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USA H1B Breaking Families and Ruining Careers…? Hindi (English CC)


In this case the H1B to Green card process is really breaking families apart I am not trying to motivate or demotivate anyone here I am only presenting facts I made a video on harsh reality of life in USA Although people appreciated that video and said someone is speaking the truth but there quite some criticism as well The criticism was coming from those who have not yet come to the US and are aspiring to come to the US or those who came here recently they were saying that I am spreading negativity and that I am demotivating people from coming to the US such was the criticism and recently I made another video where I discussed how many opportunities are there in the US while the US aspirants and recently arrived people appreciated the video but those who have been in the US for a while and have been struggling in the green card process started criticizing saying that I am giving people false hopes for the US see, both the views are correct to some extent but they are problematic too In the recent video the criticism was that I was overly positive about the US yes the US has a large population but immigration is easier in other countries and so on to explain my stance, I showed both numbers and graphs even then people were critical stay calm and understand this so I thought if I could explain the same thing in the format of a game, perhaps more people can understand and relate to what I am saying so this is a game scenario when I spoke about opportunities, I showed numbers and graphs Even then some people did not understand well they kept saying US immigration is hard but in other countries immigration is easier so why are you giving false hopes about the US? I am now using another method to explain the same point let's say we are playing game where we have five baskets we should now throw balls into these baskets if you could get a ball in basket 1, you get 5 points if you get a ball in the largest basket, you get only 1 point and 5 points for the smallest basket now through this game understand this simple logic how many people can get their ball in basket 1? also imagine that everyone is throwing balls at the same time basket 1 has smallest capacity it will fill up soon whoever managed to get a ball here will win 5 points but how many people can succeed here? there isn't enough capacity to collect many balls basket 2 can hold more balls but you score fewer points carrying on when we come to the largest basket, number 5 more people will be able to get their balls in here but their points are fewer whoever targets basket 5 their chances are higher to get their ball in but the benefit will be lower because many more others are also able to do the same thing this logic is the basis for comparing the US with other countries let's say basket 1 is Australia how many jobs are there in Australia? how many people can find a job there? even if you get permanent residency easily there what will you do with it if you do not have a job there? if someone argues that they can open a restaurant or a gas station (petrol pump) see the real estate prices in Australia are very high you must have very high capital for it so very few people can do such things for a restaurant you will need to rent space, invest capital how many can afford it? for people like us it is very difficult to afford it in the same light, US here is the largest basket where opportunities are in comparison to other countries but the benefits are fewer because immigration is tough that getting a green card is nearly impossible now but you are able to get your ball here right? You are getting some opportunity right? this is the logic I was trying to explain this software engineer is getting the H1B opportunity now go to him and say you have a job in the US you are going to the US on H1B but you should not go because getting a green card is very difficult there you may have to come back after some years what will he say? oh really, I will be back here, so I should not go there? yes, so I will stay back now nobody will say that right? exploration is a part of the human nature we want to see the world if you are getting an opportunity, albeit for a limited time, why won't you take it? if you come as a student and if you get to stay for 3-4-5 years, why won't you take it? even if you were to return to the same place, where you already are if you don't take up the opportunity and stay back, what new did you learn and experience ? why won't you take the opportunity to go and see an advanced country? in the worst case you will earn some and return to a place where you already are therefore, no one should be discouraged to take such an opportunity In the next scenario, students who came here the basket game applies here as well here there are two scenarios, first where your children were born in India what can happen with them in the second case, what could happen if your kids were born in the US? let us consider both scenarios in this case H1B to green card process

you start working here and apply for a green card if your green card process stretches for long , as is now you may not get green card even in 100 years in that case, when your kids reach 21 years of age they will need to get their own visa, they cannot stay on a dependent visa in majority of the cases, the kids who could not get their green card through parents on time they start college in the US when they cross 21 and here the biggest problem comes when you apply for a student visa, when I applied as well you have to prove to the visa officer that for those who do not have parents in USA they can prove family ties back in India how will these kids prove that? if they say your parents' green card process is already on going how can you prove that you are not trying to immigrate and that is why you should get a student visa this could be problematic I know of 3-4 cases where children crossed 21 years age went back to India, applied for a student visa and got their visa application rejected because their parents were immigrants although it is not necessary that you will visa application will be rejected for sure but there are good chances for rejection because you cannot prove your non-immigrant intentions in such a case you will have to live with other family members in India or with roommates and your parents may not want to leave their job and return because who knows? will they be able to get a job here? at least they have a stable income in US how will they manage this situation? the next option then is to let go of the green card process, return to India, and start looking for a job again now when your children are born in the US then they are born citizens they don't have immigration issues now you won't have visa issues for your children but but your own green card process could stretch and during this while, your H1B renewal is declined, or you get laid off your kids can stay back but where will they stay without you? you can't leave your 4 year old on his own and ask him to go to school but if your job is smooth and yet your green card process is stretching out then if you are hoping that your children can sponsor your green card once they are 21 such a case is not very realistic either because but being 21 is not enough their income should be high enough to prove that they can afford to sponsor you and for that they need to show some $20-25k per year affordability for each parent they need to show income to sustain themselves and the parents being able to show such income at 21 is unlikely by the time they are earning enough to sponsor your green card, you are likely to be at the retirement age you may get your green card then but you spent years going through regular paper work with immigration how do careers get spoiled on H1B? if you want to make long term career in the US on H1B and your green card process has started what happens is that when a company sponsors you for a green card if you change employer, you will need to do the green card paper work all over again and if you lose your job and are unable to get a job in 60 days, you will have to leave the country and even if your job is stable you will have to stay at the same title/position until you get your green card and you may not be able to take promotions the key for your career is in your employer's hands but if you had a green card or citizenship, you could change jobs, take promotions etc, easily but because you do not have that luxury this is a good way to damage your career and some employers exploit you for this after understanding this situation what do you think? Should you go to the US or not? my suggestions is that you should take the opportunity to come to the US if you get it but expect that that you will get to live in the US for 3-6 years and then get mentally ready to return back let me tell you a true incident an Indian company's client was progressive insurance in Cleveland, Ohio there was a contract employee who was there for 6 years, 3 years of H1B with one extension of three years when he came to Cleveland, his son was in grade 1 after 6 years his contract was over and he had to go back he was not progressive employee and his green card application was not filed so he had to go back but his son was in grade 7 now who spent his formative years in the US and the kid did not want to leave the US he had not learned any Indian language in school, so he was upset about going to India so this guy asked progressive to file for his green card and they refused he had no option and he returned therefore, if you face a situation where your kids are forced to leave the US and return to India the best way to handle it is to make your children culturally aware it should not happen that they only language they can speak is English if they return to India they will struggle a bit less to assimilate In summary, yes I accept that immigration is tough in the US immigration may be easier in other countries but there aren't that many opportunities in other countries if you get an opportunity in other countries if you get a job and green card, then nothing like it Fantastic Good for you but the chances of that happening are fewer as compared to the US you may not get H1B in the US but

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