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U.S. Agent: The OTHER Captain America


RYAN PENAGOS (VOICEOVER): You don't know US Agent? NARRATOR: Eyes front! RYAN PENAGOS (VOICEOVER): You might know about his rocky rivalry with Captain America But before John Walker became US Agent, he was Captain America

Let's get into it NARRATOR: Ten-hut! RYAN PENAGOS (VOICEOVER): From the get-go, John Walker was a proud patriot who wanted nothing more than to be a hero Serving in the army alongside his friends Lamer Hoskins, Hector Lennox, and Jerome Johnson, they were approached by Curtiss Jackson aka

the Power Broker, the corrupt entrepreneur who offered the foursome superhuman strength They worked double time to become a super squad As their profiles began to rise, the patriotic crusaders hosted patriotic rallies and patrolled the city streets However, Walker's limelight invited unwanted attention from Captain America, and the flag fliers fought And when Steve Rogers resigned from his post as Cap, the commission of superhuman activities tapped Walker to become Captain America

[CROWD CHEERING] With his old buddy Lemar by his side as Bucky, they faced jealous allies who caused the death of Walker's parents [CROWD GASPING] So Walker left the culprits in comas Though traumatized, Walker eventually united with Cap against the Red Skull After fighting side by side, the two Caps signed a peace treaty NARRATOR: Aww

RYAN PENAGOS (VOICEOVER): So when does he become US Agent, you may ask? After the Commission of Superhuman Activities faked Walker's death, altered his appearance and his mind, he returned to government service as the hero US Agent US Agent became a hero and even served with the Avengers, though his smug attitude got him kicked off the team NARRATOR: Drop and give me 20 RYAN PENAGOS (VOICEOVER): However, once his memories returned, Walker vowed to become a better man and do right by the red, white, and blue Now Walker continues to keep his vow and fight for his country

And now you do know US Agent NARRATOR: Soldiers, dismissed! Heck, yeah! What were you most surprised to learn? Tell us with the hashtag #earthsmightiestshow And of course, the story continues in the comics, which you can read on Marvel Unlimited Learn more at marvelcom/unlimited

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