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US Election 2020: Who does China want in the White House? – BBC World Service podcast


Could the US presidential election lead to a change in relations between the United States and China?

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Tensions with China have simmered for the past three years ever since President Trump initiated the so-called trade war.

As Ed Butler hears from tech analyst Dan Wang, the trade war could prove a death sentence for Huawei, one of China’s highest-profile firms. So what is likely to change after the US election, depending on who wins? Not much, says China analyst Rui Zhong, as Beijing’s priorities under President Xi appear far more domestic. And Daniel Russel, former adviser on Asia to President Obama, agrees, saying the world looks very different from that previous administration. But Ian Bremmer, chair of the Eurasia Group, counsels that the election still has huge potential for the global balance of power.

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This programme was first broadcast on 14 September 2020.

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