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Tyler, The Creator’s Most Memorable MTV Moments


– The VMA to best new artist goes to Oh snap, there you go – Tyler, The Creator! (upbeat music) ♪ Uh, Wolf Haley ♪ ♪ Uh Golfwang ♪ ♪ Uh, Wolf Haley, ♪ ♪ golf ♪ – Wolfgang! – Yo! I'm excited as right now, yo! I wanted this, since I was 9 I'm 'bout to cry This is for my little brother, Earl

He's not here right now I really can't believe I'm here right now I didn't write a thank you speech, but I don't know To all the kids watching, to all the kids that's watching You can do this yourself, be, Golfwang Thank you (upbeat music) – When I was 17, I was loud and annoying, I got into trouble, did stupid stuff

– Tyler was a troublemaker, runnin' around Just basically messing up the city and being very ignorant Good times – I used to customize my own clothes, like I used to buy Letterman jackets and get big Sharpies and put like up-side down crosses on 'em or big donuts Every pair of shoes I had, had some form of writing on it

Still draw on my shoes to this day When I was 17, I got caught stealing a marker from a girl's backpack I was in class and her backpack was on a seat, in front of me I knew she had markers so opened her backpack up, get my hand in there and she turns around, and says "what the are you doing?" And the teacher stopped the class and made me apologize, and I made a big scene, that I probably can't repeat on television

(beep) She tried to get her brother to beat me up and he came up to me like "You can't be stealing markers out my sister's backpack" He didn't beat me up, but I didn't get the marker either – You ain't even rappers anymore, right? You're TV stars, right? – Nah, I do porn now Yeah – You do, do porn How quick are you to get naked? – Um – 7 – How much you paying? – I'll give you a G bar right now if you get naked in front of this whole crowd

– I'll get dead in my boxers right now – Do it! Do it! – A thousand dollars, dead in your boxers right now – Do it! Do it! – Shake on it (audience cheers) – [Taco] Aye (beep) it do the whole show like that! – Get this dude's suited back on, man – You got a slippery ass laptop

– I thought you were gonna go all out – I was until the old bald dude was like smiling like (upbeat mariachi music) – Aye, grab a tortilla, just warm it up – You know how to fire up a grill? – No, but I'ma learn, I think it's hot – No, turn– turn it on the other side – Oh, these knobs

– Right there – That knob right there – I got, yeah – Don't turn it too high, man – Yeah, get it out, don't burn it

There ya go – [Tyler] (beep) Finally! – [Taco Truck worker] Taco up! – Hey should we go inside? – Yeah, let's go take a few inside, if you don't mind We're gonna take some snaps inside, if you don't mind – Oh, wait, Hey, Hold on Should he hit this up before we go in

– Yeah, Tyler would you mind hitting up the truck – We've had Tony Hawk already signed it, everybody has signed – Don't mind – Yeah Hell Yeah, T! – Hold on, Hold on

Dope, dope, dope – Tyler, epic! – [Crew Member] They're having everyone autograph this truck and then they're gonna auction it off, and all the money that truck goes to is gonna be for the skate park (explosions) (car horn sounds) [Crew Member] What the (beep) – Ahhh! – [Crew Member] Yo, call 911! – What the fu– 911, 911, 911! – Oh (beep)! Holy (beep)! – [Crew Member] Yo call nin– Yo somebody call 911! (beep) – Hey, call a medic! – [Crew Member] Okay! – [Woman] I'm Calling A Medic! – Holy (beep) – [Crew member] Dude is he all right? – [Tyler] Yo, That (beep) (beep) – Yo! Did someone call a medic? – [Crew Member] Dude, we should get him away from the fire – [Crew Member] Who knows if it's gonna be even bigger – Yo, is he okay? (explosion) (beep) – [Crew Member] Yo, Get him away

– [Crew Member] Get him away – (beep) – Yo, what happened what'd you guys mess with something inside the truck? What the- You didn't turn on the gas? – Tyler was the one making tacos – Yo, When you guys made tacos, you didn't turn on the grill for real though – I turned that (beep) on a little bit – [Man With Camera] You turned it on and off or did you leave it on

– I turned it off – You sure you turned it off? – Yeah, I'm not that stupid – Do you not know how a grill works, bro? That's– – Yo, is that guy okay? – [Crew Member] Was he in there? – [Man With Camera] No, he just lit himself on fire after the fact Yes, he was inside the truck (explosion) (beep) – [Crew Member] What the (beep) just happened? – That's 120 G's just happened up in the air

All those autographs, gone We're gonna have to cancel this event, dude Tyler, the Creator, more like Tyler, the demolisher Thanks, bro Thank you so much, Awesome Job

– [Crew Member] Did you forget to shut it off? – [Tyler] I Don't Know – I don't know either dude – I don't want to kill him, man I hope he's fine – Drew, what do we do about a truck? – As long as he's alive, I could get another truck

I can't go to jail if I (beep) up, right? – No – All these kids that– it's ruined I mean– the whole event that we've been setting up for weeks This is obviously you're first time working with a charity because it's destroyed You've destroyed this event

Completely decimated – I have to drive to the South Bay, get a new truck and come back and there's no signatures on the new truck The truck's not even done yet – Yo, (beep) just got real – Does anyone have like a hookup with a– – We're missing Zac Efron, Katy Perry

– (beep) Zac Efron, this (beep) dead – He's ready, he's ready for the reveal Let's go (sirens) – Hey, you okay? That's just (beep) up – [Woman] What happened? What happened? – Why would you leave that on, bro? – I forgot dude

– This is real – Ahhh, You just got punk'd! (upbeat music) – I'm Tyler and I just got (beep) punk'd – Yeah! – I want a picture with Tyler Mary and– – Anyone have a dog around them or anything? – Tyler – Get in the picture

– No, why are you getting allergic? – Probably need air – No one had dog hair or anything on them right? (cough) – [Jasper] Not on the carpet! – Is he okay? Maybe somebody had dog hair Did he have an EpiPen? (coughs) – You okay? (coughs) – [Woman In crowd] Who had the dogs? – No, not with me – No, no, no (coughs) – Call 911, somebody call 911! – Are you okay? – Call 911, somebody call 911! – I'm just (beep) with you – I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! Oh my god

– He really puked, he (beep) puked – All right, you got this Never stop pushing, you got this! Oh god, Oh wait, Okay, I forgot you need muscles for this – Does he look buff to you? Look at his legs, he does not workout He's a dancer, that's a dance move

Look, I can show you that You just go like this and you go like that and then you come back up (applause) You guys are idiots – That's it for our show today Mister Rusho! Thank you very much! With Stello Brim, Chanel West Coast, I'm Rob Dyrdek

We'll see you next time on Ridiculousness (upbeat music)

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