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UFO Hunters: Alien Experiments at Secret Underground Base (Season 3) | History


We're in Dulce, New Mexico, about 200 miles away from Albuquerque Our aim is to find a secret underground base the place the federal government reportedly has been housing aliens and finishing up unusual experiments

[MUSIC PLAYING] My title's Ken Storch And there may be undoubtedly one thing unusual occurring in Dulce, New Mexico My title is Bob I'm an undercover operative, and Dulce is the final word undercover operation PAT USKERT: We're right here in Dulce assembly with Bob and Ken, investigators which were trying into this space for over 10 years now

These guys have made Dulce the central focus of their investigations as a result of they consider one thing actually unusual is occurring right here What received you into the Dulce enterprise? After we first discovered in regards to the Dulce papers from this retired Air Power colonel, we have been advised that there was an underground base right here within the mesa The Dulce papers surfaced within the 1980s And so they documented the degrees of experimentation occurring at that secret base Additionally they talked a few struggle

We're right here on the base of Archuleta Mesa to fulfill with archaeologist Garth Baldwin to debate the geological make-up of the mesa and see if it's even potential that an underground base could possibly be constructed right here Garth, we're right here on the base of the Archuleta Mesa, inside which there’s reputed to be a prime secret base for genetic engineering I suppose the query for all of us is, what sort of engineering wouldn’t it take to have created such a base contained in the Earth? Are you able to inform us in regards to the rock formations and what sort of rock we're coping with? Up on the mountain, the place you do discover soil, it's between 1 foot and fewer, after which it's simply bedrock The higher strata up there you could see uncovered is a columnar basalt That's a lot too fragmentary for any form of drilling or the rest

It makes nice fence posts, nevertheless it wouldn't essentially assist being floor out inside However under that, there's layers of basalt which can be extra structurally sound There's additionally sandstones under that It feels like prime layer, very, very troublesome to drill by means of They'd have to begin on the backside of the mesa or close to the underside of the mesa the place there’s a secure strata of rock that they might get into

Let's simply say you have been employed by the federal government to design an underground base Would there be any purpose so that you can choose Archuleta Mesa? It's a mesa, so that you've received a place to begin the place the place the stratigraphic layers of rock are, so that you've received a construction to start with In accordance with the specs that we've been given for this base– How a lot of a diameter does this have proper right here? The bottom can lengthen as much as 487 miles –4

eight miles, is that right? 48 miles diameter That's the diameter of the bottom That's in regards to the measurement of the mesa That will match inside the construction that you just're speaking about

Garth is telling us that Archuleta Mesa truly has the scale to accommodate one thing of this magnitude And whereas I don't essentially consider but that there’s a base contained in the mesa, it's good to know that the potential for it being there may be actual It's conceivable that they're coming in by means of tunnels and really drilling out the area for this underground base from the underside up? If that know-how have been true, then that might be potential The human species has such a information of mining and structural engineering that I'm not shocked by something that we, our engineers, can do I'm actually completely satisfied to listen to Garth's suggestions about what– the make-up of the mesa

And it does seem to be he thinks it’s potential to have an underground base there, even given the large measurement of this factor Garth mentioned he didn't know what sort of know-how we had that may do this type of drilling in an expeditious approach However John Rhodes confirmed us that know-how exists at the moment Due to this fact, it's fairly potential we’re standing within the shadow of the Dulce base

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