water, they created a violent turbulence The exact location was reported as 31° 15’ N and 143° 30’ E" So right there you have not just a UFO sighting, but one that transformed into a USO sighting! Think about what that could mean as a whole? No, seriously

    What if the UFOs that we are continually seeing in the skies are doing their flybys and then hiding in the waters of the world? Remember, the Earth is 3 parts water 1 part land So there's plenty of room to hide in In fact, there have been certain shows in history that noted that aliens could use the waters to hide out until they were ready to invade Granted, that's clearly not what happened here, but if those fishermen are to be believed, something went from the sky and into the water, and that's something that doesn't happen on Earth Not like this

    3 Submarine Warfare? In Puerto Rico back in 1963, some Submarine drills were going down when something very odd happened It was detailed in the book "Invisible Residents": "The maneuvers were conducted off Puerto Rico in the Atlantic some 500 miles southeast of the continental United States All reports seem to agree that there were five “small” naval vessels concerned, but in more than one account the aircraft carrier Wasp is stated to have been the command ship… A sonar operator on one of the small vessels, otherwise listed as a destroyer, reported to his bridge that one of the submarines had broken formation and gone off in what appeared to be pursuit of some unknown object This operator did not, of course, know if this was a “plant”, since the maneuvers they were engaged in were exercises designed to train personnel in detection of enemy craft

    However, this operator’s report was not all within the limits of any such simulation, Trouble was that said subaqueous object was traveling at “over 150 knots”! But wait, there's more Not only did that one ship get a ping on that fast moving "object" in the water, but other ships picked it up as well

    Also "It is said that technicians kept track of this object for four days, and that it maneuvered round about, and to depths of 27,000 feet" Back in 1963, there weren't many subs who could go 27,000 feet below sea level, let alone ones that could go 150 nauts

    So you tell me, what exactly did they see that day underwater? 2 Splashdown Here's a final misconception about things like USOs, they are all from "times when we didn't know better", or were easily influenced Except that some accounts of USOs come from recent times Such as 2007, when a woman was on a cruise ship and saw something she couldn't explain: “After about 5 minutes, three softly glowing objects came into view – three uniform, nearly spherical objects, evenly spaced in a line parallel to the ship’s hull and hovering just above the water surface… They appeared to stay in one place while the ship moved past them They were hovering, but didn’t disturb the water below them

    Just as they went out of my sight, the left one (toward the bow) splashed down into the water and disappeared" There are even reports of certain sightings as recently as 2019 So hopefully that will help you put a little more reason in your cap of skepticism 1 What Is Out There In the Waters of Our World? Whether you want to believe in aliens or not, there is one thing that you honestly can't deny, and that's the simple truth that our world has a very large undiscovered piece that was truly haven't cracked yet: The Ocean

    We've been looking at the ocean for many hundreds of years, but in terms of actual mapping of it we're only at 5% 5%! Of the WHOLE ocean! Think about what that means! Plus, there are areas like the Mariana Trench that are so deep in the water that we can barely reach it even with the best technology in the world right now So we openly acknowledge that there are plenty of undiscovered species in the waters right now that we have yet to find So why is it that we are willing to accept that and not the possibility that there are some "out there" things in the waters right now? Is it so hard to believe that the "impossible" may just live right off our shores? You tell me Thanks for watching everyone! What did you think of these Unidentified Submerged Objects stories? Which ones do you think are the most plausible and really happened? Do you think they're all fake, and why? Let me know in the comments below, be sure to subscribe, and I'll see you next time on the channel!

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