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U.S. and U.K. Hail G7 Minimum Corporate Tax Deal



  1. Oh Joy – An easier way to tax people even more ! Seems to me Russia and China will be more attractive to invest in ? 👍


  3. I think this is terrible. I'm sure the big corporations will find a way to push this burden on the consumers and/or the employees.

  4. So we are to expect a Country that has a 30% tax rate is going to drop down to 15%…If you believe that they will give up that kind of Money you are a fool…what will happen is these Countries will pass special taxes that will make up for the loss in income

  5. All they will do is drive the corporations to other countries that will be out of their reach. And these other countries will welcome businesses with open arms and incentives.

  6. The Biden regime begs the world to raise taxes in order to redistribute income to… other tax evading socialists like the Bidens and Sanders.

  7. This administration is running our country into the ground……on purpose, in order to rebuild it into their socialist utopia. Evil people!

  8. I don’t get why people are upset over this. Corporations and high net worth individuals should pay more taxes which can alleviate some of the taxes on less well off individuals.

  9. lol … don't be fooled this is a cap. From the same old "Citizens can pull themselves up by the boot straps while corporations get welfare." mindset. Did they mention the loopholes where they get their money back? No, of course not.

  10. They'll just move to non G7 countries like somewhere in the Caribbean or Asia you can't fight these people with laws like this.

  11. People just need to invest in themselves and there community. Grow food together, build and fix each other's stuff. Stop wasting money on ever new phone thst comes out. Do what the amish and Jewish people do. They can't tax barter and free labor. They don't want the people to be independent of the government.

  12. This is great news. I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work but I hope that it ends or at least makes it less desirable for American companies to move their jobs overseas. I was so tired of being outsourced to other countries. Often times training some of the people who eventually got my job. If the moves actually helped developing nations and the lives of the people that would have been an easier pill to swallow. But in most cases the people were very exploited and saw little to no improvement in their standard of living. Corp. need to pay their fair share of taxes regardless. It's sickening when they average workers pays more from their pathetic paychecks than the company that is making record profits and rewarding the very few at the top with obscene salaries.

  13. As long as a good portion of the U.S. revenue increase gets used for free healthcare and free prescription medications for all citizens, or even for all, then wow this is great news!

  14. Consumers pay all taxes. Why can't politicians understand this? Taxes are a cost of doing business calculated into prices.

  15. All these tax hikes these idiots are so proud of will just be passed on to consumers. No complaining from democrats when this happens.

  16. Remove all these globalist snakes from their positions. They're not doing anything other than spending trillions of other people's money and centralizing power. The largest corporations support this because it benefits them.
    Over the last year and a half, we have witnessed the largest power grab in history.
    "You will own nothing…." is part of their agenda.

  17. Exactly the G7 countries have allowed the corporate tax systems that we have today. Now they need to find new income sources.

  18. The minimum tax is a joke since all corporations and most super wealthy individuals have more than enough exemptions and tax havens available to them, not to mention all the shady banking and real estate transactions that allow them to hide so much of their income. If we learned anything from Trump's time in the White House it's that the USA is now one of the best countries in the world to launder money through. Our lawmakers and the IRS are either incompetent or crooked although anyone in the government that actually is honest probably lives in constant fear of retribution if they revealed what they knew about the corruption.

  19. So the governments of the world can keep up financially with the billionaires that you toady to?

  20. Socialism , here we come.
    Not that I am defending corporation evading taxes, quite the opposite.
    But more taxes for bigger Government and more government waste is n o t the answer.

  21. Sabbath VS. Sunday

    The WORD says keep the 7th day holy
    The WORLD says keep the 1st day holy


  22. Haha. How about almost 50% of Americans that pay an effective 0% in taxes? In the meantime, companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft have created hundred thousands of good paying jobs and have made many of their employees millionaires.

  23. Masks are ridiculous.
    Covid19 is fake and was never as dangerous as shown.
    If you do not agree, tell me what happened to the flu?

