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UCTV News: BREAKING: UConn Moving to Online Classes March 23 – April 6


Luke Hajdasz: Breaking down some important information we just received here from UConn president Thomas Katsouleas regarding the move to online classes only that will begin March 23rd through April 6th, so effective right after returning from spring break for the two weeks which it is important to know that is the self quarantine period Now a few important notes in terms of verbiage of this email

A, dining facility will remain open during this time That is just one for those who have no choice but to stay here for the three total weeks in which students are encouraged to be home, namely the international students or those who are unable to head home for the near month time period that students are recommended to be away from campus Now it is noted that residential life will be working with students directly who are unable to meet the recommendation to head home Luke Hajdasz: Next up, any group that is more than 100 people, any event that will be happening with that is canceled Those will not be going on any further

I texted Stephanie Reitz, the spokesperson for the University of Connecticut, and she told me that more details are to come on this, especially in regards to the financial ones Lots of questions there Will students be getting a refund check for the two weeks that they're expected not to be on campus? That information is yet coming for both meal plans and housing No one seems to know what's happening there yet We will keep you updated on Twitter @UCTVNews14

For UCTV News, I'm Luke Hajdasz

Source: Youtube

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