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Unboxing iPad Air 2019 + Apple pencil + Accessory l Breaking Glass Protector ASMR


Hi ~~ Finally bought a new iPad! Original Air 2 IPad Air 3 I bought it 4 years ago i know i will never need i-pencil I hardly ever used it after an accident So I bought a rubber pencil and tried it So I went to college and didn't write it on paper I regret it so much

In summary, I wanted to buy too much After three and a half years! I will use it mainly for drawing I'm going to watch and follow some cute stuff on Instagram The reason I bought it right now is a new sale What's different from the iPad 7 The display is different Touch sensitivity This is better The building is too small to feel I bought this because it was definitely different But it's not an iPad Pro It's too expensive Yayyyyyyy Here you go Mine is silver ~ Black is good for the eyes But white is more beautiful I bought a case! Let's see what's inside Never read manual Adapter And eye pencil! Wow It's like Harry Potter sticks If you feel like writing on paper, use this baby??? Baby?? Voila!!! PayperLike sent you a screen saver! Yeah yeah I watched this video on YouTube What is this? There is installation manual You have to clean it first No dust !! No Got dust You have to lift it up and remove the dust This time a case! It bends very well There is a place for pen Adapter diagram I can charge the pen with a cable cute There's a pedestal behind it Compare with air 2 I'm trying to smash my old screen saver Asmr ~~ Be careful It's fun though

Wow so pretty ~~ I'm happy air 2 mockup air 3 3 is lighter IPad Pro comes with a faster charger I bought it cheap because it was used perfect!! It's hard to press ?? Well written Good I'm thinking about buying a handle I didn't think I'd need a keyboard right away I don't need it because I always use my laptop I don't think I can draw a picture properly if I have a keyboard 64 gigabytes, enough capacity It was my unboxing video I hope to see you again Hello

Source: Youtube

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