  24. I will never understand why we have corporations pay taxes. They should pay usage fees.

  25. Corporations sell things. You pay the tax when you buy their stuff. Why do you think a sheet of lumber that was $26 a year ago is now $80 ? INFLATION ☝️☝️☝️

  26. Thank United States for sending the COVID-19 vaccine to Taiwan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Great! Make the rich even richer! The CORRUPTION will eventually come to an END! Government overspending will come toan end!

  28. Well they just insured that nothing will ever be made anywhere except China ever so much for self-sufficiency of course these people are all commies and they know what they're doing

  29. This is that real new world order ish. Talk about harmful dynamics, a bunch of beaurocrats that create nothing of value all agreeing that they should take more of the value everyone else creates. They’re all agreeing they should take more of everyone’s money and actually calling it “progress” 😂

  30. Interesting to see the many comments from poor and working class people defending the corporations. False consciousness at its finest!

  31. 2000’s – New word order is coming.
    Everyone – You conspiracy nut job.

    2021 – New world Order exists

  32. No u politicians in washington and other countries HAIL your NWO agenda your GREEN NEW DEAL that is going to absolutely DESTROY everything in America

  33. Woohoo! This is HUGE! Why is this important agreement not getting more press! We seem to be so addicted to the drama that we forget to celebrate the good

  34. The only G7 nation that doesn't have more than a 15% corporate tax rate is Japan. So literally a meaningless tax deal… congratulations.

  35. They pat each other on the back for doing nothing for you me or anyone but themselves.

  36. Is this that globalism thing I’ve been hearing about. I’m happy Betty White is ushering our war against the bugs of Klendathu.

  37. Nothing like screwing over American business men and women. This administration is a joke, they have proven over and over they hate Americans

  38. When your administration has to set a global minimum corporate tax because the tax policies set forth are that bad and that disadvantageous in comparison to other countries. I swear this is the worst administration in US history

  39. Will it drive out business, though? Is the intent to increase tax revenue or to raise tax rates, because (as we've seen) those aren't the same thing.

  40. The standard for share holders over rides this. The consumer pays. I do hope this helps in the way it is intended.

  41. Corporations don't pay taxes you idiots. They just raise prices or lay people off. WAKE UP SHEEPLE

  42. Ah yes because those in power care about fairness and working people.

  43. Corporations. Don't. Pay. Taxes.
    The consumers of their products pay higher prices.
    How is this basic concept so hard for Leftist voters to understand? The fossils making these dumb deals get it, which is why they're so happy to agree to higher tax rates.

  44. CNN, MSNBC,NBC and ABC and other FAKE NEWS has been caught out lying about the Wuhan Lab leak.
    President Trump, Pompeo and others tried to get the news out from February 2020, but the Main Stream FAKE NEWS MEDIA did everything they could to block that news, while supporting their darling the FAKE Doctor FAUCI's lies. Censorship was their weapon of choice, and still is.
    CNN, ABC, MSNBC nd others could be guilty of causing hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 deaths, business shutdowns and much more due to their censorship of news.

  45. imagine all these countries become one country. who is going to govern? then who is benefiting from this.


  47. You know who's cheering about this the most? The large corporations who can eat this cost while smaller businesses are driven out of business.

    So much smart in govt. These people know just how to control you and keep you from succeeding

  48. These fools are doing a fantastic job at wrecking the U.S. economy. Why not take Bird Brain Biden's ideas iternational , what else could go wrong? Let's ask China

  49. Bout time. Now those rich snobs can pay their share, and they can’t run to some European country to get out of it.

  50. You people are crazy if you think the corporate tax owners are going to pay more than the workers

  51. In about 3 weeks we will know whether there are thousands of counterfeit absentee ballots in Arizona

  52. The threat of poverty is gone. We live in an age where people are choosing to be homeless as oppossed to serving them.

    That actually scares them.

  53. There is no such thing as corporate tax. It doesn't exist. It's just another tax on us.

  54. What kind of double speak is this?? "…countries compete by lowering their taxes instead of the well being of their citizens and natural environments". That is a serious BS word salad AND a prepared statement. So, take that Ireland. You country of not caring for your citizens and natural environments.

  55. Well what does that mean? The minimum tax on gross income or after expenses income 🤔 there is no such thing as corporate tax. You raise their taxes and they raise the prices of their goods and services. Either way the middle class pays .

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