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what are you doing? I wonder when we can unboxing & review Bumblebee from Prime 1 Studio sigh, I think someday in the futurewhen we got money I think so,it's kinda sad but I want it now do you really want it? want it so bad what about if we imagine it for now? imagine we open the boxand review it for everyone ahh,

lets imagine Hello everyone,Prime 1 Studio and Goodguy Fans welcome back to Jajanan Sultan channel most addicting channel in YouTube with me Nisa and me Manda Guys so today we gonna Unboxing & Review

Bumblebee the Last Knight edition from Prime 1 Studio, the best and our favorit statue company and before we unboxing it, we would like to say thank you to Good Guy Store thank you so much for sent us this gorgeous statue and also for you guys that living in Kuwait, Qatar and Middle East you can buy it at Good Guy Store sure and don't forget to follow their instagram here you can also buy directly from Prime 1 Studio correct well, I can't wait to unboxing the Bumblebee so come on let's just open it okay, let's roll guys, as usual Prime 1 Studio always give us assemble instruction that easy to understand how to assemble it and what part we got inside here and also we got some flyer this is Optimus Prime Jetpower we already got it, yeaah we also got a flyer of "omaewa mo shindeiru!!" nani!! it is Kenshiro, we got two of it and this one character from Dawn of War Blood Ravens the colour is red, and also looks like a robot okay, let's take it out let me put this away first wow its seems heavy let's go slow down the parts inside must be heavy bumblebee bumblebee okay let's lift this up alright this is the top side friends heavy!! yeah if you do it alone its heavy we have to work together to open this except you're a big guy yes correct, we're not that big guys so we got two layer styrofoam we've open the tape now let's open the first layer okay, let's go one, two,three the parts is so many like in the assembly manual let's take a look at it here we got the feet of Bumblebee and like usual, Prime 1 Studio packaging is super safe they always give us thisadditional foam to keep the part safe correct, here we got the body or chest part and so many another part this is it, the face wow, I like Bumblebee me too let's go to the second layer one,two,three, it's heavy yeah it kinda heavy wow standbase wow it's BIG Guys, let's open it wow so cool the standbase is big the model is kinda similar to Jetpower's standbase because it the shape is square correct and it got yellow corner like my clothes hahaha what about if we take it out? okay Guys this is it the standbase, so BIG and the shape is square and I really like the corner of it, every corner of it has highlighted colour

yellow colour so bumblebee and it looks like made of steel in fact it not, Prime 1 Studio made it from high quality polystone it so solid and heavy and I really like with the detail like the rust weathering effect, so realistic it so cool and in the front of it there's autobot logo,

it has magnet in the plug and firstly, like assembly manual, we must attach the feet first we got right and left feet right here, pair of them lemme hold it the detail is so amazing and it must attached directly to the body Bumblebee's body let's try it yeah, let's attach it all together it's also has magnet yeah it's so easy to plug it yeah but we must put it in in correct way nice, good now let's put it to the diorama we got hole and the plug I hold you directing nice,done we just do this but it already looks so cool yeah it's so cool guys, take a look at this machine parts, so amazing and right here we got chevrolet logo like in the movie, when Bumblebee turn into car, it turn to chevrolet camaro with yellow metalic colour and right here we got number plate so amazingly detail, number 900,

STRA that's the number plate of Bumblebee and I also love the colour so much yellow and there's weathering effect right here and there,there's also in the machine part so cool and so realistic correct and behind here you can see a tire that covered with machine and it looks like real rubber but in fact it not so good,okay next we gonna attach another parts here we got pair of hand part, right and left please hold the right one the detail is also so good it's as detailed as the body, with mechanical part that we can see around here and the yellow part also has weathering effect and we got disk breaks right here so cool guys,and then this get my attention a red colour tube, two of them contrast and highlighted with the yellow colur and also there's tire part right here we can see this one clearly than in the feet and it also so cool looks like real rubber but in fact it sculpted polystone let's attach it let's attach em together 1,2,3

done okay wow and also don't forget this we got the hand fist it's holding fist the detail is so nice the finger is 4 yeah the Bumblebee finger is only 4 let's attach it we haven't put the head yet but it's already so cool we got two Bumblebee's head this one is battle mode, the face is covered and this one is normal mode in the forehead of Bumblebee there's autobot logo with red colour, so cool in the left and right side of the head there's Cybertorian language writen in red overall its so cool like the real Bumblebee wow as for the battle mode,

even it covered in mask but inside of it we can see the detail, looks like this one if you peek it thruu Prime 1 studio indeed so cool Come on Nis put the head to the body okay not your head buddy this one,this one please be specific hahaha why youuuu which one to put first? normal mode normal mode, okay don't you dare put your own head again hahaha no I wonthahaha let's put it right here friends yeaay this is the car door that resemble bee wings as you can see, there's rear view mirror and the window it should be attached to the back one for Nisa I'll try to attach it it should be plugged with this it should be attached right here you attach the left one? yes correct wow cool and one more guys, let's attach it please face it to me it also the same guys so handsome my Bumblebee Bumblebee friends, this is the right hand of Bumblebee that have transform to beam gun the detail is so cool and we can detach this, it also has lamp we got battery compartment, so it should be light up but we don't have battery so lets attach it back the detail is as cool as and detail as the rest of the body with mechanical detailed here and there to make it even cooler let's change the right hand with this I have detach the normal right hand okay let's try this is it it pointing the beam to there firing pose, but it still incomplete, there's more parts, two part that we should attach for cover this one just like that,and right here shoulder part okay this is battle pose so it must be using this one the battle mode head detach the normal one first and lets put it in just like Nisa mention earlier, the inside of the helm is also well detailed let's proof it tadaa,see there's brain of Bee there's battery compartment right there so it actually can light up, it light up in eyes, chest and the weapon but we got no money to buy battery *crying sfx* Bumblebee take an important role in Transformers The Last Knight in that movie, he is help Optimus Prime to to turning it back from evil Prime or Nemesis Prime that is why you must have this correct, it's also cool guys for you guys who interested to buy this Prime 1 Studio Bumblebee you can buy it with only 24 million IDR (around 1700 USD) for those who living in Kuwait, Qatar and Middle East you can order it at Good Guy Store else you can purchase it directly at Prime 1 Studio Guys that is unboxing & review Bumblebee the last knight edition frome Prime 1 Studio thank you for everyone that has watching our video from beginning to the end don't forget to likes, comment, share and most importantly subscribe, becoz it free and also thanks to Good Guy Store thank you so much for sent us this beautiful statue last but not least, I'm Nisa I'm Manda we permitted to leave, see you in the next video bye bye I satisfied, even it just an imagination I satisfied how pitiful my friend is

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