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Twins Go to EXTREME Lengths for this Drag Makeover ? MTV's Drag My Dad


– Whether you're Chevrolet or Sherrod, I'm always gonna be here – Hi, I am Bob the Drag Queen

Here on Drag My Dad we take your typical macho, goofy dad and help them transform into the ultimate drag fantasy (people cheering) This is Drag My Dad So, we have twins coming in – Oh, twins! – Sean and Sherrod – Okay

– They're twins One's gay, one's straight, and the queer one is wanting to delve into drag more – Oh! We flip the script today – [Bob] Yes – My name is Sean

– My name is Sherrod – [Both] And we're twins (upbeat music) – My relationship with my twin brother is awesome We get along, we dance, we teach, we act, we eat, sleep, and do everything together – We get asked, "Oh, if I hit him, will you feel it? And we're like, "No

" (laughing) – When I found out my brother was gay, I actually found out after my mom and after a couple of my friends – Someone else knowing before him shocked him, but afterwards he's like, "More girls for me" – I just want to know how can I help? – For me, I guess the next step for exploring myself is digging even a little deeper and pulling out Chevrolet Chevrolet is my inner diva that I don't really express as much To me, Chevrolet represents confidence

– I brought my brother here today so Bob can help him with everything he needs as far as makeup, hair, walk, style, and courage – It's important that Sean is here as I'm learning more about myself – So, we're gonna dig deep into our drag queen bag and turn this little Brooklyn twin into a Brooklyn queen – Got it Let's do it

(upbeat music) – This place is dope Oh, my god – Hi – [Sean] Hey – [Bob] Welcome

How are you all? – [Sherrod] Hi – Bob the Drag Queen – [Sean] Okay – Internet personality, famous person – We already know

(laughing) – Have you ever met somebody famous before? You're welcome, bitches (laughing) – Bob is dope He's hilarious He's just everything between clown, a genius We love him

– [Bob] Should we get started? – Let's get it started – Walk this way (upbeat music) Wilkommen – Oh, wow Oh, my god

– Hello Welcome – Wow, everything look fabulous right here (laughing) – Sequinned pillows We can really– – The set stuff went all out

– You can't sleep on it, but man, does it look good – Not practical I'm Kizha Carr, the Bearded Bitch Nice to meet you – Why don't we get a little bit into what will be your more fabulous self

Now, I understand you've chosen a drag name already – Yes Chevrolet – Chevrolet Now, is that one name

– That's one name – You're like Cher, Beyonce, Britney – Lady Gaga (laughing) – And now, Chevrolet So, do you have any style icons that when you see them dressed, you're like, "Work

"You look amazing" – Definitely I would say Daniella Monet When she walks in, she always just gives a presence – Cardi B – Cardi B, definitely

– Kelis – Sexy, tight, everything in the right place – I think Sherrod wants to be a hybrid of Nicki Minaj, Beyonce Name a fierce diva that you know and he wants us to take the incredibly simple task of molding them into one Franken-diva So, as you know, drag is a process, a very long process

It is a local trade to the Bronx, so we're gonna get this train on its tracks – [Kizha] Come sit down, boo – Yeah – Let's do it (upbeat music) – So, the makeup chart we're gonna do for Sherrod for today, we're kinda think of Easter-y pastel colors, pinks, we're thinking purples, we're gonna give him a nice, full, big ol' drag queen eye, and then some nice pouty lips

So, why do you think Sean wanted to bring you in today? – I tried doing drag before, but he knows with your expertise it'll be more elevated Being a drag queen, you gotta be really confident in who you are – So, do you feel a lack of confidence or suffering from insecurity, something you dealt with in the past? – Yes I can definitely say that While we were in middle school, I actually used to be teased being gay, and at the time, me personally, I didn't even know what gay was

So, it was just like, "Why is all these people "picking on my for no reason?" And for me, it was detrimental for me emotionally, and because of that, I feel like I'm still working on my confidence – Having people tell you that you're gay before you get to say you're gay, giving you the verbiage before you get to use it on yourself can kinda of (beep) up your brain So, what do you think your brother's gonna get out of this? What does your brother get out of seeing Chevrolet, a fully-realized Chevrolet? – Now that you've seen me at full throttle, you know what it is This is 100% don't (beep) with this – So listen, you're not the only one getting in drag today

I have to go get in drag, too – [Sherrod] Okay – I'll be grabbing my designer coat and I'll be on my way – Ooh (upbeat music) – And we're getting Sherrod makeup, and I've already chatted with Sherrod

I want to get a chance to get Sean's perspective on their relationship, as well So, how were you all when Sherrod came out to you? – When Sherrod came out to me, we were about 16, 17 year olds – [Bob] So, you were in high school – Yeah – Okay

– Private Catholic school – Geeze Louise – Yeah, and that's where he came out (laughing) Right – The worse

So, why was it important to you to bring Sherrod in today? – I know who I am Him, he's still in that rocky road with putting both of his feet down, whether it's sneakers or heels, and letting them know who he is, and I believe this is that platform for him – Why do you th ink Sherrod's been keeping Chevrolet at bay? – I feel like society as a whole has been holding him back, and right now, I want this platform to be that hammer that says, "(beep) society" – Sean has noticed that Sherrod wants to dip his toes into the cool pool of light blue sequins, so he reached out to the best in the business, and they weren't available, so he came to me (upbeat music) All right

So, we have now taken some time to do Sherrod's makeup and I'm actually gonna go ahead and bring out your brother so you can see him in full face There's no hair, no body, but full face You ready? – I'm ready – All right Sherrod, bring it on out

– Chevrolet? (upbeat music) Ooh! – Yes, miss henny – Okay (Bob skatting) ♪ Wow ♪ ♪ Ba ba da ba ba da ba ow ♪ – He is feeling it We have created a monster We really have a Franken-diva

– Who is this? (laughing) Who is this? I don't know who this is – You are the cutest siblings ever So, Domino Couture designed this very revealing outfit So, because the crotch is exposed, today we will be delving in the fine art of penis origami (upbeat music) Now, there is a time-honored drag tradition called tucking

(playful music) Now, this is a diagram I made – Okay – I'm like, "Okay, tuck what? "And where we tucking?" – So, imagine this is your crotch, and normally it's gonna look like this Right, this is what you're normally seeing, and we need to take the testicles, you put them down as far as you can, and then you pull your body to push them up – [Sherrod] Oh, Lord

– They're inside your lower, lower abdomen – So, basically touching your stomach – Yes There you have it And then you take– – I feel sick

– The shaft, you pull it back like this, hold your finger there, and then you will take the drawers, lay them flat, and then you have – Oh, no – What we call a lovely lady lump Tucking is all fun in theory, but when you actually see the demonstration of where your anatomy is going to be going, there kinda like, "Oh, "this is happening to me down there" Yes, Mary It is

Yes, it is All right, so are you ready to give this a shot? – Yes – I decided to tuck today with my brother because I'm always gonna be there for him Hopefully it goes good and it's not as tight as I think I'm gonna get – So, here's the process

Take off your shoes, your pants, and your undergarments All right, work There we go And then, you take your gaff and put a leg through here and a leg through here Once you got it about here, make sure that you spread the sock

– [Sherrod] Gotcha – And drop the twins and the older brother into the basket (laughing) Are you in there? – Yes – All right, now this is where the fun happens – Oh, my god

– You take your hands and kinda wiggle them left to right, like this The girls will just, they'll find their way home – They're not going Oh, my god – I'm getting nervous just watching you

– I have big balls, so– – That is information that we all now are aware of (Sherrod grunting) And you just put these on as your final fantasy – Okay I think I'm ready for you guys to see – Let's get it, bro

– That's the straightest thing Let's get it, bro (laughing) – Ooh, okay, okay – You like it? – You guys ready? – I'm ready Oh, she is really feeling herself

I'm like, this woman I cannot deal with This is a pretty good job – Yes – Okay – For someone's first ever tuck, Sherrod is actually nailing this

– Now, the question is do you think you can live up to this? – I definitely will try I don't know about the whole dressing up, but I could do a little tuck – So then, you're gonna spread out the sock – He is so confused right now – I'm so lost

(laughing) – [Sherrod] I can see it in his face – Sean is back here I don't know if it's the meat or if it's the potatoes, but something is not going in this grocery bag Do you mind if your brother comes, helps you? – I need more hands for this – [Sherrod] Yeah, that's pretty much it

You gotta keep that wide You gotta do it at the same time Yeah (laughing) – [Sean] I'm sweating now I get it

I get it (laughing) – [Bob] Put on a pair of tights – [Sean] I guess I got it – What a supportive brother All right, turn around

Remember, you cannot present yourself not like a flasher, but more like a flash dancer (building music) There's a Wow, Gypsy Rose This is pretty good This is a lot better than I thought you were gonna do

– Hey, my first – You made it sound like it was a mess back there – It felt like a mess – [Sherrod] It was a mess – And that is what drag is

(laughing) On the inside, you feel like a (beep) disaster, but on the outside, you look amazing – Yas (upbeat music) – We have done our first tucking lesson I'm gonna let these two have a discussion, 'cause now I have to go get my vessel ready – Doing this process, I feel more confident in just exploring more of Chevrolet, who she is, just to not really hide it and be so shy, like my normal shy, Sherrod self, but just to live out this fantasy

I feel like– – You should – [Sherrod] Well, yeah – Throughout our whole lives you've been this shy guy that I have always known, but in the house, you're this diva, Chevrolet now Ooh, riding crazy, and I just want you to ride out for the world Let it go

I'm liking the process I love the face And bitch, let's get it – What is there not to love about this face? – Anyway, whether you're Chevrolet, Sherrod, or the next being of diva-ness, I just want you to know I love you and I'm always gonna be here – Thank you

– Yes, we can hug – Just don't mess up my makeup (upbeat music) – I'm so excited to see who Chevrolet is, But I tell you, Chevrolet is going to love amazing Trust me, honey It's gonna be RuPaul's Drag Race season 57 realness

– It all comes down to this (sighing) Ooh – Ooh, yes – That's right, honey Friends and family and loved ones

Are you ready to meet the gorgeous, the bodacious, she is the pride of Clinton Hill, ladies and gentlemen, she is an impala ready to leap all over you Put your hands together for Miss Chevrolet (people cheering) – Okay Serve – [Bob] Prance, my queen

– [Man] Work Okay, okay – [Friend] Yes With that cute face – I'm looking at a whole new being

This is definitely the Chevrolet I've been waiting for because this is a bad being I'm looking at Oh, my god (clapping) – I'm so happy to be out here now as my true Chevrolet self (upbeat music) – Can we also get into the amazing tuck job? First time tucking, full on vagina

– Oh, real – Just seeing Sean just so happy and proud of me just living my best life makes me even more grateful to have a brother like you who was always there for me, who's always happy for my accomplishments – She bad now – She bad She bad

She bad She bad (laughing) We gonna show out all day (upbeat music)

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